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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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OK Now This is just too much! Hillary PAC pays for trolls to try and defame Bernie!


Citing “lessons learned from online engagement with ‘Bernie Bros,’” a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC is pledging to spend $1 million to “push back against” users on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram.
Correct the Record’s “Barrier Breakers” project boasts in a press release that it has already “addressed more than 5,000 people that have personally attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter.” The PAC released this on Thursday.

The PAC was created in May of last year when it was spun off from the American Bridge SuperPAC, which is run by longtime Hillary and Bill Clinton supporter David Brock. Brock also founded the left-wing media watchdog website Media Matters for America.

Some Bernie Sanders-supporting users on Reddit already started to notice the changes on Thursday afternoon.
“This explains why my inbox turned to cancer on Tuesday,” wrote user OKarizee. “Been a member of reddit for almost 4 years and never experienced anything like it. In fact, in all my years on the internet I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Correct the Record, which has received $5 million this campaign season and has spent almost $4.5 million of it, according to OpenSecrets.org, outlined its strategy against “swarms of anonymous attackers” in a press release.

EDIT: I found out this "Bernie bros" is pretty bad but Sanders has nothing to do with it.

Women on phone with NY voter employee who is telling her how they purged her father from registratio

And how he is going to have to re-register if he wants to vote in NY. His address has been the same since he became a citizen 12 years ago and he voted for Obama

Does anyone have information about buying a laser for you own personal use and for pets?

(I just read on the website that it is only for sale to medical professionals. Shit! But it may be on Ebay and there is another type my vet told me about that I will check out)

Many years ago a a very holistic chiropractor's I spoke about very low back pain. After the chiropractor left the room one of the assistants came in and started putting this tiny laser, (the ones that you can play with your cat.....but are not supposed to I have read). She put it on a few different spots on my lower back and it really lessened the pain for a while.

This doctor was cool because when I asked her what it was she told me outright and how I could buy one at the 7/11

So now I have really bad back pain and one of the things I would like to do is get a laser and use it on myself, (and my dog and whoever needs it). The vet was very nice and told me he used a K Laser and even showed me his. He said he uses it on the animals but also his partner has some neck problems that he treats with it.

Also I wonder if you can use one of these? √ "However, the FDA consider it only as an infrared heating lamp – and do not recognize the bio-stimulatory effects of the laser"

Here is a good website.: I don't know the prices. It explain how this therapy brings oxygen to the blood cells by providing heat and that oxygen gets to the tissues. It also talks about how it can help someone's general health. One lady was talking about how it healed her dog who had chronic ear infections.

Thanks for any information. I hope this information may be benificial to some others. I am kind of psyched about getting a laser since I realized that they increase oxygen in the body. That is wonderful for healing.

And I just read they will only sell the

Infrared K-Laser (Class 4 laser) Therapy

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

♦ Infrared K-Laser (Class 4 laser) therapy is a frequency therapy in the infrared range (~700-1000 nanometers) producing a photochemical reaction that is very effectively used to:

√ Reduce pain
√ Reduce inflammation
√ Enhance tissue healing (in hard and soft tissues, incl. muscles, ligaments, bones)

he Class 4 K-laser is more powerful than many other laser devices used for therapy in the U.S.:

- Minimum power requirement of class 3a, 3b and 4 lasers

√ Class 3a lasers are a minimum 5 milliwatts
√ Class 3b lasers range from 5 - 500 milliwatts
√ Class 4 laser must be > 500 milliwatts i.e. ˝ a watt – this higher powered infrared laser is capable of deeper penetration into the body to reach muscles, and areas such as spine and hip

- The K-Series Class 4 Lasers

√ K-800 - has power adjustable from 0.1 - 8 Watts
√ K-1200 - 0.1 - 12 Watts
√ CUBE-4 - 0.1 - 15.0 Watts in continuous wave and 20 Watts peak / 12 Watts average in Intense Super-Pulsed mode.

♦ The K-lasers diffuse the laser light over an area the size of a quarter - for comparison, surgical cutting lasers use ~100 watts and spot focus the laser

♦ K-lasers are FDA-approved as medical therapy devices

√ However, the FDA consider it only as an infrared heating lamp – and do not recognize the bio-stimulatory effects of the laser

√ K-lasers are prescription medical devices available for sale and use only to health professionals – who are then trained by the manufacturer in their use. The U.S. has many K-laser therapy providers across the country (locations found at K-LaserUSA.com). Except in a few cases, treatment cost (~$40-175 / treatment) is not covered by insurance.
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