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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,676

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The NRA's travel agency that takes people to kill big game needs to get emails and calls

They have it in small letters that they take people over to Africa, (to kill animals like lions, Elephants, Giraffes and other rare and amazing animals although they don't say that exactly)


Here is their email. [email protected]

And some other information


Contact us at:

NRA Hunter Services
510 West Atlanta Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 258-7817
[email protected]

Let's give this information out to as many people as possible. Maybe a bunch of emails and phone calls might cram their system.

I'd like to apologize for the thread I started and explain a little why I did it


This is the thread and I used information from a right winged site. I thought I had looked and found a qualified source like CBS but apparently I didn't.

I have this thing where I literally go to sleep right in the middle of reading a sentence. Then I force myself awake and fall right back to sleep. I have even fallen asleep standing up. It happened at the bank a couple days ago and the teller kind of yelled a little loud and said she saw me nodding off.

And the thing is I don't want to go to bed. I want to continue reading and doing stuff even though I can barely function.

So I'm sorry for the bad OP.

I just was over checking the Obamacare calculator for a woman I just met

who has no insurance. I put in "Obamacare calculator' and the first few sites that say they are part of "Obamacare" wanted to know if the person had cancer, mental illness, Diabetes, Liver disease and other things and even if you were pregnant"

Can they add on extra costs for these things? Because I think if you go through the exchanges they don't ask you anything except if you smoke

I thought those things do not matter anymore!!! I finally found the Keiser Family calculator and that was helpful.

One of the started 'You yearly income' at $29.000.

It pisses me off that these companies are the first ones when you get to a google page about the AHC. I wish Google would take notice and put the actually government's page first
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