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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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I just wrote to a lawyer about this gift card I have for Hobby Lobby

First I called their corporate headquarters and told them I wanted my money back because of their abuse of women concerning blocking contraception. I got the CEO's assistant and he was very curt and told me they would not give the money back and then hung up on me.

In case anyone else wants to contact them and tell them what a bunch of shit asses they are, (or maybe don't use those words) And to tell them that you will never shop in their store and you will tell all your family and friends not to shop there. (And whoever else - you church?)

DAVID GREEN - Hobby Lobby

405-745-1110 - Wouldn't it be nice if their phones blew up?

david.[email protected]

We really can do something about this travesty if we try. I imagine they don't pay their female workers much so it would be hard for them to get contraception without health care. (more abortions you hobby lobby misogynists!)

Here is a link describing the reason these people do this things.


Here is my letter to the lawyer in case anyone wants to read it and see some of the points I made - not that I know they will contribute to his taking my case.

Hello Mr.

I am writing to you because I am furious that Hobby Lobby, who just got permission from the Supreme Court to deny its employers birth control coverage. I have a gift card that has a small amount of money on and I called the corporate office and spoke with his assistant. I was told that they would not give my money back and that was that.

I believe that should I find out a company is doing harm to its employees I have a right to not support that company and in this case it would be to get my money back from a gift card I got while bringing and an item to the store. Instead of giving my money back they gave me the gift care, (a practice that I also think it unfair since they are basically saying you can only spend that returned in their store)

I find their views on contraception misogynist, irresponsible and manipulative. I believe at the bottom of all these anti-contraception laws are men who don't like women in the workplace. Of course this highly religious company does not care that by not covering contraceptives that are only increasing the number of unwanted pregnancies and thus the number of abortions.

I would like to sue them for the amount they owe me on the card and hopefully it will get publicity and others will do the same, (or a class action suit). I believe there are not many people who do not want the gift card or maybe their purchases from Hobby Lobby now.

And I did not know about their desires for this ability to deny health care when I brought back the item that I received the gift card from. It was a few years ago.


I don't want to create any problems here. I have been attending a Kadampa Buddhist center

and I happened on to some videos that express a division between the Kadampa tradition and other Buddhist views.

Is anyone familiar with this and if so can you offer some understanding so I do not feel like my Buddhist center is wrong or not welcome by other traditions?

I have read one thing in Geshe Kelsang's book, (I am #1 of his books) that has upset me. I don't really think what he says is that important because I can always choose to not accept that belief. But the fact that I find something that really disagrees with me is disturbing. I had thought I found a great place to learn how to practice Buddhism and now I am all confused and don't want to be one of those who complain and then leave their centers because of disagreements between the Kadampa tradition and other traditions.

This is the video that I watched that upset me and I cannot find a way to resolve it in my mind.

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