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Teeth pulled out of a baby's brain during surgery. GRAPHIC!!!


A 4-month-old infant in Maryland may be the first person to have had teeth form in his brain as a result of a specific type of rare brain tumor, according to a new report of the case.

The boy is doing well now that his tumor has been removed, and doctors say the case sheds light on how these rare tumors develop.

Doctors first suspected something might be wrong when the child's head appeared to be growing faster than is typical for children his age. A brain scan revealed a tumor containing structures that looked very similar to teeth normally found in the lower jaw.

The child underwent brain surgery to have the tumor removed, during which doctors found that the tumor contained several fully formed teeth, according to the report. [14 Oddest Medical Cases]

After an analysis of tumor tissue, doctors determined the child had a craniopharyngioma, a rare brain tumor that can grow to be larger than a golf ball, but does not spread.

Please don't say anything negative. I just bought 3 discount cards at Costco

for $80 for $100 worth of food at Nutra-system. For a month it is over $300 and the woman on the phone said I can use 3 of them for the month. (I tried to call tonight but rang them too late and they are closed)

I say please don't say anything negative because I just want to concentrate on the positive as losing weight has most often been a hard thing for me to do.

I lost taking phentermine about a year ago but recently put back about 20 pounds and I really do not feel good. And with back problems is really sucks because I don't want to be active because it puts me in pain. But I've done it before - mostly I exercised by walking.

I got a script for the new drug Qysemia or whatever it is called. It is a combination of Phentermine and Topimax, both of which I have taken before. But it is not covered by me insurance and at $150/month I don't think so................

Any one here have luck with Nutri-System? I was talking to my cousin the other day and we both came to the conclusion that any system will work as long as you do it. I bought some over the counter Hydroxycut which mostly just uses caffeine but I think some of the herbs help. Actually I know they do because when I bought the stuff without the caffeine I lost weight, when I followed a diet.

Stories from women going to abortion clinics. The first one is great.


I was 21 when a routine physical showed that I was pregnant. I fainted when I found out. I was on the Depo-Provera shot and in a committed relationship. I was also going to college, working full time and decided to end the pregnancy. I wasn’t ready physically, emotionally or financially to be a parent. I spoke to a woman at the clinic who asked if I needed an escort from my car on the day of my appointment. My aunt and best friend were accompanying me, so I said no. But then she told me to call if I was having trouble. I asked, “Why?” She paused and said, “Just please call if you are having any issues.”

I was the first appointment that day and noticed a few men, all in their 50s or 60s, milling around the parking lot when we pulled in. Once we got out of the car, one made a beeline for us with a fistful of pamphlets. My aunt said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” and he got irate, screaming, “How can you do this? You’re killing your baby to continue on your whore lifestyle, you jezebel!’ Suddenly we were surrounded by five other men — that’s when the baby-doll parts starting hitting us.

They had a box filled with torn apart baby dolls covered with red paint. All three of us were hit — in the head, chest, torso. As they were pelting us, they yelled, “This is what you’re doing to your baby! Look at the street! It’s strewn with the blood of your baby. That’s your baby scattered across the street!” It was surreal and terrifying at once. And we still had to cross a wide street to enter the clinic. Then they shouted at my aunt, “Grandma, why are you letting her do this? Tell her to give her baby up for adoption!” My aunt responded, “First of all, I’m not old enough to be a grandma. Second, come talk to me when you have a uterus and a vagina.”


But there was one good thing the protesters did that morning: They convinced me I was making the right decision. I bet every single woman inside that waiting room felt the same way, even though none of us spoke. We’d all just been through the most heinous experience, but there was a feeling of quiet satisfaction among this group of women amidst the horror. I thought, “If I can make it through that, I can make it through the rest of this day.”

They really don't give a shit about you suffering do they?

I was told over a year ago that my nose was almost completely closed by polyps. The doctor said he wanted to start with allergy shots because if he took them out right then, with my severe allergies they would just grow back. So I went through the allergy testing and started the shots and I can tell they are making a difference.

But in the beginning of December I got a terrible cold. And then it was in my sinuses and it just won't go away. I have used boxes and boxes of klenex and my nose is raw from blowing, (although at this point blowing isn't even much help)

I'm angry that it is taking this long to get the surgery. When I went to him about a month and a 1/2 ago after 2 rounds of antibiotics he said he wanted to try some special antibiotic, steroid up the nose with a atomier type thing first. Supposedly it was to come in the mail in about 2 days. 2 weeks later it arrived. And after using it for about a week I realized it wasn't helping at all so I called and said I just wanted the surgery.

So then they say something about how they changed their name, (the changed something on their bill) and it would take 2 weeks for my insurance to kick in so I would have to wait.

It is almost frigging March and I have been sick since December! I'm sure I would not be so irritated if I wasn't feeling so damn sick all the time! Most of the time now I have to shove a Klenex up my nose to make sure it won't just start draining down, (sorry for the gross description) and I don't want to go anywhere of course. My house is a mess because I can't really clean it since I feel like crap.

I just wanted to vent. If anyone else has had someone similar please share. I feel like I am all along in the world with this thing and I'd love to hear from someone else who has gone through it.

I think racism is a lot more covert than I used to.

I just listened to the 2 jurors in the Dunn case and one was white and one was black and they both said very seriously that race did not play a part when they were deliberating.

And I think they think that is true.

It is only when we look at trends; of who gets found guilty more, of who gets the death penalty more, of who gets stopped more, that we see the racism.

Is it possible that there were a couple outright racists on the jury and they happened to have a lot of sway? Yea I think so. But that doesn't happen in all cases. We can't blame it on that.

It is the same thing that happened to a lot of people in this country when President Obama was elected. They did not find it comfortable. They were OK with black people but not black presidents.

I think we all need to watch our thoughts and feelings to make sure we are not jumping to conclusions based on something in the back of our heads. All of us.

Another one is here and ready for work!


ack! My computer won't download properly. I try and download

pdf's and I get this message when I open it up and Word comes up.

File conversion
Select the encoding that makes your document readable

Windows (default)
Other Encoding

Western European (Windows)

The Western European is one of many type that can be chosen. I have tried all of them and they all end up Chinese.

The files come out all like Chinese characters. I've tried to download several now and none work.

Please help me!

The American Kennel Club fights to keep puppy mills open. They breed at puppy mills

I posted somewhere else that years ago I worked for a "breeder" of Corgies. They sold their dogs for over $1,000 and always had one or two making the dog show rounds. These dogs go from a crate at night that is like the one you take your pet to the vet with to a dog run during the day on concrete. They rarely get out to play. They are no different from animals who are looking for a home at animal shelters. There were always litters of puppies at various ages coming up. I find it hard to believe that they didn't kill some of them just because it would be hard to find a buyer for each.

Someone then told me that the AKC has been fighting to keep puppy mills alive. Maybe they are doing it because they are damned puppy mills.

I will NEVER go to a dog or cat show and I may just boycott the advertisers of their shows on TV.

TODAY Show Exposes Link Between Puppy Mills and the AKC

This morning, the TODAY Show ran a hard-hitting exposé on the American Kennel Club, revealing that the nation’s largest purebred registry group, one that self-identifies as “the dog’s champion,” is connected at the hip to the puppy mill industry. The program, as reported by Jeff Rossen, highlighted a report released by The HSUS that revealed that the AKC has now opposed more than 90 state and local bills to establish some minimum humane breeding standards for the care of dogs over the last five or so years. The central problem, also picked up in today’s news report, is that the AKC is financially beholden to the puppy mill industry through its puppy registration program. It is estimated that about 75 percent of its constituency are commercial puppy producers. The TODAY Show broadcast includes a variety of scenes from HSUS raids of squalid, overcrowded puppy mills that were registering puppies with the AKC.

This sort of exposure – which reminds people that AKC papers are essentially meaningless to anyone interested in acquiring a dog – is helping to drive consumers toward shelters and rescue groups and to more responsible breeders as the source for the new animal in their lives. That’s as it should be. More resources are readily available for consumers, such as the Shelter Pet Project for adoptable pets, and our guide to finding a responsible dog breeder.

Sales of dogs in pet stores, one of the primary ways puppy millers sell their dogs, have been steadily declining as a result of our investigations, consumer education and outreach campaigns, and policy reforms. The country’s two major pet supply chains – PetSmart and Petco – do not sell dogs from breeders, and make dogs available for adoption from shelters and rescues. In Canada, Petland stopped selling puppies completely because it is no longer profitable. More than 2,000 independent pet stores have signed our pledge not to sell puppies.


A new little alien baby just landed today!

She/him/hers/hims too cute!


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