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Color me stupid but I have the worse time going backward and figuring out what the actual effect of

a ruling is. Like this last one about Roe. I guess it is not good for pro-choicer but I mean the supreme court upheld something that was banned that had been appealed in a lower court after the state supreme court refused to hear it after the first court found it unconstitutional. And then the Wiley coyote jumped on the log the was moving upstream in the water that was going the opposite direction and everyone from the foot soldiers to the cooks to Nancy the Emperor's daughter ate fig leaves without washing them and ended up with a very severe case of dysentery.

Do I have that right?

Please sign this petition to your congress critters and senators to ban animals from circuses.


Here is the letter for the first petition.

Dear White House Members,

I am writing as a constituent to ask for your support of federal legislation to protect wild animals in circuses. Such legislation addresses an important issue that gravely concerns me about the welfare of wild animals forced to perform in traveling circuses.

Careful research and detailed undercover investigations have shown the welfare of animals is unacceptably compromised under the confinement and cruel training practices that are inherent in traveling circuses. Wild, stressed animals in close quarters with the public has proven to be a public safety hazard, with escaped animals both maiming and even killing members of the public, including children. It is also estimated that around 12% of Asian and 2% of African elephants in North America have tuberculosis (TB), a disease transmissible from elephants to humans.

Every time we allow a majestic wild animal to be reduced to a cheap circus trick, we are not just turning a blind eye to cruelty, we are advancing the belief that it is acceptable to be inhumane and setting a poor example for our children. Simply put, animal acts in circuses are antiquated and belong in the past. Entertaining contemporary circuses like Cirque du Soleil prove that the show will go on without abused animals. Cirque du Soleil now has 19 shows in 271 cities, generating an estimated $810 million a year.

Over 20 countries around the world have adopted national legislation prohibiting or restricting the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses, with hundreds of local bans in place worldwide – over 200 in the UK, and hundreds in Europe and South America, as well as Asia. The time is now to act! Please follow the will of your compassionate constituents and be a leader in Congress to work toward protections for circus animals.

Thank you for your public service and I look forward to hearing from you on this important matter.


Isn't this baby Skate kind of cute, ugly, creepy at the same?

I downloaded it to my Picasa program just to be able to zoom in and look at it. It is the cutest disgusting thing I've ever seen.

Someone posted this Wikipedia page on Buddhism and violence on a thread

over in GD so I went to that Wiki page and it had a big notice on it that said this:

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.
This article needs attention from an expert in Terrorism. (April 2013)
This article has an unclear citation style. (July 2013)

So I checked the first footnote and found out that that it linked to a book with an ISBN number but no other information except a title which was Buddihst Warfare

Here is the link to the book: http://www.ibookdb.net/isbn/9780195394849

I don't have an account with Wikipedia but I am going to open one to edit because I am fairly sure that there are a bunch of made up "facts" here but I would love if some people would help and especially if some know how to do it. If you read over at the link they make Buddhism seem as violent as all the other religions and I know that is the complete opposite from the truth.


Thank you all!

There is some guy on Gretchen Carlson saying that under Obamacare his pharmaceuticals

and medical equipment, (like an MRI) will not be covered and of course it will result in his death. Can someone with better sleuthing skills than me look at the video and see if they can check this guy out?

His name is Bill Elliott from SC. He says:

He was paying $180 per month and was getting great treatment for his cancer.

Now that he was cancelled it will cost him $1,500 a month just for him! With a $13,500 deductible

I know it is a lie. I just don't know how to prove it.

If we could get this law on our books many of our problems would disapear.


More: Switzerland Weighs Radical Approach to Runaway Executive Compensation

Voters in Switzerland will weigh in on a novel approach to runaway executive pay later this month as regulators, economists, and lawmakers in the United States continue to grapple with the problem.

A referendum is set for November 24 on a law called the “1:12 Initiative” that would impose a flexible cap on top employee compensation at Swiss companies. If approved, the highest-paid employee of any given Swiss firm could not earn more in a month than its lowest-paid employee makes in a year. By using a ratio rather than a dollar figure cap, the 1:12 Initiative would both shrink the salaries of top executives and raise the pay of underlings. “You shouldn’t just say a maximum salary, because what we really want is a relationship between the lowest and the highest,” said David Roth, one of the plan’s architects, in an interview with Business Insider. In March, Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved a package of CEO pay reforms, including an outright ban on so-called “golden parachute” payouts for fired executives.

The 12-to-1 ratio would be a massive shift for Swiss businesses, many of which currently pay their top people a couple hundred times what their worst-paid workers earn. Here in the United States, the prevailing ratio was 273-to-1 last year.

More at Think Progress.


I am having a real hard time forgiving and deciding what to do with my "boyfriend"

I was obsessed with this guy for months and he treated me horribly. I realize I had a problem. But all of a sudden last week he called me and was all, "please forgive me and told me how he was afraid of being close so he acted like a big shot and pushed people away.

But the the thing is this guy is a horrible alcoholic and I am almost positive he has bipolar disorder. He has spent the last several months in and out of rehabs and psych wards, sober living homes and homeless places.

So I said he could come here. I was very leary. I certainly do not have the kind of feelings I used to have with this man. Come to find out that while he was telling me how little money he had he was going to the ATM, taking money out and getting drunk with it. Thant was right after he got really manic one night

So last night he was drunk, (and I thought he only had one or two until the police told me he was "inebriated). He was horrible so when he went outside I locked him out of the house. So a couple minutes later a large brick is thrown through my double glass window and glass and all over the living room. I'm still finding it today.

So I called 911 and they caught him and if I filed charged he wold have been charged with a felony. I just didn't feel comfortable with that because I have gotten in trouble in the past and I have always said since then that you don't call the police for someone who is mentally ill. So I just had him taken to a psychiatric ward.

I don't know what to do now. I feel disgust toward him. I feel like I am the one with a hangover. But all his stuff is here and I know he has no where to go except a homeless shelter. So I was thinking that if he wanted to come back I would present these conditions.

1. He had to turn his debit card over to me so he can't pull that crap about not having money and the going to the bank and getting everything he needed to drink.
2. I talk to his doctor, find out his diagnosis, what is his treatment plan and give him his medications, (oh he would
lie to me and tell me he was only an alcoholic and he would not take him medication as prescribed.
3. Take his money out to pay the window.

And that is it. If he doesn't agree to these stipulations he can go to a home.

What do you think?

Use a fake name and fake address if you are going to contact our governor by mail or email or even

phone. It's so cute that they set this up this way.

Under Florida law, all correspondence sent to the Governor’s Office, which is not exempt or confidential pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, is a public record. All public record electronic mail sent through this website will be posted to Project Sunburst at http://www.flgov.com/sunburst , and will be accessible to the public. If you do not want the public record contents of your e-mail or your e-mail address to be published on this website or to be provided to the public in response to a public records request, please do not send electronic mail to this entity.

Please be aware that personal information sent in your correspondence, such as home addresses and telephone numbers, may be posted to the Sunburst public records website.

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

(850) 488-7146


Please sign to get Walmart to stop usupporting gestation crates for pigs. It is torture.


Walmart’s torture of pigs is a real American horror story. Driven mad from boredom and stress, pregnant pigs confined to filthy gestation crates endure nightmarish conditions I would not wish on my worst enemies. Walmart must stop supporting cruel gestation crates.

Hello, I’m James Cromwell, and I just narrated the latest undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at a major Walmart pork supplier. What I saw in this video is a living nightmare. And it has got to stop!

At Walmart pork suppliers, thousands of pregnant pigs spend nearly their entire lives crammed into cages so small they can barely move. They can’t turn around, walk or even lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives.

In the video, pigs can be seen constantly ramming their heads against their tiny stalls out of stress and frustration. These intelligent and social animals are literally driven mad from sheer boredom and lack of stimulation.

Animal welfare experts around the world agree that these crates are inherently cruel and should be phased out. In fact, gestation crates are so cruel they have been banned in nine U.S. states, as well as in the entire European Union.

Responding to consumer concerns, nearly every major food provider in the country, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Safeway, Kroger, Kmart and Costco, have demanded their suppliers do away with these cruel crates. Even Walmart Canada has agreed to phase out gestation crates.

Soooo like the people working around the world for AIDS had to take a pledge against prostitution


I don't understand this one at all. The reason for this article is they banned it but I had no idea it was even going on.

American Groups Working Against AIDS No Longer Mandated to Take Pledge Against Prostitution

The US Supreme Court ruled that American anti-HIV groups who work in countries around the world are no longer needed to take a pledge against prostitution with the court stating that it was a violation of free speech.

"We know that stigma plays a huge role in driving the global AIDS epidemic and this was a very stigmatizing law against a population that is one of the most vulnerable in the epidemic," said Chris Collins, director of public policy at amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.

In 2003 programs that received US funds under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a global program devised by former president George W. Bush, were required to make an anti-prostitution pledge in order to receive funds.

More at link:

Read more: American Groups Working Against AIDS No Longer Mandated to Take Pledge Against Prostitution | Medindia http://www.medindia.net/news/american-groups-working-against-aids-no-longer-mandated-to-take-pledge-against-prostitution-120878-1.htm#ixzz2jYeTzyFN
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