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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Anyone know of this company. They us solar and wind and somehow send you the

energy. (I have no idea how they do this but they can I'm all for getting wind or solar power)

If anyone has used this company or knows about them please tell!


I can't believe how much my family has changed after being brainwashed by the GOP.

I just got 2 emails from my mother. The first one was about this bowling alley, (it was fake) in Florida and how they made all the lanes go down to a picture of President Obama with him mouth open. You are supposed to roll a ball and knock out his teeth.

She would never have laughed at or joked about being violent about anyone in the past. Now she thinks it's funny?

Then she sent me another email about "people in Walmart's airplane" Of course it is like the people from Walmart "jokes" where they show you mostly obese people and people who look different.

When I was a kid if I ever made fun of the way someone looked I would be in trouble and gotten a lecture about how wrong it was.

It is like they have taken my mother away and replaced her with a mean person. I hate it. I have tears in my eyes now just typing about it. The far right is changing people's values in a horrible way.

I got an email awhile ago from my brother, (a minister) quoting Rush Limbaugh about immigration and he is saying, "No mas" and my brother thought that was so, "right on". The interesting thing is our father was an undocumented immigrant for several years in this country. So I wrote back to him and reminded him of this and he replies, "Yea but Daddy wanted to become a US citizen" WTF? As if no one else wants to become a US citizen! And this is from a man who has a frigging PHD!

I remember my brother and my mother and father, (father is deceased now) being very sensitive and caring about other people. They have been ruined. It is so fucking sad.

I was having a "discussion" with a tea bagger on Ted Cruz's FB and

I put up the link to the Obamacare calculator. She copy and pasted back the page where it said that she was about 600% above the poverty level so she could not participate in the exchange. So I went there and put in $500,000/year for 2 people and I got the same thing.

So are these people just going to buy their insurance over the regular marketplace?

Oh, I said to her, "You are very prosperous. Be grateful. And why would you want to deny health care to other people when you obviously have it yourself?"

This video of 2 cops stopping 2 young black men will infuriate you


(I watched it until the end and truthfully there is really nothing after about 3/4 of the video. I don't know why they say, "watch till the end"

Cop Stops Black Man, Tells Him ‘All You Do Is Weaken the F---ing Country’

This video was recorded on September 27 and uploaded to YouTube a few days later. It has recently made the rounds on social media and caught the attention of major news outlets. In it, two Philadelphia police officers stop, briefly detain, and question two young black men who are walking down the street. The reason given for the stop is that one of the young men said “hi” to a drug dealer. You should watch the video in its entirety:

There are a number of choice quotes to be pulled from this video, my favorite among them the retort from the young man being stopped and managed to film the incident saying “you not protecting me by stopping me when I’m trying to go to work,” but it’s this exchange that has come to define the encounter:

Officer: "We don't want you here, anyway. All you do is weaken the f---ing country,"

Young man: "How do I weaken the country? By working?"

Officer: "No, freeloading,"

Young man: “Freeloading on what? I work.”

Officer: “Do you? Where?”

Young man: “[redacted] Country Club.”

Officer: “Doing what?”

Young man: “I’m a server”

Officer: "A server? Serving weed?"

Here is a petition for McDonald and other fast foods to pay their workers

decent wages and stop using tax payer's money. Finally they are moving, and moving beyond Walmart with this thing!


The Petition:

The petition reads:

Dear CEO's of McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's,

A whopping 52% of fast-food employees’ families are forced to rely on public assistance to put food on the table or see a doctor because you pay them poverty wages. That means every single American is picking up the check for nearly $7 billion in tax dollars a year – while the fast-food industry reaps billions in profits.

It’s outrageous and it has to stop. It’s time to pay your workers $15 an hour so they can make ends meet and Americans can stop paying for the hidden costs of poverty wages."


- See more at: http://other98.com/mctaxes-youre-payin-it/#sthash.QM83g6u0.dpuf

Rachel Maddow has just given a great snopsis of what just happened in Washington.

She went through every demand that the tea baggers put up. It was kind of hysterical. I hope it gets on Youtube tonight.


I can't friggin stand it!

These tea baggin jerk idiots keep saying things like, "Obamacare is costing the US jobs" (already!) and no one in the media ever asks them "HOW"? How is Obamacare costing us jobs now or going to cost us jobs in the future????

Then they say it is going to "ruin the economy" Fucking "HOW?"

It's going to increase insurance costs, "Where did you get that stupid information?"

"It is going to be a train wreck" "OK dip-shit go on and tell me exactly how Obamacare is going to be a "train-wreck besides the fact that you are probably going to look like a total idiot for fighting it'"

And then it is socialism, and they want their liberty, and don't tread on me and wa wa wa.

Why doesn't the media call them on this complete line of bullshit?

Oh and I had been going over to post on Rush Limbaugh's FB account. He had 2 that were for him and the rest are all anti-Rush. Anyway the one that I had posted on is now down. I was on it earlier today but now it is gone. There were a lot of anti-Rush people posting on that site also.

Here is an easy site by npr to calculate how much your premiums will be under AHC


Little orange alien baby amigurumi


They should be tried for treason along with sedition.

A great post was here that showed how these tea baggers were guilty of sedition. I stuck it on Boner's Face Book page and also Ted Cruz's Face Book page. Some guy on Ted Cruz's page jumped on me but he seemed upset and there was back and forth and a couple of people chimed in and took my side. I realized then that treason seemed more appropriate, or at least I think so. Anyway here is the definition. I would love it if some people used it when they called some of our Democratic leaders in case they think it is a good idea to bring charges against the stupid idiots. That would certainly stop them in their tracks and they would not dare go over the ceiling cliff if charges of treason were looming against them. And I think they fit the definition. I also told Cruz that we know about how they planned this from the time of Obama's second inauguration and that it was funded by the Koch brothers. The fact that at his first inauguration their big plan was to ruin the president is attempting to overthrow the government right there.

-the crime of betraying one's country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government, treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness, sedition, subversion, mutiny, rebellion; high treason,lèse-majesté;apostasy;
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