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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Will someone in the media please ask one of these "we are the job creators" "How many jobs did you

create last year?" Please? I mean we cannot keep letting them get away with this bullshit. Besides their lawn-care and maids most of them employ few people. Call them on it.

Anyone have a link to some compilations of Romney lies?

I just saw one the other day. A good video of Mitt Romney lies like a clip of him saying he was pro-choice followed by him saying he was going to get rid of planned parenthood.

I'm looking for some clips like that to keep in my favorites and to send around through email and on FB and I think we should all start circulating them and keep circulating them. We've got to keep front and center what this guy is really about.

I want to make a prediction right now. I bet it will come out

in the trial that, in fact Treyvon Martin never touched George Zimmerman and that he used a rock or something by Martin's dead body to scruch up his head to make it seem like there was a struggle. I believe that that there have been witnesses come forward to this fact. It is imposible for Zimmerman to have been scremeaning while being beating the way he way was supposed to have been beaten. There were no fighting marks accrding to the furneral director on Martin's body of a fight.

If Zimmerman had bruises that corroberated his story he would have shown them the night of the murder and have them photographed.

Dylan Ratigan is a whiny Fox news anchor that is playing on MSNBC

He constantly blames the president. He talks about how corrupt the government is with no discernment between Democrats and Republicans and he has even included the president in being corrupt. He needs to do that to hawk his stupid book "greedy bastards" so no matter what the subject or what the facts he always says the president is wrong and/or bad.

He has no business having a show on MSNBC. He isn't even objective. He sounds like a fox whore.

Can someone explain to me what is wrong with this math equation or why I just can't wrap my brain

around it? Some conservative was trying to prove the point of how big a trillion was and he used this math equation.

"To put a trillion dollars into perspective; 1 billion seconds = 32 years. 1 Trillion seconds = 32,000 years. We talk of trillions like they are billions, how crazy is that?"

Now this just runs contrary to my senses that a billion seconds would be 32 years and yet a trillion seconds would be 32,000 years!

Anyone want to explain why I am having a problem with this or is the problem wrong? I did bring up the fact that that he was using seconds which turned into minutes that turned into hours and then he said.

"Here is the math exercise....60 seconds in a min X 60 mins in an hour X 24 hours in a day X 365 days in year X 32,000 years = 1 trillion seconds"

Amigurumi Teddy Bear keychain


His eyes are hand painted by a woman from Switzerland! I love that I got to buy something from someone from Switzerland!

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