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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,368

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I'm having a manic episode and I can't stand it

I am full of rage. I haven't slept. I have sent out several emails to my brother, who is a piece of shit and has been stealing money from our trust fund but that is beside the point.

My body feels like a locomotive is running through it. And I called the doctor yesterday, he prescribed a medication to help me get down but 2 fucking pharmacies didn't have it in stock and won't get it until today.

So I have to wait. Unless I check myself into the hospital for a couple days, which I don't want to do.

I just want a frigging break from this!

PS I just took 2 Klonopin and 2 Vicodin. I have a few drinks last night but I'm sure they have burned off. Not that they calmed me down at all

I am scheduled to see a doctor for medical marijuana but I smoked

some, (for the first time in 35 years!) last Friday. It worked really well, especially for a chronic stomach condition that causes great pain.

It occurred to me that they may test my urine. If they find pot in it will they not write a prescription?

Is this something that would disqualify me and should I wait until it is out of my system.

Also I've seen products that are supposed to clean you out, should I try one of them? I really did not smoke much because I was scared.

Bill Maher puts the pieces together brilliantly

Democrats eating their own again

Democracy for America has pulled its direct support for the VA Democratic candidate because he said something about not supporting sanctuary cities, (I read something that they misunderstood him).

But these sanctimonious asses decide they are so moral they would rather give the election to a horrible Rethug than give support to someone who will actually care about the welfare of the people of VA

I am fed up with Democrats hating on each other!! Sometimes you don't have a perfect candidate. Consider the alternative for fuck's sake


Miala Kunis donates to Planned Parenthood every month in VP Pence's name

And every month they send him a little card telling him an anonymous donation was made in his honor.

I tweeted to Doug Jones that I hoped he was going to use attack ads against Roy Moore

If ever there was an instance where attack ads are warranted it is this election.

Roy Moore's sins are despicable and the people of Alabama need to know them. Not everyone reads the news. I bet the lead he has if from a lot of people not familiar with his views on homosexual behavior being illegal or the fact that he received all that money from a charity or that he opposes any Muslim from being a member of Congress or Senate.

I don't know who is in charge of Doug Jone's campaign but I really hope they hammer on these facts. If they don't I don't think Jones has a chance.

I don't think the people of Alabama know how horrible Roy Moore is and I think it is up to the Democrats to inform them

Plus there is a chance that Moore won the nomination for the pure reason that Trump campaigned for his opponent.

The Republicans in Washington don't even like the guy.


Roy Moore tried to fit in with Senate Republicans for a day. It didn’t work.

As he made the rounds, some of Moore’s potential future Republican colleagues strained to separate themselves from him. One even attacked him head-on in a speech on the Senate floor.

The visit offered a preview of the headaches Moore’s presence could cause for Senate Republican leaders should he prevail in a Dec. 12 special election to fill the seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I don’t know where I’m going right now,” Moore told reporters as he exited Tuesday’s lunch and walked down a hallway near the Senate chamber before doubling back toward a bank of elevators.

Why aren't the public figures trying to head the Trump investigation in another direction

not guilty of obstruction of justice?

Serious question that I may have asked before.

Does it have to be directed at the actual law enforcement to be obstruction?

What about Sean Hannity giving out bullshit information in an attempt to divert millions of people away from the truth that Meuller is actually investigating members of the Trump campaign and cabinet? (What about fucking Devin Nunes and the tricks he has played?)

And Sarah Sanders - She has to know she is lying and trying to divert reporters and the public away from the truth.

What if a family member of mine murdered someone and I started a rumor that the murder was done by someone else and provided fake information about it, in an attempt to change the direction of the investigation?

Is that obstruction or not? I'm asking seriously because everytime I see one of them do something like this I shake my head and wonder how they are allowed to get away with it.

NAACP issued travel advisory warning people of flying with American Airlines


The NAACP has issued a national travel advisory warning people about flying with American Airlines.

In a press release, the social justice organization said it was "alerting travelers — especially African-Americans — to exercise caution, in that booking and boarding flights on American Airlines could subject them to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions."


Found this on my FB page! If there is anything wrong someone here will tell me I'm sure

While everyone is distracted with the recent shootings, protesting, fires and storms, guess what? They passed a bill to cut Medicare and Medicaid.
The House just passed a bill to reduce Medicaid spending by $1 trillion and Medicare by $473 billion.
That's along with the:
$37 billion in cuts for affordable housing,
$100 billion for Pell Grants,
cutting Head Start by $3 billion,
and essentially gutting the WIC program that provides food assistance to 1.25 million women, infants, and children.
While everyone is rightly consumed with the recent tragedy of Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, St Thomas, St John and St Croix, the House has passed this bill.
What sort of people are doing this? As if we didn't know.
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