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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 12,812

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So my refrigerator sat for 8 days without power. I threw out a bunch of rotting food

And now it seems as if I can't get the smell out and it seems as if it is coming from behind the back of the freezer. I always used to get some gnats in the refrigerator which I just accepted as part of Florida but there was an awful lot of them in there when I began to clean it out.

I kind of fear putting food in there now and wonder if I should invest in a new refrigerator. I remember this happening to my mother's refrigerator a few years ago when they were gone for about 3 months and it lost power for at least several days and she ended up getting a new one.


An update on my Mom who fell outside Germain Arena Saturday morning.


She fell, most likely from standing in the heat for over 3 hours and had to go into emergency surgery to stop bleeding inside her cranial walls.

So after 2 days they have taken her off the sedation medication and she is waking up very well. She is still intibated so can't talk but she has looked at me in the eyes and seems to know it is me. She has also been able to follow some commands from the nurse. The doctor thinks she is doing really well.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes, thoughts and prayers.

A word about the thousands stuck outside a huge shelter in Fort Myers


I am writing this on my phone so forgive the mistakes. I hope I was able to post the entire url too the CBS.article about how the Germaine Arena shelter made thousands stand outside for hours in the heat waiting to get into the shelter that they could have opened but didn't, When they finally opened they only opened a couple doors up until it started pouring and then, all of a sudden it was possible to let these exhausted, hot people in

I was there this morning. My mom and I got there about. 8pm. She insisted on going too find the end of the line and I followed with the 2 dogs and pillows, suitcase and blankets. I lost her and my back, which has some serious problems caused me to sit and wait until she came up in the line at which point I would join her.

But instead, my mom, who is 85 tripped and fell, I'm sure with a lot of help from the heat and the fact that she had been standing on line for nearly 3 'hours.

So I am now sitting next to her in her ICU bed. Her anti blood clot medicine caused a big bleed between her skull and brain and also a small one in her brain.

The nurse told me that they woke her up and my mom wouldn't follow her finger. The doctor said the surgery was a success but he didn't realize how much more blood was there and that there is now " pressure"

I am besides myself with grief, worry, guilt and anger. I do know one thing. There was no reason too make all those thousands of people stand outside for hours when that stadium was empty. My mother was not the only elderly person there. I am kicking myself for things I could have done or things I wished I hadn't done but let me just finish with a big Fuck You too the planners and their lack of sensitivity to a while lot of desperate people

One guy's experience going through a 7 day silent retreat. It cracked me up


Here is an except:

I was, it turned out, wrong. By Day 1, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. After my initial curiosity wore through, I began (in the parlance) to "notice" something: I was miserable. Sitting silently on a cushion for hours at a time turns out to be intensely boring. Worse, it was also physically painful. You could sit cross-legged, kneel, or even sit on a chair, but it didn't really matter, because after a while, the same nauseating pain would creep into my right shoulder and scream into my ears. I was bored, aching, and because of the whole silent thing, lacked anyone to complain to. Wright be damned, I'd come to the wrong place.

My fellow meditators (referred to as "yogis" actually made things worse. They hardly resembled beacons of love and joy. Instead, they walked around slowly, dragging their feet, faces blank. I began to feel that I was surrounded by zombies; I half-expected to see arms drop off. Sitting at dinner, surrounded by drooping humans, hunched over their plates, I imagined that I was at a banquet for the chronically depressed. I began to feel a physical, sinking dread at being around so much obvious misery. To think I could have been lying on a beach; instead I was trapped in a morgue.

In short, I quickly figured out that it had been a mistake to come here, and I still had about 140 hours of unrelenting boredom ahead of me. Think about it: A week of pure vacation is a valuable thing to waste sitting on a cushion. I kept imagining the myriad other ways I could have spent it. Back to Japan? To Alaska, into the wild? Scuba diving? Rock climbing? Anything and anywhere but here.

So Chris Hayes is coming up with a segment on the Repubicans that are trying to

"Undermine the Trump/Russian" investigation

Why aren't these people being charged with obstruction of justice? That is what they are doing so why do they get to keep doing it just because they are Republican politicians?

If Devin Nunes had caused the same amount of obstruction in a different criminal investigation, say about a drug cartel where he lead the investigators away from the actual drug dealers, he would be charged with a crime

It seems as if they think they can do whatever they want and won't have to pay any price for hiding criminal behavior AND it seems as if that is the truth!

The real size of Trump's Phoenix rally recorded by someone who was there

This guy is great.

OMG I laughed so hard I almost pee'd myself, which is kind of ironic if you read it

This is the worst Tinder date in history

You think your last Tinder date was bad? Liam Smyth can beat you, hands down. No, really - you'll struggle to compete.

It was so bad, he needed a Gofundme page afterwards...

Smyth says on the page he took his date to chicken eatery Nando’s, then the pair went back to his student house for a documentary and some wine.

It was at this point that it started to go very wrong indeed.

Go read the rest now here:


Does Trump have a role in N. Korea's military threats?

I just can't imagine this happening if Obama was president. I know they did some things but Obama didn't stir the nest like Trump does. I know Obama would never say threaten them with 'Fire and fury the like they have never known" He was a peace maker

What do others think?

I am losing my shit. I need to stay off Twitter and FB before I go nuts and punch


Sometimes I don't know just how angry I am getting until someone says something incredibly stupid and I go off on them. And God knows Trumpettes say plenty of stupid things.

If one more person says Democrats just want a handout from the government for themselves my head is going to explode. And that we are the real racists when they bring up how Lincon was a Republican.

What the Hell do I do? What do you do? How do you keep sane in this insane world we are in?

I know I have to stop going to those sites. Maybe if I label them toxic waste or something. I don't know.

Thinking of Joel Olstean I watched Dr. Phil today and he gave a plug for the Red Cross

and said that he and his wife were donating $25,000

He is worth 400 million

$25,000 is .0000625 of 400 million

So I took my income, (and yeah you can figure it out from this calculation but I don't care) and multiplied by .000625

I got $2.40

2 dollars and fucking 40 cents is what this guy gave comparatively.

The filthy rich have a mental disease
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