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When the Catholic Church owns your doctor: The insidious new threat to affordable birth control

Cross-posting from the other room, trotsky's thread didn't get much love so I'm reposting here.

When the Catholic Church owns your doctor: The insidious new threat to affordable birth control
Eight of the largest health systems in America are now Catholic-owned. More and more won't prescribe conraception
Patricia Miller

Angela Valavanis had already had one bad encounter with the Catholic health care system when St. Francis Hospital, the hospital in Evanston, Ill., where she delivered her second baby, refused to allow her OB/GYN to tie her tubes because of Catholic restrictions on the procedure. When she went to her doctor’s office for a check-up after the birth and asked about going back on the Pill, since she hadn’t gotten the sterilization she wanted, she got another shock: “My doctor told me that she couldn’t prescribe birth control because she had sold her practice to a Catholic health system,” said Angela. “My mouth dropped open. I was so confused to hear those words coming out of the mouth of an OB/GYN.”

An OB/GYN who can’t prescribe birth control? It’s not some bad joke. It could be a reality if your doctor’s practice is purchased by a Catholic health system that then imposes the Ethical & Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, a set of rules created by the U.S. Bishop’s Conference that prohibits doctors from doing everything from prescribing the Pill to performing sterilizations or abortions.


And with Catholic hospital systems accounting for eight of the 10 of the largest nonprofit health systems in the U.S., these hospitals are poised to become major owners of doctors’ offices, which could severely impede access to contraceptives if doctors are forced to follow the Directives. “The more we see these Catholic systems buying up these practices, the more we are going to see what Angela saw,” predicted Lorie Chaiten, director of the Illinois ACLU’s Reproductive Rights Project, who notes that such refusals are legal under Illinois’ Health Care Right of Conscience Act.


But for some women, changing doctors may not be an option. Health insurers are becoming increasingly restrictive about which hospitals and doctors a patient is allowed to use and may charge a steep penalty for going out of the network of preferred providers. Smaller towns and rural areas may not have a large selection of OB/GYNs. The ACLU is backing a measure in the Illinois Legislature that would require health systems to tell patients beforehand what services they don’t provide and where they can get them. Chaiten also encourages women who have been denied reproductive health services for religious reason to report it to the ACLU, which is tracking this trend.

Ironically, Angela’s experience with her OB/GYN wasn’t her last run-in with Catholic health care. After she was refused a tubal ligation and a prescription for birth control, Angela’s husband decided to get a vasectomy. His doctor, who was also part of the Catholic system, said his practice couldn’t do the procedure or make a referral. “The whole situation is so unbelievable to me. I had no idea these limitations occurred,” she says. “When I tell my friends about it, they say it’s medieval. We have to worry that if they keep buying up all these practices, it will get harder and harder to find someone who can prescribe birth control.”

Posted by beam me up scottie | Mon May 11, 2015, 05:38 PM (12 replies)

An Anti-Theist’s Interpretation Of The Bible’s Opinion On Same-Sex Marriage

An Anti-Theist’s Interpretation Of The Bible’s Opinion On Same-Sex Marriage
April 29, 2015 by Peter Mosley

Here’s my interpretation of the Bible’s opinion on Same-Sex marriage:

Anything derogatory it says about same-sex marriage is nothing more than prejudice against gay individuals by primitive tribes.


So, what I’d like you to do is throw your Bible away. Because, honestly, this is ridiculous. Why the heck would you hang on to that ancient rulebook crafted by bigots? It’s time to look past that to people who exist and who love each other.

I guess that’s why I’m an anti-theist. I see progressives and conservatives and fatheists arguing over what God supposedly “REALLY” said, and I’m standing here like — can we move pass this? Can we move past trying to get to the “true” meaning of texts and start looking at, like, the flesh and blood people right in front of us?


I mean, this is absurd. I’m tired of being trapped in a stone age when there are people in the current age who want to show their love for each other.

Let’s quit making this so damn complicated. Two people love each other. They want to get married. Awesome.


Leave it to an anti-theist to point out the obvious: "when you’re trying to engineer an egalitarian society, messing with nonexistent variables doesn’t seem all that helpful."

Posted by beam me up scottie | Fri May 1, 2015, 05:11 PM (18 replies)
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