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Gender: Female
Hometown: Heinz 57... Army Brat
Home country: United States
Current location: Nokomis, FL, just south of Sarasota
Member since: Thu Oct 7, 2004, 11:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,435

Journal Archives

With Hillary Winning Today WITH "Her Machine" AND Almost

every Democrat in Congress and the Lobbyists and the Corporatists and Wall Street and With Republicans and with Wealthy Elites and with The Harry Reid Machine helping her I think BERNIE SANDERS and ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS should be celebrating!

The country is just now waking up to who he is, heaven forbid he should get MEDIA COVERAGE from the sell outs who report "stuff" these days... I'm VERY PROUD of him!

And going into SC with ALL THIS HELP, he's not only going have to fight back against this... THEY'RE throwing in an ANVIL for good measure. Jim Clyburne, The Number One Black Leader in SC will be standing with her!

Let's not kid ourselves on this one, the Clintons have played this game many, many times and THEY KNOW PEOPLE, who KNOW PEOPLE to help them. I honestly feel many of those who are helping her out either want something in return or are AFRAID of what they might do to them IF THEY DIDN'T get on board!

They've been in many mud fights and their hands haven't always ended up very clean. I think for those of us who've been activists for a long, long time we know they have many enemies. But even enemies will still support them because FEAR motivates.

One thing MSM has reported on over and over is that she always has HIGH NEGATIVES, so why is it so hard to believe THAT not everyone who supports her is doing it because they LOVE HER? Yes, politics is a dirty game!

I have to say one more thing that really, really, really infuriated me today. When Hillary Clinton gave her speech today, SHE WAS REALLY giving Bernie's speech. It was if she had a feed in her ear as she spoke. I doubt there was a feed, but I don't doubt she's stealing his message. I don't think she'll do what she's saying should she be the nominee, but she's saying it right now!

As we go forward, let's just remember where he came from and how far he's gotten, we ALL need to stay on the train and MOVE FORWARD! We're gathering steam as we chug along, so just keep saying, I know we can, I know we can, I know we can!

Was Just Listening To Democracy Now And Her Guest

was Barbara Lee, CA talking about the Congressional Black Caucus, HOWEVER she commented several times about The Congressional Black Caucus AND The Congressional Caucus Pack and the differences. I was a little confused about what she was trying to actually communicate, but she DID SAY that she HAS NOT endorsed and won't until she feels she's comfortable about which candidate addresses the issues that concerns her and the one she feels more comfortable with.

So their endorsement today isn't as clear as some here think. She DID say she has not endorsed.

The program also addressed the Super delegates and state delegates saying Super delegates are important, but can at any time change.

The program was VERY interesting today, also talking about MEDIA COVERAGE and how unfair it's been to Bernie Sanders!

So, Bernie supporters it doesn't sound like ANYTHING IS SET IN STONE! Glad I watched it... watch the replay or online if you can.

The Head Of SC Democratic Party Was Just On MSNBC...

I don't watch them anymore, but my husband turn the channel on while I'm cooking. Can't remember his name, but he said it's the black women that needs to be where Sanders needs to focus. Said Sander stole his "executive something" who decided to support Sanders.

Asked about Clyburn he said he's very powerful and thinks he's going to endorse, was being very coy about who... but I got a real vibe that he will endorse Sanders. This will be Huuuuuggggge!

If anyone saw it, please correct my info. I was cooking and just poked my head into living room because it was sounding so positive for Bernie. Said Bernie had a GOOD ground game going.

Please advise.

Bernie Said They've Thrown Everything At Him But...

THE KITCHEN SINK. But said he thinks the sink will be coming soon! What a fighter!
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