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ChiciB1's Journal
ChiciB1's Journal
September 25, 2015

I Just Heard Something Really Funny From A Caller Into

the Stephanie Miller Show. Someone here may have posted this, and some may not find it as funny as I did, but I still want to post it.

The caller was talking about a comment that Joey Scar made on his show this A.M. after the Pope's speech. I guess he said something about the Pope trying to connect him to how St. Ronnie was and how his views were close to the same as the Pope's. Didn't hear Joey Scar, never watch him but this is what the caller said when she called the show.

Listening to Scar's show she said, "I don't think they ever buried Ronnie Reagan, Joey Scar ate him!" Since the idiot has Ronnie Raygun on such a high pedestal he must have felt he STILL needed to promote his idol ABOVE the Pope! Even though I left the Catholic church many years ago, I was impressed by his speech to THIS no nothing, do nothing Congress.

Just wanted to share, I THOUGHT it was funny anyway but it once again reenforces the reason I no longer watch MSNBC!!!

September 19, 2015

Not Sure Where To Ask This Question, But

I would like some feed back about ROKU. Considering buying one instead of paying extra cable costs.

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