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ChiciB1's Journal
ChiciB1's Journal
November 24, 2015

I'm Trying To Find Some Paintings Done By An African American That

I posted at about a month ago. I thought I saved it, but can't find it now. I can't find it in my posts either. I think one of them was of a card out of a deck of cards that showed a picture of Bernie on top and then a comment and showed Trump at the bottom. I think it was a Jack or King, but don't know the name of the artist.

Does anyone remember the pictures? I suppose I can Google paintings of Bernie, but if someone remembers what I'm talking about I would appreciate your help.


November 24, 2015

I'm Trying To Find Some Paintings Done By An African American That

was posted here at DU. I thought I saved them, I know I posted a comment but I guess it's no longer under my posts.

Anyway, the paintings were of Bernie Sanders, very colorful and BEAUTIFUL. I think one of them depicted a playing card that showed Bernie at the top and a comment with Trump at the bottom.

I was so impressed, so does anyone know how I can find them again? I don't know the name of the artist so I can't google it.

Thanks for any help.

November 3, 2015

OBAMACARE Co-Ops Closing - Sanders Clip On DEMOCRACY NOW Today...

Post this at General Discussion but getting NO interest over there. THIS is important, important, important IMO! Guess I didn't see this coming and DID NOT KNOW, that Congress has been continually cutting program all along. Companies going under due to lack of funding. They showed a clip of Bernie talking about "single payer" way back then.

I RARELY start a thread and I feel this is something that needs attention OR NOT. But does anyone here feel this needs attention? Is anyone here interested to raise this issue? If so, I'm asking if someone can is able to do a better job than me in making it known.

One other clip DOES shoe Trump talking about the SAME issue. MY BET? Looks BAD for OBAMACARE, and Big Pharma has been one of the main culprits behind the scene.

If there's no interest today... My guess? This issue is going to explode because REPUKES have NEVER STOPPED!

November 3, 2015

Watch Democracy Now Today If You Can, OBAMACARE Co-ops Closing...

Not sure how many here already did, BUT Amy Goodman discusses how Insurance Co-ops that enrolled people under Obamacare are being forced to close because they are running out of money AND Congress continually cut funding over time.

I'm sure we'll be hearing more, but once I fear once again OBAMACARE is going to be front and center!! Going to post over at Primaries as they show clip of Bernie and what he said way back then.

I'm feel THIS is going to get HUGE, BIG TIME coverage any day now!

I don' have much more information other than what Amy Goodman spoke about on her program.

See my tag line!

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