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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Heinz 57... Army Brat
Home country: United States
Current location: Nokomis, FL, just south of Sarasota
Member since: Thu Oct 7, 2004, 11:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,435

Journal Archives

This May Not Make Sense Because I Don't Know Much About

War planes. I'm almost afraid to post this because I don't want a knock on my door, so I'll just ask a question. I live south of Tampa, FL where there's still a military base. But we just saw something like jets flying over our houses. Yes, we're females but these planes/jets were really moving super fast going further south.

Does this make any sense to anyone? I honestly don't think war planes would be flying in this area, seems like it would be much further north. Does anyone have any idea what we may have seen? There is a flight path for regular planes that do fly over occasionally, but we don't have planes flying overhead much because the local airport isn't enormous.

I think I'm sounding like I saw a UFO or something, but it wasn't normal anyway. Perhaps someone who lives south of Tampa might know what I'm talking about. Mostly, I don't want to be starting rumors or gossip, just wondering.

Perhaps This Has Been Posted BUT I Just Saw This

comment on my home page news. Bergdahl For Taliban Exchange Was Illegal. Looks like Hagel was testifying at some hearing that was posted.

Anyone know what's up? Didn't look like it was a Faux news report.

About Rick Scott's Video From Chris Hayes Program...

Does anyone have a good link to the video? I checked Utube and found nothing Not very techy, but would love to pass it along to some people.

Any help appreciated!

My Husband Just Asked Me If Wendy Davis Dropped Out Of

her bid for Governorship in Texas. I know she was having some sort of fight with DGA, anyone know what's going on?

I listen to an alternative channel than MSNBC, so didn't hear anything yet.

Just need info if anyone has any.
Thanks a lot.

I'm Confused...

Is the vote by VW workers in TN final? Saw a post that said something about a 3 day process. I saw the workers on the Ed Show saying that they felt workers were in favor of the Union, but last night it went down by 87 votes.

Sounds pretty final to me. I realize the final total was very close, but is there a way for those workers who wanted the Union to try again, or is there another way for them to fight the decision?

If it's final, breaks my heart!

Does Anyone Here Have Real Facts As To Whether

people on Social Security and/or other incomes that "we the people" rely on to live will continue? I'm hearing there will be NOTHING after Thursday if we default.

If nothing, then do we just lose that income and NEVER get reimbursed? I realize that this could be a question nobody can answer, but I'm really worried. When people are unable to pay their bills it's bound to sink a person's good credit rating.

I'm sitting on the brink right now! Right now my credit is very good, but do depend on SS each month. This is scary to so many of us.

Need Some Info About CENLAR, A Company That...

my current mortgage is being handed over to. Last week there was a post by ms.smiler regarding problems with mortgages and started doing some research on mine.

Well, strange as it seems, today I got a letter in the mail saying that my mortgage is now going to be turned over to a company named CENLAR, Central Loan Administration & Reporting. I googled it and what I found is that this seems to be BAD NEWS! Almost all the comments were negative and frightening and it seems this is a situation I don't want to be in.

Anyone else having to deal with this? I thought we found a reputable bank when we refinanced, but I guess not. While I hate to go through all the loan process again, I'm seriously thinking that we should try to refinance again! Hate to do it, but what I read about them is very scary.

QUESTION... Is It Possible Or Is It A Good Idea...

To find some way to connect with TIME Magazine to feature Trayvon Martin's parents on it's front cover? Or any other magazine that carries this kind of weight? If this has been done already, then I missed it.

I'm a white mother/grandmother who lives in Florida and have watched these two parents who have been thrust upon the national stage because their child was MURDERED. I do not care if others here agree or disagree with my point of view, but I've come to admire them as true examples of what the bible might mean by "turning the other cheek." And to their other son who is a reflection of who they are, and the values they've set as an example for him and the world to see. To be sure, I do understand that Trayvon has made mistakes, but how many other parents can say their children are perfect? I know mine weren't and my husband and I have to come to their aid when they acted out in worse ways than Trayvon. Much worse, but they have learned and now have children of their own and have become good parents and better adults.

How they've handled this awful crisis with such grace and humility has touched me deeply, and I'm not sure I would be able to pull it together myself in any way close to them.

Then look to GZ's family and ask yourself if they've even come close to understanding their grief and what they've had to go through. Georgie's brother seems to be the spokesman for them, but he mostly talks about how hard it's been on THEM! Then of course there's the illustrious lawyer O'Mara who keeps fanning the flames of foment as he constantly talks about what an upstanding person GZ is with his courage and caring for his community and how much he cares about the plight of others. Why look, look at him coming to aid of a family in distress. It's just too much for me to take.

I know Trayvon's parents are out there speaking as activists for the injustice we see in this country today. I feel it would be a great tribute to them, and it would also show those gun touting NRA types who keep raising money on behalf of poor GZ that HE isn't the one who is worthy of praise and glory.

I don't know how or where to start with this, but it's something I would like to see happen. I'm just putting this out there right now and I may not be able to reply to comments right away as my 4 year old grandson will be here soon. I'm glad I have the opportunity to have him around, but 4 yr olds are full of energy and I'll try to keep up.

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