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cali's Journal
cali's Journal
August 4, 2016

The lead author of VT's now defunct GMO bill, speaks about the corporate bill passed in Congress

to undercut Vermont's law. He's a longtime member of the Vermont Progressive Party and is running for Lt. Governor as a P/D

August 3, 2016

Not that it's an excuse, and not that I'm a shrink, but I still believe Trump has Alzheimer's

or some form of dementia. That's not to say he doesn't have and hasn't long had other personality disorders- Professor Gardner of a Harvard who teaches developmental psych literally plans to use Trump as a text book case of extreme narcissism in classes he teaches.

That he's disagreeable, boorish etc, isn't exactly a good thing, but that he's dangerously mentally unstable, well, that's the real problem.

Trump's father had Alzheimer's and there is thought to be hereditary component to it. Recent research indicates that memory loss may not be the first indicator and that there are subtle symptoms that can be missed for years.

Maybe every presidential nominee should have to undergo a psych evaluation- and there are some early ways to determine Alzheimer's.

In any case, I think it could not be clearer that he's mentally unstable.

August 3, 2016

Dance, Martial Arts, War, Gravity and Wisdom

the first video is longish (18 minutes). The second is only a minute. Same guy. Inventor of a form of dance known as Contact Improvisation.


but first:

August 3, 2016

Some paintings I love by an old friend

I own two of his paintings. And decades ago he did a portrait of me.
August 3, 2016

Why I have changed my mind

An old friend of mine died very recently. He was a wonderful person. He wasn't that old- in his late 60's. He had a rare degenerative disease and availed himself of the death with dignity law here.

The other day, I was talking to his best friend and we got onto politics. I told him I wasn't planning on voting for HRC because VT is a deep blue state and I wasn't worried about it. He responded that I should be. He said that he feared that too many Bernie supporters would write in Bernie or vote Green or sit it out and that republicans would come out en masse.

But he said something else that pierced my heart. He said that H. had told him, shortly before his death, that he had never hated anyone in his life until Trump. I certainly never heard him express even dislike for anyone. If he didn't have anything good to say, he just didn't say it.

And then my son said this:

"Mom, there's never been a candidate I wanted to vote against more than Trump, and there's never been a candidate I wanted to vote for less than Hillary. I'm voting for Hillary".

To top it all off, a very dear friend, and the wisest person I know chided me, albeit in his very gentle way in a long, long very early morning phone conversation.

But that's not all. My brief time at JPR, was, er, enlightening. I'm not going to say anything beyond that regarding JPR. (and I'm sure that some there will now take great satisfaction in this post and my change of mind, as it will confirm to them that I am what they ceaselessly called me, a "hillbot&quot .

Still not all. The nuclear code. Michael Hayden. Trump's ghost writer, Schwartz.

So, I'll vote for HRC for all those reasons, and hope for the best. God knows, I hope she beats Trump- if he doesn't finish melting down and find some excuse to drop out.

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