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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Happy Halloween 2021


CNN's Jim Acosta Righteously Renames the Tucker Carlson, Fox News False Flag Flick: 'PROUD BOY PORN'

On Saturday afternoon CNN's Jim Acosta delivered a scathing review of Carlson's demagoguery (video below). It was so complete and accurate that it hardly needs any commentary. So without further ado, Acosta said that...

"The reason why federal investigators and millions of Americans are terrified by right-wing violence in this country is because it keeps happening. and Tucker Carlson is inciting more of it. Tucker is calling his propaganda flick "The Patriot Purge!" It's nothing more than Proud Boy porn. And the worst part is that a major corporation in America, Fox News, is bankrolling it.


Bees are smarter than MAGAts - Honeybees Use Social Distancing When Mites Threaten Hives


By examining videos recorded inside the hives, the team found that when the hive is infested with mites, foraging bees – which tend to be older members of the colony – performed important dances to indicate the direction of food sources, such as the waggle dance, away from the centre of the colony where the young bees, the queen and brood cells are found.

That, said Cini, may help to keep the infection at a level that can be controlled, limiting the amount of damage. “Foragers are one of the main entrance routes for the mites,” said Cini. “So the more they stay away from the brood and the young individuals, the better it is in terms of preventing the spread of the mites within the colony.”


Cini said the study showed the power of natural selection in the evolution of social behaviour. “And also dynamic change in the social behaviour to adapt to an ever-changing environment,” he said.


!2 California condor chicks have hatched from unfertilized eggs!


Scientists at SDZWA discovered two California condor chicks have hatched from unfertilized eggs. This sort of asexual reproduction, known as parthenogenesis, is a first for the species and provides new hope for their recovery. Read more: http://sdzwa.org/condorchicks


Totally On Brand: President Biden to Pope Francis as he departed their meeting: "God love ya!"

“God love ya!”


I would like a large pizza with mushrooms.

I voted for a party that, I thought, would give me a large pizza with mushrooms. Instead, they are giving me a medium cheese pizza. That’s disappointing. Meanwhile, the other party wants to feed me arsenic and nails.


Good morning. Don't confuse legislative sausage-making with substantive impact.

By David Leonhardt

The legislative process is rarely pretty. It highlights political divisions and can feel disconnected from people’s lives. When a big bill is making its way through Congress, voters are often turned off.

The central piece of President Biden’s agenda has followed the pattern. It has caused squabbles among Democrats, and the plan has already shrunk nearly by half, disappointing progressives, amusing Republicans and providing grist for critical media coverage.

Eventually, though, the process behind a bill’s passage tends to fade into history. What matters far more is a bill’s substance. And if Congress passes anything resembling the legislative framework that Biden announced yesterday, it will be highly consequential.

That was the main message I heard from policy experts yesterday when I asked them to assess the framework. Compared with Biden’s original proposal, it looks paltry. Compared with the status quo, it looks like a big deal.


more behind paywall:
or here:

Why is the press rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia? Thumbs on the scale.

Sticking close to the media’s preferred script, Axios this week reported that the walls were caving in on Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who’s caught in a surprisingly close race in Virginia’s governor’s race. “It was clear the McAuliffe campaign has taken on an air of tension — bordering on panic,” Axios announced.

Proof of the “panic” attack? “McAuliffe cut off one television interview last week,” the outlet claimed. That seems like thin confirmation, considering candidates juggle media interviews all the time. Plus, the Democratic did no such thing — he agreed to a 10-minute interview with a local Sinclair TV station and actually gave them 11 minutes.

Is McAuliffe’s campaign in a state of “panic”? Axios provided no tangible evidence that it is. But the press seems to be rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia, so the “panic” claim gets widely aired. Eager to portray Joe Biden’s presidency as on the verge of collapse, the press is excitedly pushing the governor’s race across the Potomac as a potentially cataclysmic event for the entire Democratic Party.

“Virginia’s gubernatorial election is more important than ever as a national barometer” a CNN headline announced this month. What CNN and everyone else covering the race means is that if Democrats lose, the Virginia race will function as a national barometer. If Republicans lose, it won’t mean a thing. Note there’s a governor’s race in New Jersey this year as well, and a Democrat is expected to win with ease. For some reason, that’s not a “barometer” of anything.


Somebody needs to tell him

Rep. Grothman argues that Pre-K isn’t needed because there are stay at home parents


America wouldn't have a racist past if folks simply didn't talk about it!

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