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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 70,128

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Very stark words from Joe Biden this afternoon about President Trump:

"The incumbent president is incapable of telling us the truth, incapable of facing the facts. Incapable of healing."


American flexibility



The XI Commandment

Sounds "white" to me too

The same people who were upset that Rand Paul got yelled at in fact love this. Let that sink in.


Different Treatment For Different Colors

Best shade: 'Attorney for Cohen estate says it would have considered "You Want it Darker" For RNC

We are surprised and dismayed that the RNC would proceed knowing that the Cohen Estate had specifically declined the RNC’s use request, and their rather brazen attempt to politicize and exploit in such an egregious manner “Hallelujah”, one of the most important songs in the Cohen song catalogue. We are exploring our legal options. Had the RNC requested another song, “You Want it Darker,” for which Leonard won a posthumous Grammy in 2017, we might have considered approval of that song.


RNC: Key Takeaway

Wow. These stats should be EVERYWHERE

New: Data shows right-wing vigilantes & paramilitaries have confronted or attacked anti-racist protesters about 500 times since cops killed George Floyd in May. This includes at least:

64 assaults
38 attacks by car
9 shootings
3 deaths



The lawyer for the Covington kid is representing Kyle Rittenhouse.

The lawyer for the Covington kid is representing Kyle Rittenhouse. Channeled through a political foundation with “a mission to protect and defend our Constitution on many fronts.”

In case you don't think that conservatives believe that murder is just a tool in their toolbox.

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