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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Moscow Mitch KNEW "The Fix Was In"

In case you're wondering why #MoscowMitchMcTreason blocked the #MerrickGarland nomination even when Hillary was considered a shoe-in who'd no doubt pick someone more progressive, it was because the stinking little #traitor knew the election was rigged for Trump.
The fix was in.


Republican Challenge:


Elijah Cummings at Age 11 had Courage

“"I’m feeling the same things that I felt when these white folks down in South Baltimore were throwing rocks and bottles at me. But now, I feel like it’s the president of the United States doing it.”



.....eleven year old Elijah Cummings and 31 companions attempted to go swimming in a city owned swimming pool in a city which has technically integrated all city owned swimming pools and which he has every right to swim in. According to the 1962 Baltimore Sun accounts of the incident, the crowd of angry whites grew to 500 in number, but the children were able to swim, thanks to the protection of about 70 Baltimore City policemen assisted by K-9 dogs. Yet the police were unable or failed to protect the children from the rocks and bottles the whites, screaming the N word and “go back where you came from,” threw at the black children. One of them hit Elijah in his forehead, he bears the scar on his eyebrow to this day. Civil Rights leader Juanita Jackson Mitchell, who herself had been hit and was bleeding from a rock or bottle thrown by one of the mob, put her arms around the young boy to protect him from further injury.

In contrast, what courageous thing did Donald Trump do at age 11, before he developed his unfortunate condition of bone spurs?


Trump Tees Off

JULY 29, 2019
Randall Enos / Easton, CT

I feel for the rat.

Racism Backfiring-Plurality of *non-college white women* say they definitely *won't* vote for Trump.

Here's a really striking finding from the new Quinnipiac poll:

A plurality of *non-college white women* say they definitely *won't* vote for Trump.

This strongly suggests Trump's racist attacks are backfiring.

Quinnipiac sent me the numbers:


Finally-Governor Hogan On Trump's Tweets Criticizing Baltimore: 'Outrageous & Inappropriate'

Hogan stated that Trump's comments were "outrageous and inappropriate," adding that angry and divisive politics are tearing the nation apart.

While discussing the comments, Hogan pointed out that just 14 hours prior to Trump's tweets, he gave a televised address on the fact that governors have found a way to move forward, but "Washington is just completely consumed with angry and divisive politics."

"Why are we not focused on solving the problems and getting to work?" Hogan asked. "Instead of who's tweeting what [and] who's calling whom names."

Hogan pressed that many officials are working to fight violence with 500 additional police officers sent to Baltimore, around 2,000 arrests, stricter sentencing for repeat offenders, tearing down 4,000 buildings through Project C.O.R.E and investing $5 billion into the city.

"We're doing a lot of things, but we sure could use some help from the White House and from the Congress," Hogan said.


Senate Majo-rat-y Leader Mitch McConnell


From the NYT late 19th c.

BLOOMBERG OP: Trump's Racism Infests the Republican Party - As his latest foray into bigotry shows

Trump’s Racism Infests the Republican Party
As his latest foray into bigotry shows, the president is feeling empowered by the lack of opposition from within the GOP.

By Timothy L. O'Brien
July 29, 2019, 4:00 AM PDT

Earlier this year, Mark Meadows thanked his friend Elijah Cummings for defending him against accusations of racism. President Trump spent the weekend attacking Cummings — and slagging him as a racist — and Meadows is nowhere to be found.


One person who has yet to speak out on Cummings’s behalf is his good friend, Meadows. The congressman from North Carolina, like his entire political party, has remained silent while Trump – an inveterate racist– has spent yet another weekend targeting a high-profile Democrat of color in heinous, prejudiced ways. In that context, Meadows is a proxy for the lack of political courage and moral clarity in Trump’s Republican Party.


Finally, and most troubling of all, the White House has concluded that Trump’s racist tweets and attacks on politicians of color may be an asset in the 2020 presidential campaign because it will resonate strongly “among his political base,” according to the Washington Post.

All of this explains why Trump sprang into action over the weekend. But it’s worth recognizing too just how comfortable the president has become with random bigotry, and with openly deploying a racism that has come naturally to him for quite some time. He might have checked himself if his party was more resolute, but he clearly understands that Meadows and the rest are there to empower him.


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