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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 70,114

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A metaphor for America

A metaphor for America.

A 65-year-old Maine man who outfitted his home with a device designed to fire a handgun at anyone opening the front door unintentionally shot and killed himself on Thanksgiving night.



AP-Helpful Graphic of Trump's "do us a favor call"

Worth a good read.

Did you know that OMB officially withheld Ukraine's military aid just hours after Trump's "do us a favor call?"

Now you do.


Only trust the people that WON'T speak under oath?

Heaven: Entrance Requirement

The White House released this completely unedited photo of today's turkey.


A solid reconstruction of this day on Twitter so far...


INTERESTING: 70M+ viewers watched some portion of impeachment hearings (most watched network-FOX)

More than 70 million viewers watched some portion of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump, according to Nielsen data.

The hearings on whether Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine unless its government agreed to announce an investigation into his political opponents also pumped up viewing of the cable news channels. Both Fox News Channel and MSNBC saw significant year-over-year increases in audience levels for November. MSNBC’s daytime viewing levels for November were the highest in its 23-year history.


Rob Reiner re Booing Flotus: "when you're married to a criminal who's destroying Democracy..."

Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a First Lady being booed. But when you’re married to a Criminal who’s destroying Democracy, it comes with the territory.


Walmart offers Thanksgiving workers measly discount in place of holiday pay

Staff at retail giant not entitled to time-and-a-half holiday pay
Walton family that owns Walmart worth more than $190bn


Enough with the talking points.

I am thinking we should keep this handy:

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