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What do you think of this?


No fines for Rams players' salute

Source: ESPN

The five Rams players who entered the field before Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders in St. Louis with their hands in the air in "don't shoot" poses will not be fined for their actions, NFL and team sources tell ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

AP Photo/L.G. Patterson
The Rams players who raised their arms during pregame introductions as a salute to nearby Ferguson, Missouri, will not be fined by the league.

The players had used the team's pregame introductions to offer a show of support for nearby Ferguson. As the Rams' offense was introduced, tight end Jared Cook and receivers Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and Tavon Austin stopped near the tunnel and raised their hands in a nod to the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. Some witnesses said Brown had his hands up before being shot. Wilson, who is white, testified to the grand jury that Brown had hit him and reached for his gun.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association called for the players involved to be disciplined and for the Rams and the NFL to deliver a "very public apology," its statement read in part.

"I know that there are those that will say that these players are simply exercising their First Amendment rights," SLPOA business manager Jeff Roorda said in the statement. "Well, I've got news for people who think that way: Cops have First Amendment rights too, and we plan to exercise ours. I'd remind the NFL and their players that it is not the violent thugs burning down buildings that buy their advertiser's products. It's cops and the good people of St. Louis and other NFL towns that do. Somebody needs to throw a flag on this play. If it's not the NFL and the Rams, then it'll be cops and their supporters."

Read more: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11963218/the-five-st-louis-rams-players-saluted-slain-teenager-michael-brown-sunday-game-not-fined

I just sent this reminder to Morning Joe

to msnbctvinfo

re: thugs

Hey Joe,
you need to read up on your American History, please

"It doesn’t seem fair that police can commit brutal acts against innocent people & get away with it"

Colbert King:

We are in a bad place. My 20-year-old grandson, Will, the most gentle and respectful young man you would ever want to meet, posted this on his Facebook page:

“Regarding the recent events in Ferguson: I’ve always wanted to believe my country was free. But today’s grand jury decision tells me this cannot be the case. No country that refuses to hold the police, those so-called ‘defenders of the law,’ accountable for its unjust brutality — and yes, it is often very brutal — can be free. When the grand jury declined to charge Darren Wilson for his actions, what kind of a message does that send? . . . It doesn’t seem fair that police can commit brutal acts against innocent people and get away with it.”

It’s not, Will. Not today. Not in your great-grandmother’s day when that Mississippi grand jury let that white farmer get away with murder. Not ever.


Why Doesn’t Ferguson Happen Abroad?

We shouldn't talk about Ferguson without talking about guns (sorry DU administrators)
via: http://dish.andrewsullivan.com/2014/12/01/why-doesnt-ferguson-happen-abroad/

GOP strategy revealed

1. Let's legislate--seal the border and deport everyone! Wait a minute, I thought we were not supposed to say that out loud.

2. OK, let's shut down the govt! Wait a minute, the public will blame us.

3. All right, then let's shut part of the govt! Wait a minute, that won't work.

4. OK, now it's clear. Let's do nothing and just complain! All riiiiiiiiight!

Mr. Fish Asked A Very Important Question


$$$ loses to the Bird

NEW YORK (AP) — Black Friday fatigue is setting in.

Early discounting, more online shopping and a mixed economy meant fewer people shopped over Thanksgiving weekend, the National Retail Federation said Sunday.

Overall, 133.7 million people shopped in stores and online over the four-day weekend, down 5.2 percent from last year, according to a survey of 4,631 people conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics for the trade group.

Total spending for the weekend is expected to fall 11 percent to $50.9 billion from an estimated $57.4 billion last year, the trade group estimated.

the rest:

Janay Rice: Baltimore Ravens Told Me To Apologize For Elevator Assault

In an interview with NBC News' Matt Lauer, Rice explained that she thought participating in the press conference would boost both the couple's image in the media and her husband's career.

"The Ravens basically gave us a general script" and suggested that she issue an apology, Rice told Lauer.

"I was basically — not doing what I was told but at the same time I didn't think it was completely wrong for me to apologize," she added. "Because at the end of the day, I got arrested too."

But Rice said she also understood why the apology didn't sit well with the public.


"I understand why he has to do this - to prove he's a man," Merkel said. "He's afraid of his own wea

"I understand why he has to do this — to prove he's a man," Merkel said. "He's afraid of his own weakness. Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they have is this."

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