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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,627

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Reid: Boehner Stalling Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Until He’s Re-Elected As Speaker

Source: Talking Points Memo

Reid: Boehner Stalling Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Until He’s Re-Elected As Speaker


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on Thursday accused House Speaker John Boehner of dragging his feet on fiscal cliff negotiations until he's won another term as Speaker of the House.

"John Boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than about keeping the nation on firm financial footing," Reid said during a fiery address from the Senate floor. "It's obvious, Mr. President, what's going on around here. He's waiting until Jan. 3 to get re-elected as speaker before he gets serious with negotiations because he has so many people over there that won't follow what he wants. That's obvious from the debacle that took place last week. And it was a debacle."

Reid was referring to Boehner's decision last week to call off a vote on his so-called "Plan B" in what was an embarrassing admission by the House Speaker that his proposal lacked sufficient support.

Read more: http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/reid-boehner-stalling-vote-on-fiscal-cliff-deal?ref=fpblg


NRA pockets GOP

WINGNUT Weapon Advice: "A constant concern with pleasing women eventually turns a man into a woman."

Yes, a conservative columnist actually said that.

some snippets:

My Plan for Eliminating School Shootings
by: Mike Adams

............instead of having a college degree and teacher certification, I believe that states should make teachers have a college degree and a concealed weapons permit. This will pay off in three distinct ways if states also change their laws to allow those with permits to carry on campus.


2. More male teachers (and fewer metrosexual students). Some have suggested that most female teachers would not feel comfortable around guns. So they might be deterred from teaching if they have to go through weapons certification, which requires firing a weapon. This is not a problem as far as I am concerned.

For far too long, men have been grossly underrepresented in the teaching profession. This has had a profound impact on young men. From kindergarten to high school graduation, they are too often in the position of trying to please a female authority figure. This lack of balance affects their relationships with both women and men. A constant concern with pleasing women eventually turns a man into a woman. That is why we have so many young adult metrosexual males talking about their feelings.

Simply put, having gun toting male role models in the classroom will be good. Having your student taught by Ted Nugent just might keep him from becoming Ted Baxter.



FYI: We All Died on December 21

LYING Sen. Graham: Xmas Shoppers In My Hood Begging "Please don't let government take my guns away"

"I don't know if there's anything Lindsey Graham can do in the Senate to stop mass murder from somebody that's hell bent on doing crazy things," the South Carolina Republican said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"We can talk all day long, we had an armed guard in Columbine, we had an assault ban, neither one of them worked," he said. "We're talking about preventing mass murder by nontraditional criminals, people who are not traditionally criminals, who are not wired right for some reason," he said. Still, Graham would support more security in schools.

But he wouldn't back a new assault weapon ban or similar legislation.

"People where I live - I've been Christmas shopping all weekend - have come up to me, 'please don't let the government take my guns away," he said. "And i'm going to stand against another assault ban because it didn't work before and it won't work in the future."


Ralph Reed & An Iguana: "The whole thing was white, and broken, that much was clear."

Evangelical operative Ralph Reed with an iguana.
(Photo: Joe Hagan)

The whole thing was white, and broken, that much was clear. A week after the presidential election, when the dreams of Republicans were dashed with President Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney, we were snorkeling in the blue waters of the Caribbean. In the distance was a shipwreck. “You could make out the pieces of it,” said Ralph Reed, the right-wing political operator who had bolstered the Evangelical Christian vote for Romney. “It was deep and murky.”


Shorter Crapo...

Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo Apologizes After DUI Arrest

I'm sorry I'm a lying hypocrite, but, really, aren't all politicians? By the way, I hate government, so be sure to vote for me.


Merry Everything & Happy Always.

KOCH Says NO To Sandy Relief: -Victims Need To "suck it up and be responsible"

Billionaire David Koch’s prime political organization, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), having failed in its$125 million quest to oust President Barack Obama, is now aiming at a slightly less sophisticated political target: victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Earlier this week, AFP, which is chaired by Koch and believed to be financed by several other plutocrats from the New York City region, released a letter warning members of Congress not to vote for the proposed federal aid package for victims of the storm that swept New Jersey, New York City and much of the surrounding area in October. An announcement on the group’s website says that the vote next week for the Sandy aid package will be a “key vote”—meaning senators who support sending money for reconstruction could face an avalanche of attack ads in their next election. Already, opposition to the bill is growing, although it passed one procedural hurdle last [Friday] night. [...]


Koch’s top deputy in New Jersey, a surly gentleman named Steve Lonegan, who heads the local AFP state chapter, called the aid package a “disgrace.” “This is not a federal government responsibility,” Lonegan told reporters. “We need to suck it up and be responsible for taking care of ourselves.”


Up Yours - NRA!

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