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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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TRUMP re: N Korea Leader Kim: 'not many 27-year-old men could go in and take over a regime'



Oh & there is THIS:

"There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea.
Absolutely," Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview ahead of his 100th day in office on Saturday.


One president, 100 days, nearly 1,000 tweets


Don't yawn at Trump's 1st 100 days. Lies & corruption on a massive scale have set USA back for years

I had a man
Tell me things
Made me feel
Just like a queen
And I thought
He was the one
I would hold
Oh yes I did
But one day
I looked around
That old man
Was nowhere to be found
100 days for this heart to unfold


3. The most dangerous president ever. Everyday citizens have taken heart -- and they should -- over the way that a hastily organized Resistance to Trump's policy has not only arisen so quickly but has used the remaining trappings of American democracy, such as the courts and lobbying wavering members of Congress, to stop the worst of it so far. The Muslim ban. The repeal of Obamacare. The war on our sanctuary cities.

There's just one problem. The Resistance has little ability -- none, really -- to thwart the most awsome power we've given to American presidents in the national security state that arose after World War II, which is the power to make war and peace. But mostly war. Trump is desperate for what he calls "wins." He hasn't learned very much these 98 days -- learning's not really his thing, if you know what I mean -- but his reckless and impulsive strike on Syria, his dropping of the Pretty Big One on Afghanistan, and now his brinksmanship with Pyongyang have shown him that large explosions can bring him instant adulation with the push of a button, just like the one he hits to get a fresh glass of Coke.

Think back through the history of authoritarian, strongman-type leaders -- and how many of them waged major wars. It's kind of what they do, in the end. The only way for a ruler like Trump to sustain the kind of nationalistic fervor that keeps him on top is by creating enemies -- and there comes a day when "Crooked Hillary" or the "dishonest" news media just isn't big enough. That is the day that I dread. The day when it won't matter so much whether moderate Republican House members support him on health care.

This is what we've learned in 100 days and 100 nights -- that one con man can so quickly break the heart of the American Experiment and crush the faith that it's taken 241 up-and-down years to build up. How many years with it take to build back the trust in our elections, our institutions, and the notion that we are a functioning democracy? Two years? Five? Ten? And here's the part that's even scarier. We're just talking now about the damage that a Trump presidency has caused in 100 days. Baring impeachment or the nuclear armageddon, there's a mind-boggling 1,361 days to go.


Babies and children are listed in Homeland Security's immigrant database of alleged criminals

The Trump administration’s online database of immigrants in detention was supposed to help the public search for potential criminals. But when it launched Wednesday, an immigration attorney noticed something unusual: babies.

Turns out, the system mistakenly included children in immigration custody, some as young as a few months.

A 3-year-old boy from El Salvador detained in Texas and a 4-year-old Guatemalan girl in Phoenix were among scores of children listed in the public system.

The database also included unaccompanied minors — children who came to the United States without their parents — who are currently held in group homes.


Oh the irony:


Suspected Nazi enthusiast & Fake Terror Expert - Sebastian Gorka's degree probably fake

Via Andrew Reynold's website at UNC:

Gorka is Hungarian-English. He gained an American passport in 2012. His nationalist parents fled to London from Budapest in 1956. His dissertation – Content and End-State-based Alteration in the Practice of Political Violence since the End of the Cold War: the difference between the terrorism of the Cold War and the terrorism of al Qaeda: the rise of the “transcendental terrorist” was apparently granted in 2007 by Corvinus University of Budapest. The tract is long on Islamaphobia and the unsubstantiated claims of the polemicist but short on theory, evidence or academic rigor. Corvinus is not an institution with a profile, so I looked: sadly it doesn’t even make the top 1,000 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Even Gorka’s attendance poses a mystery. When exactly was he a graduate student at the university? Did he take classes? Did he receive any training in Islam or Islamic studies? His CV notes that he left Hungary in 2004 to work for the US Defense Department in Germany and then in 2008 relocated to the US. There is no evidence that he ever returned to live and study in Budapest.

The dissertation is online and includes the ‘evaluations’ of three referees who each presented a page of generalized comments – completely at odds with the detailed substantive and methodological evaluations that I’ve seen at every Ph.D defence I’ve been on over the last twenty years.

Two of the three referees did not even have a Ph.D. One was the US Defense Attaché at the American Embassy in Budapest at the time, while the other was employed at the UK’s Defence Academy and just had a BA from Manchester University awarded in 1969. This ‘neutral’ examiner had published a book in Hungary with Gorka three years previously. While graduate students sometimes collaborate with their advisors the independent external examiners must have no nepotistic ties with the candidate. More important, a basic principle of assessing educational achievement is that your examiners have at least the degree level of the degree they are awarding. Undergraduates do not award Ph.Ds. In Gorka’s case the only examiner who lists a doctorate was György Schöpflin – an extreme right wing Hungarian Member of the European Parliament who recently advocated putting pigs heads on a fence on the Hungarian border to keep out Muslims. I have been told that Schöpflin was a family friend. Both Schöpflin and Gorka’s father fled from Budapest to London in the 1950s and both moved in exile right-wing nationalist circles.

If that is true, we are left in sum with a degree that was awarded in absence – on the basis of a dissertation without basic political science methodological underpinnings – and apparently from an examining committee of two of Gorka’s diplomat friends, with only BA degrees; along with an old family friend, Schöpflin.

In sum, Gorka’s Ph.D is about as legitimate as if he had been awarded it by Trump University. Facts matter, but so does the gathering, synthesizing and creation of knowledge that is what we call ‘education.’ If you fake a Ph.D you are faking your credentials. He delivers provable untruths to the American public but is believed by many because he presents himself as an esteemed scholar of Islam. Gorka would never have got away with such hutzpah in the UK. Experience and scholarship work in harness to produce answers to questions. When you have neither experience nor training you are likely to not merely get the answers wrong, but not even have an inkling of which questions to ask.


Are there even going to be history books?

This is going to look weird as fuck in history books


PROOF - They Really DON'T Care About Their Citizen's Health


Why I cancelled my nytimes subscription.


"Message In A Bottle"

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