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WTF? Where is Kelly?


!POTUS aide who ended funding to stop White Supremacy Violence is Katherine Gorka, Sebastian's wife!

Wow. @POTUS aide who ended funding to stop White Supremacy Violence is Katherine Gorka, Sebastian's wife.

Controversial Trump Aide Katharine Gorka Helped End Funding For Group That Fights White Supremacy
Life After Hate works to de-radicalize neo-Nazis. The Trump administration decided it wasn’t a priority.

WASHINGTON ― Weeks before a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, led to three deaths and 19 injuries, the Trump administration revoked a grant to Life After Hate, a group that works to de-radicalize neo-Nazis.

The Department of Homeland Security had awarded the group $400,000 as part of its Countering Violent Extremism program in January, just days before former President Barack Obama left office. It was the only group selected for a grant that focused exclusively on fighting white supremacy. But the grant money was not immediately disbursed.

Trump aides, including Katharine Gorka, a controversial national security analyst known for her anti-Muslim rhetoric, were already working toward eliminating Life After Hate’s grant and to direct all funding toward fighting what the president has described as “radical Islamic terrorism.”

In December, Gorka, then a member of Trump’s transition team, met with George Selim, the DHS official who headed the Countering Violent Extremism program until he resigned last month, and his then-deputy, David Gersten.

Gorka told Selim and Gersten she didn’t agree with the Obama administration’s approach to countering violent extremism ― particularly the way the administration had described the threat of extremism, according to Nate Snyder, an Obama administration DHS counterterrorism official who was an adviser on Countering Violent Extremism efforts and was given a readout of the meeting. The Trump administration has repeatedly criticized the previous administration for avoiding terms like “radical Islam” out of concern that it could alienate Muslims in the U.S. and abroad.


Update to add THIS for context:

"You had to sneak in throught the back of Trump Tower Tonight"


For Trump, this moment of intense national introspection is only all about him



Seems like a perfect bumper sticker for 2020


Luckovich: Trump Condemns His "Nazi" Co-workers



Liberal Redneck - Virginia is for Lovers, not Nazis

Paul Manafort Sought $850 Million Deal With Putin Ally and Alleged Gangster

Trump’s one-time campaign chair has a history of unorthodox real estate deals. But this may have been the wildest of all.

08.14.17 8:00 PM ET

Paul Manafort partnered on an $850 million New York real estate deal with an ally of Vladimir Putin and a Ukrainian moneyman whom the Justice Department recently described as an “organized crime member.”

That’s according a 2008 memo written by Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner and fellow alumnus of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In it, Gates enthused about finalizing with the financing necessary to acquire New York’s louche Drake Hotel.

Two former federal prosecutors told The Daily Beast that the hotel deal was likely to be an item of focus for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into ties between Trump associates and the Kremlin.

Some White House officials, who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity, are also wary. They feel Manafort may have made President Trump more legally vulnerable through his decades of business deals with foreign governments and shady Eastern European power brokers. Those deals, these White House aides suspect, led federal investigators down a money trail that threatens to plunge the Trump White House further into legal jeopardy.


BREAKING - Protesters in Durham topple confederate monument downtown

A group of protesters in Durham, N.C. pulled down a Confederate statue outside a government building on Monday evening.

The statue, called the Confederate Soldiers Monument, was dedicated to the city in 1924 and stands outside a government building that houses offices such as the county manager and the county attorney. It depicts a soldier along with the words “In memory of the boys who wore the gray,” in reference to the color of the Confederate forces during the Civil War. The monument also features a seal engraved with “The Confederate States of America.”

The action took place just two days after violence erupted in Charlottesville, Va. when protesters clashed with white nationalists rallying against the removal of another Confederate statue.

The group in Durham gathered outside the old Durham County courthouse, according to local CBS-affiliate WNCN. A woman used a ladder to climb up the statue around 7 p.m. and tied a rope to it. Others then pulled the rope, toppling the statue to the ground.





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