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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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PELOSI re: AHCA: "If they vote on it, they put doo-doo on their shoe & tattoo it on their forehead."

Pelosi said that a vote on the bill would likely stain Republicans' reputations going forward.

"So if they vote on it — just bringing it up is not good — if they vote on it, the minute they cast that vote they put doo-doo on their shoe. A tattoo on their forehead," Pelosi said. "And they have to explain it to their children, at some point they have to explain to their children what they did to make America sick again."

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the original version of the AHCA would leave 24 million more people without insurance over the next 10 years than the current projection. Independent health policy analysts have said new amendments to the bill could drive up costs for Americans with preexisting conditions.

"And then, say they pass it," Pelosi said. "Even worse, they really have to be accountable for it. And it's largely unpassable in the Senate, so they walk the plank for nothing. Thank you, Mr. President."


Ryan doesn't want to "pre-judge" whether Flynn did anything wrong. Here's what he said re: Hillary..


First 100 days suggest our democracy is more likely to die in dumbness than in darkness.

............. When voters choose ill-informed grudges and diffuse resentment over the public good, a republic becomes unsustainable. The temperance and prudent reasoning required of representative government gets pushed aside in favor of whatever ignorant idea has seized the public at that moment. The Washington Post recently changed its motto to “democracy dies in darkness,” a phrase that is not only pretentious but inaccurate. More likely, American democracy will die in dumbness.

Those of us who criticized Trump voters for their angry populism were often told during and after the election not to condescend to our fellow citizens, and to respect their choices. This is fair. In a democracy, every vote counts equally and the president won an impressive and legitimate electoral victory.

Even so, the unwillingness of so many of his supporters to hold him to even a minimal standard of accountability means that a certain amount of condescension from the rest of us is unavoidable.

In every election, we must respect the value of each vote. We are never required, however, to assume that each vote was cast with equal probity or intelligence.


Cummings says the White House is covering up for Michael Flynn

Cummings says the White House is
“covering up for Michael Flynn … it makes the American people think the White House has something to hide”
"There's a paper trail that (the WH) doesn't want us to follow. But we'll find it..& we'll follow it"





New docs show Pentagon warned Gen. Flynn in 2014 not to take foreign payments. He did it anyway.

The Defense Department inspector general has opened an investigation into retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and whether he sought approval from Pentagon officials before receiving payments from foreign governments, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said today.

The top Democrat on the House Oversight released three new documents on Flynn, included an April 11 letter from the I.G. confirming the investigation.

Another document, an unredacted version of the letter members viewed in a classified setting from the Defense Intelligence Agency, indicates that the DIA "did not locate any records" relating to Flynn’s receiving foreign payments, or any records that he sought permission to do so.

A third document - a letter from the DIA to Flynn in October 2014 - indicates that Flynn was warned by the DIA counsel's office against receiving payments from foreign government without congressional approval.

“These documents raise grave questions about why General Flynn concealed the payments he received from foreign sources after he was warned explicitly by the Pentagon,” Ranking Member Cummings in a statement said. “Our next step is to get the documents we are seeking from the White House so we can complete our investigation. I thank the Department of Defense for providing us with unclassified versions of these documents.”





Trumps been meeting with *Matt Drudge* in the Oval Office.


Yeah, sure, mr. trump...


FOX Poll-Most Say They Wouldnt Vote for Trump (36% would vote to re-elect-55% would vote NOT TRUMP)

A new Fox News poll finds that just 36% of voters say they would vote to re-elect President Trump if the 2020 election were today, compared to 55% who would vote for someone else.

In contrast, 52% said they’d vote to re-elect Barack Obama eight years ago, while just 31% said they’d vote for someone else.


Heineken Just Put Out The Antidote to That Pepsi Kendall Jenner Ad

Heineken Just Put Out The Antidote to That Pepsi Kendall Jenner Ad
Two strangers with polar opposite views meet in this Heineken ad, which gets political in a way that Pepsi would do well to consider next time.

Carl Bernstein on Trump-Russia investigation: 'Oh my god, there's a cover-up going on"

Famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein says that the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn could end up revealing a “cover-up” of alleged connections between President Donald Trump's team and Russia.

“There, he is central to what the FBI believes is a cover-up going on among people close to the president of the United States about what happened with the Trump campaign and Russia,” Mr Bernstein, who is now a CNN commentator, said. "The FBI, the congressional investigators are trying to learn what happened. And Flynn is almost like the ball of yarn that begins to unspool and is key to understanding it."

Mr Bernstein said that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, now that he is leading the Justice Department's probe into Russia's role alleged in the election, will eventually see that there is a cover-up as well.

"He is going to see, ‘Oh my god, there’s a cover-up going on,’" Bernstein said.

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