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American God

Of all children aged 0 to 14 killed by guns in developed countries 87% Are US children.


Cartoon: Animal Nuz - F the NRA Edition



I had to put my bullshit waders on this morning!

A POWERFUL diary from a Daily Kos Vet:

I had to put my bullshit waders on this morning!
By airwing24
Saturday Dec 05, 2015 6:35 AM PST

I had to put on my new bullshit waders before opening Facebook this morning, and good thing! The crap that came spewing out at me about what happened 45 minutes from my doorstep in San Bernadino was just a river of fear, innuendo, and just outright misconception. And then there is the outright lies they actually believe because Fox Spews, the NRA, and other pundits have repeated them so many times they have been sucked down in the manure and luxuriate in it! I am a Nam vet, two tours, I own a dirty Harry style magnum Smith and Wesson, I own a coach side by side 12 gauge, I own a long rifle, a target pistol, and so forth. No one, I repeat, no one wants any of them and they were all registered and purchased legally. I do not need an assault rifle added to my arsenal to protect myself, or thirty rounds jammed in my weapon. I can fill out a comprehensive background check, all they will find is a former Sgt. U.S.M.C., with a final secret clearance under his belt, no wants, no warrants, not even a traffic ticket. I am not living in fear that my government is secretly at war with me and that I am going to have to fight them off at any moment. I really am not under any misguided misconception that my guns will do me any good if my government did come after me. It would be like bringing a damn slingshot to a guided missile dual. Get over it, and the next time you want to call me names, show up on my doorstep to do it, I will show you what a pissed of rainbow liberal looks like just before the pain begins to register! Oh, and one last thing, all this misplaced rhetoric about your President, your distrust of government, your guns, and your readiness to wage war is exactly what ISIS and others want, so way to support terrorism guys!


"Cheaper Than Dirt"



"The Poorest Deserve The Best"


Trump Mocked Disabled People, So Disabled People Mock Trump

In spite of the fact that thereís plenty about Trumpís physical appearance that they could have made fun of, they didnít. (Not even one word about Trumpís infamous hair.)

Rather than making fun of his physical characteristics, these guys kept it classy.

The mockery revolves entirely around Trumpís horrible personality, his lack of morals, his outrageous ego ó not to mention his awful record when it comes to politics, finance and business management. And itís great.


Luckovich Addresses Climate Change

Arguing with A Conservative is Like Playing Chess With A Pigeon


To Those Who Say ďA Pox on Both Your Houses,Ē I Say ďA Pox on YouĒ


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