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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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20 year old boys raising middle fingers & yelling "fuck Mexico" when Trump talks about wall

20 something year old boys raising their middle fingers and yelling "fuck Mexico"
when Trump talks about the wall.


Stephen King: "Lo we have many assholes"

"Lo, we have many assholes running for President.
Let us consider, and pick the biggest.
And so it was done."


32 years ago, you were in the early stages of becoming a hack. Congratulations, you succeeded


I don't like this cosplay anymore. I wanna go home!" America said, confused and afraid.

Also at Trump's rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania tonight: This girl:


Translation: "Ultimately, it comes down to..."


Great listicle via NBC': 19 things Trump said last night in Connecticut


BOMBSHELL: Interview Surfaces Of Trump Blaming BUSH For ISIS, Not Obama

This is from an interview: Donald Trump Speaks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the Current situation in Iraq aired Mar 19, 2007


Unfortunately for Trump, his record shows that he once said the exact opposite. In a 2007 CNN interview, Trump said “The war is a total disaster…there’s only one person who you can blame, and that’s our current President [George W. Bush]. Obviously Rumsfeld was a disaster, and other people that are giving him advice are a disaster.” Trump’s record on the Iraq War is about as fluid as you can get – in 2002, he was for the war; in 2007 he was against it. In 2008 he was for withdrawing our troops, and in 2016 he was against it. It’s just more evidence that Donald Trump has no concrete convictions or beliefs; that he will simply say whatever pops into his head, and everything that came before it no longer exists.


As if truth means anything to republicans.

President Obama Responds to 8 Year Old's Letter Telling Him 'This Country Needs More Spunk'




As I'm walking down the street, this guy asks if I'm going to blow something up

She's an American Olympic athlete!

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