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What worries me most.....

GOP shatters its turnout record; Democrats lag behind

AlGiordano @AlGiordano
Why Democratic turnout is underperforming GOP turnout may be the most important question to answer today.

AlGiordano @AlGiordano
The roughly 250,000 voters in NH Democratic primary underperformed from the 280,000 in 2008 even with the influx of Ron Paul Independents.

AlGiordano @AlGiordano
GOP turnout in NH however increased from 2008’s 234,000 to about 290,000 even with the exodus of libertarians. Who are these new voters?

AlGiordano @AlGiordano
Lower turnout is even more of an alarm button for Democrats considering that we’re only talking about white voters so far in Iowa and NH.

AlGiordano @AlGiordano
The numbers show that even among white Democrats a significant part of “base” feels neither inspired by Sanders nor Clinton.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Says He'll Vote For Bernie Sanders (confirmed)

Just now on Democracy Now, he said that he’d vote for Bernie Sanders. Once I get the transcript, I’ll give his full answer to you. This is kind of pretty big news, given that Ta-Nehisi Coates had criticized Bernie Sanders on the issue of reparations.



Luckovich’s cartoon today highlights a few historic quotes.


Bye Bye Jeb: A lonely Bush escapes hotel where John Kasich's victory party was rocking tonight


When you've lost John Yoo on waterboarding...

John Yoo, attorney and law professor who served in President George W. Bush’s Justice Department joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss recent comments made about waterboarding, agreeing with Ted Cruz and disagreeing with Donald Trump. Yoo weighed in on Trump’s stance, saying the point of waterboarding is not for punishment, but to get people talking to prevent future attacks. Yoo also talked about his new book Liberty’s Nemesis: The Unchecked Expansion of the State and how government is growing at an alarming rate


600-pound pig escapes from NH farm, tries to go vote

Call it the “Pelham primary pig.”

A 600-pound sow sauntered toward a polling place in the town of Pelham, N.H., Tuesday morning as voters turned out to cast their ballots in the New Hampshire primary.

“There was a hub-bub outside, and when I looked, there was this huge pig walking around in the parking lot,” said Matthew Reiter, 50, who was working a construction job at the high school where voting was taking place. “It caused a bit of a stir.”

At first, Reiter said, he thought the pig’s presence was part of a gag, given the escapades that have led up to the primaries. Or maybe, he thought, its owner was inside, exercising his or her constitutional right to vote



"Are You Sure I'm In The Right Place?!"

Trump's son, Donald Jr., lamented on Monday that his opinion is "discredited" as a billionaire's son

Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., lamented on Monday that his opinion is "discredited" as a billionaire's son.

"Now, listen, in this country I’m the son of a billionaire, I can’t even have an opinion anymore," he said on Breitbart News Daily, according to audio published by Buzzfeed News. "I could be Albert Einstein and they would discredit me as a horrible scientist. It doesn’t matter."

Donald Trump Jr. explained how his father raised his children to be normal.

"He made us understand the value of a dollar," he said. "He made us work and it wasn’t like you start off and you’re, all of a sudden you’re the CEO of the organization."

"You know, we weren’t trust fund babies. We were very fortunate. We experienced great things, but we were spoiled the right way. We were spoiled with great education, great experiences, we weren’t spoiled with cash. You know, like I said, I’m the only son of a billionaire who can drive a D10 just because those were the jobs that I had growing up," he continued.


Can you imagine if Hillary called Trump a "limp dick"? Can you imagine?

and no, not all of us have our minds in the gutter like Trump & his minions

"We were all just having fun. It was a great moment," Trump said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

He said the comment earned him a massive standing ovation, "close to 5,000 people."

"I got a standing ovation, the place went wild. Somebody said mixed cheers. Let me tell you the place went wild," Trump said.

He added that he was "doing everybody a favor" by repeating the woman who called Cruz a "pussy" because "people couldn't hear it

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