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The Ryan graphic used in that NYT article is funny. I hope it bothers him.

That Mr. Ryan failed on the policy promise that Republicans have been running on for eight years makes it clear that if he is the policy wonk of the Republican Party, then the Republican Party has no policy. And with a health care plan that would have stripped 24 million Americans of basic care and drastically hiked premiums for people over 60, it seems that they donít much care what Americans need or want.


The ballad of the bard who threw poo.

The Bardís Fail
Posted on March 27th, 2017 by Adam-Troy Castro

Once upon a time, there was a bard.

He lived in a time when bards were a little out of style as a form of entertainment, as there were others more popular that got more attention, but there were still plenty of bards around, singing their songs for spare coins.

Still, this bard thought he needed a little something to make him stand out from the pack,.

His songs were middling, his voice okay, his lute playing competent, he was pretty good really, but he still wanted to be the most famous of all the bards.

It burned in his breast, that other bards were getting attention that should have been his.

So one day, sitting on a chamber pot, he grew sufficiently annoyed at some rodent scurrying around the corners of the room to grab up a nice fistful of his own poo and throw it at the beast. This was a rather stupid thing to do as it didnít get rid of the rodent and didnít make his own circumstances any better and in fact got his hand dirty and made him look like an idiot, but as it happens this act was witnessed and it attracted the attention of some of the fouler residents of the castle, who started talking among themselves and cheering the bard who throws poo.

Delighted, our bard said to himself, ďThatís the way to build a following!Ē, and for a time started throwing poo on a daily basis, each time to the cheers of that percentage of the plebeian public who thought this was great. He even formed an alliance with other bards who flung poo, and between them they harassed all the bards who didnít throw poo, even getting some of them to throw poo back.

For a time, the musical culture in the kingdom was an exercise in poo being volleyed back and forth.

But as it happened, this craze died down after a while. There was poo all over the castle walls and the bards who flung poo didnít emerge as much more popular than they would have been if theyíd never flung poo, with the added impediment that there was no longer any chance of them getting any of the listeners who thought throwing poo was a terrible way to behave. They found themselves known not for making music, not for helping the hours pass, not for brightening the kingdomís days with song, but for the throwing of poo, and nothing else.

And the bard we speak of, the one who helped originate it all, found himself in a hell of his own making: the only way he could keep the audience he had built was to regularly throw some poo.

This, it turns out, is the real risk for bards of building a reputation on throwing poo. From now on, every time you take out your lute, your audience is really just waiting for the poo. You are not only expected to throw poo. You are required to throw poo.

And soon, your music is just a footnote from you throwing poo.

This, my friends, is about a specific person.


We're not your customers, we're your boss.


This Trump tweet hasn't aged very well.


If Trump Care Had Passed...

Kushner and Trump: Taped At Secret Trump Tower Meetings With Russians?

I believe that Jared Kushner is on tape talking to a Russian spy. Worse, I believe that as part of entirely legal and admissible FISA evidence, Donald Trump is also on tape talking to a Russian spy about money laundering.

Here is my reasoning. First,the facts. I reported that two Russian banks, SVB Bank and Alfa Bank, were the subjects, the named targets, of the FISA warrant looking at Russian money being laundered into the Trump campaign. This was a world exclusive on November 7th.

Permission was granted for the FBI to look at intercepts that involved US persons as they related to this campaign / money laundering.

Boris Epshteyn was named in an earlier version of this case to the court, and the warrant was then denied. But it is not a different case; rather, minimization was applied by the FBI before the warrant was granted.

Those are the facts of the matter on the warrant. It is also factually true that Jeff Sessions met with Kislyak, a spy recruiter, and perjured himself over it. It is further factually true that Jared Kushner snuck Kislyak into Trump Tower. Lastly, it is factually true that Jared Kushner met Gorkov, an FSB spy, at the request of Kislyak,


Laughable... Ex-Phoenix sheriff Arpaio wants his campaign talk banned at trial


Ex-Phoenix sheriff Arpaio wants his campaign talk banned at trial

PHOENIX ó For nine years, Joe Arpaio enjoyed solid popularity as the sheriff of metro Phoenix by locking up immigrants in the U.S. illegally and regularly telling news reporters that no one would stop his crackdowns.

The former lawman who made his fight against illegal immigration a fixture of his speeches and media interviews during his last three campaigns asked a judge on Friday to prohibit prosecutors from mentioning those statements at his April 25 trial on a criminal contempt-of-court charge.

Arpaio, who was defeated last November after 24 years as sheriff for sprawling Maricopa County that encompasses Phoenix, faces the misdemeanor charge for disobeying a court order to halt his immigration patrols, which continued for 17 months after a judge issued the order.


They're reaching:

WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany: Obama rushed off to golf after Daniel Pearl was beheaded.

Pearl was killed in 2002. Obama was a state senator.


Important to note:
Daniel Pearl was beheaded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of 9/11.
If you know anything, you don't make this error.

Sally Yates had revelations for House Intel about when she told WH Flynn lied -Nunes nixed hearing.

Trump admin sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia



Giuliani & Mukasey flew to Turkey for Erdogan meeting last month as Iran-related case pends in SDNY

Giuliani and Mukasey flew to Turkey for Erdogan meeting last month as Iran-related case pends in SDNY
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