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Crack a Smile


What Beyoncé Just Announced She Is Doing For The Children Of Flint Is Absolutely Magnificent

A statement put out announcing her tour says:

“True to her life’s work of always giving back, fans will be given the opportunity to participate in Beyoncé’s #BeyGOOD initiative supporting local United Way programs and the continued work surrounding the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. United Way of Genesee County has been at the forefront of distributing thousands of filtration pitchers, faucet mount filters, replacement cartridges and truckloads of water to underserved populations to address immediate needs in Flint Michigan. They are also partnering with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint to create a fund that will address long-term developmental, education, nutrition and health needs of the children affected by the Flint Water Crisis. Follow @beygood on Twitter for more information.”

Beyoncé is stepping up big time where government is letting people down. According to Essence:

“Funds from the foundation will address the immediate needs of thousands afflicted by the lead-polluted water.”

Hopefully, those who are responsible, such as Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, for this horrific poisoning of an entire community, are held responsible and face the proper repercussions. In the mean time, Beyoncé alongside Cher and several others, have made sure that these kids who have been poisoned by their government get the clean water they need and the services they deserve.


Please jump.

Leaked Audio: 8 Things Trump And Morning Joe Hosts Discussed When Cameras Were Off

The hosts have recently been criticized for boosting Trump on their program, and for their performance moderating the town hall in question, which was labeled a "journalistic shortfall" and "disgraceful" by media observers. The non-confrontational tone of the town hall event apparently extended seamlessly into the commercial breaks, where Scarborough, Brzezinski, and Trump engaged in friendly banter:

1. After Scarborough told Trump that "all the polls out today look great in South Carolina," Trump asked Scarborough if he thinks super PAC ads against him are catching on, noting, "they're spending $75 million in negative ads on me over the last two weeks." Scarborough replied, "No."

2. Brzezinski pointed out what she described as a "wow moment" on the campaign trail when Trump brought two supporters up on stage. Scarborough told Trump, "We played it several times this morning." Trump responded by telling the pair that he watched the show that day and observed, "You had me almost as a legendary figure." Indeed, "

3. Scarborough told Trump "we were completely wrong" in thinking he did poorly in the February 13 Republican debate. He later told the candidate that "the people who mattered" thought he did well.

4. After Brzezinski thanked Trump for participating in the town hall event, Trump said, "I'm doing this because you get great ratings and a raise -- me, I get nothing."

5. Brzezinski can be heard asking, reportedly to a producer, "You don't want me to do the ones with deportation?" which is followed by Trump saying, "That's right, nothing too hard, Mika."

6. Trump asked Scarborough, "So what are the chances that something bad can happen on Saturday for me?" -- an apparent reference to the South Carolina primary. Scarborough reassured Trump by pointing out that polls in the election so far have done a good job of predicting primary results.'

7. Trump and Scarborough discuss Trump's golf game.

8. Scarborough told Trump that National Journal columnist Ron Fournier "understands" Trump's campaign now after visiting Michigan, where he "got an earful" from Trump's supporters. (Trump said Fournier "has been brutal." Scarborough added that The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza "has completely changed," and Trump responded, "Cillizza's been fantastic."




FDR On Selfish Capitalists


A National embarrassment


For The Jeb Bush Reassignment Hotline - Press Here:


The Republican Party Has Become The Party Of Tolerance - Towards Racists, That Is.


THERE IS NO PRISON DARK OR DEEP ENOUGH For the people who did this to Flint

For the people who did this to Flint:

Gail, though, persists in cooking, and she pays its price in water. When she prepares dinner for her daughter, grandchildren, and their other grandma, she goes through two cases, by my count—double the allotment of free water she receives. Then there’s bathing and tooth brushing, cleaning the sink and the counter, watering houseplants. When Felecia describes the work required to bathe her three children in warm bottled water, Tammy counsels her: “I tell myself, ‘Back in the day they just had to go to the creek and take a bath,’” she says. “They had to creek it.”

Before I leave, there’s another disturbing conversation that passes for normal. For months, Felecia, who’s currently raising her children alone, has been eyeing the house next door to her mother’s as a possible place to buy. But that’s changed.

“What’s the point of moving into a house where the water is messed up?” she says. Earlier in the day, she’d gotten called about a job interview an hour south, and she’ll move if she gets it. Gail listens to her daughter talking about taking the grandkids and trying to raise them on her own, 40 miles away. Like Kaniya in the morning, her face is blank.

“I do want the kids outta this,” she sighs. “We been talking about it, and if it takes ‘em longer than a year, then we’re all for her leaving with the kids. And you see for yourself it’s going to take longer than that.”


Christianity 2016

Is Trump recasting Republican principles, or is he revealing how little GOP voters really cared about principles in the first place?
Trump--the candidate for people who don't, or can't, think too much.

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