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Trump just sounds like a loser to me


Donald Trump is a bigot, there's no other way to get around it," Blow said.

Via Mother Jones:

Donald Trump is a bigot, there's no other way to get around it," Blow said. "Anybody who accepts that, supports it. Anybody supports it is promoting it and that makes you a part of the bigotry itself. You have to decide whether or not you want to be part of the bigotry that is Donald Trump. You have to decide whether you want to be part of the sexism and misogyny that is Donald Trump."

Levell responded by accusing Hillary Clinton's campaign of creating the "false facade" that Trump is a racist.

"I'm not part of the Clinton campaign," Blow interjected. "I'm a black man in America and I know a bigot when I see a bigot."


BOSTON GLOBE: Clinton’s e-mail ‘scandals’ are pure fiction

Clinton’s e-mail ‘scandals’ are pure fiction

I’m fairly sure that when William Shakespeare penned the phrase “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” he did not have in mind the constant cycle of scandals that envelop Bill and Hillary Clinton. But the phrase easily applies.

When it comes to the Clintons, the most mundane actions can be raised to the specter of national outrage, because of the appearance, but not actual incident, of impropriety.

Take, for example, the imbroglio over newly released e-mails regarding interactions between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Clinton was secretary of state. These exchanges, primarily between Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin and Clinton Foundation top honcho Doug Band, have become Exhibit A in efforts to brand Clinton as a corrupt figure and the Foundation as a pay-for-play operation. The evidence, however, speaks to a different reality.

In 2009, Band reached out to Abedin and asked if she could help put a Nigerian businessman of Lebanese descent named Gilbert Chagoury – who had donated to the Clinton Foundation — in touch with “the substance person re: Lebanon.” Chagoury apparently wanted to pass along information about upcoming elections in Lebanon. Considering that State Department diplomats glean information and intelligence from civil society leaders, activists, and business people on a regular basis there’s nothing particularly untoward about the ask. But because Chagoury is a Clinton donor, there’s a scent of scandal.

So what happened? Abedin told Band she’d reach out to Jeffrey Feltman, the acting assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs at the time. Yet, according to a Washington Post article, Feltman says he never met or spoke to Chagoury, and “No one ever told me he was seeking me out.

So: Clinton Foundation asks for help with donor, and doesn’t get it.

Way more:

Eric Trump says WE are stupid to understand his father's tax returns

8:25 a.m.

A son of Donald Trump says it would be foolish for his father to release his tax returns.

The Republican presidential nominee has broken with precedent by refusing to release them. He says they are being audited and he can't release them until the audit is complete.

His son, Eric Trump, said Wednesday on CNBC not much can be learned from tax returns. He said his father's returns are massive and "you would have a bunch of people who know nothing about taxes" looking through them and making "assumptions on things they know nothing about."

Democrats say Trump's returns would reveal whether he was paying a fair amount in taxes and whether he would personally benefit from his policy proposals.


Trump claimed a top Chicago cop told him crime there could be stopped in a week. He Lied, AGAIN.

Set aside, for a second, that Trump probably lied about talking to a Chicago cop. End crime there in a week? With what? Stormtroopers?

The Chicago Police Department on Tuesday denied Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's claim that he met with a "top" Chicago officer and argued the city's violence would not be solved with "tough police tactics."

"We've discredited this claim months ago," CPD spokesperson Frank Giancamilli said in a statement. "No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign."

Trump said in an interview Monday that he believed Chicago's violence could be stopped using "tough police tactics," telling Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that he met a "top" Chicago officer who reportedly said he could "stop much of this horror show that’s going on" within a single week.

Trump added that he knows officers in Chicago who would put an end to violent crime "if they were given the authority to do it," a claim that Giancamilli refuted.

Source: Police Respond to Donald Trump's Claim That Chicago's Violence Can Be Stopped In A Week | NBC Chicago http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/chicago-police-respond-donald-trump-chicago-violence-can-be-stopped-in-a-week-391116511.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_CHBrand#ixzz4IG629bFI
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Louisiana: "Let's remember the victims here"


"We're So Sorry Sir. We Thought You Were Black.


To My Redneck American Community: What The Hell Do You Have to Lose

By AWhitneyBrown
Wednesday Aug 24, 2016 · 5:41 AM PDT

And now, to my Redneck American Community, where are my Rednecks? There they are, there’s my Redneck American, okay… For generations, you have been giving your vote to the Republicans, and what has it gotten you? Nothing! Your lives are a catastrophe, believe me. You have no health care, your children are all dying of meth and heroin, you have no education, you are shooting yourselves with your own guns on accident every day. So sad. Just a disaster.

You have been losing, losing, losing. The big banks are buying all your farms, you have nothing to eat but junk food, you all have diabetes, and your water is totally poisoned from all the fracking going on. Absolutely horrendous. A complete waste. And what do you get for it? Nothing! Even the gays are better off than you. They’re taking all your marriages. Your homes are totally broken, I can tell you.

The Republicans have totally taken you for granted. They think you’re stupid! They are taking advantage of you and it’s got to end, believe me. The Democrats will straighten this out so fast it will make your head spin. We will give you Medicaid, if you will just vote in a Democrat governor, believe me. It will happen. I guarantee it. What the hell do you have to lose?


We are going to build bridges and roads, and send your kids to college. And who is going to pay for it? The billionaires, that’s right. They are going to pay their fair share once and for all. You are going to start winning again, and it is going to be beautiful. You are going to win so much you’re going to get tired of winning. You’ll say, Democrats, stop with the winning all the time, I can’t take it, and we will say, no, we are going to keep on winning for all the Redneck Americans. We will be your voice! What the hell do you have to lose, I ask you? And after 4 years, I guarantee you we will have 95 percent of the Redneck American vote. I guarantee it. Believe me. Just give us a chance.


Let's dispel with this fiction that Trump is a racist-He is, in fact, A GIGANTIC RACIST!

The main difficulty Trump faces in dispelling the impression that he is a racist is that Trump is, in fact, a gigantic racist. His first appearance in the New York Times came in the context of his being caught refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans. A former Trump employee has detailed a series of private racist statements and acts — saying “laziness is a trait in blacks,” objecting to black people working for him in accounting, his staff shooing black people off the casino floor when he arrived. Trump has replied that the comments were “probably true,” but berated the person who made them as a “loser.” He has questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate, called him a “terrible student,” and implied he only made it into Harvard Law School due to affirmative action.

Trump’s gambit reportedly centers on Hillary Clinton’s support for the 1994 crime bill. That law, which was supported at the time by most African-Americans in Congress, was attacked by Republicans for spending too much money on crime-prevention programs rather than police and prisons. (Republicans made “midnight basketball,” an effective program for young African-American males in high-crime urban neighborhoods, the subject of special derision.) The crime bill, though, has since fallen out of favor, especially among liberals, who fault its punitive approach. Trump plans to exploit Clinton’s support for that bill, following “a private poll of black voters,” which finds “that their support [for Clinton] dips once they learn about her advocacy for the 1994 crime bill.”

Attacking Clinton for having supported punitive crime policies two decades ago is quite a turn for Trump, who is running on a platform of punitive crime policies right now. It was only last month when he made the entire theme of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention “law and order,” promising a brutal crackdown on crime, and lambasted Obama for encouraging black criminals by calling attention to police mistreatment of African-Americans. Trump also once spent his own money on a newspaper ad calling for five minority youths to be executed for a rape they turned out not to have committed. “What has happened to the respect for authority, the fear of retribution by the courts, society and the police for those who break the law, who wantonly trespass on the rights of others?,” he wrote, urging, in hysterical all-caps, “CIVIL LIBERTIES END WHEN AN ATTACK ON OUR SAFETY BEGINS!”

Trump has spent more than a year identifying himself as the candidate of white-backlash politics, using his appeal to the most racially resentful Republicans to win the nomination. And now he’s running to Clinton’s left on criminal justice! Trump adviser Roger Stone tells the Post, “an entire generation of young black men are incarcerated” because of the 1994 bill. So African-Americans should instead vote for the candidate who literally called for “retribution” and an end to civil liberties. Does Trump’s campaign really think anybody is going to believe this?



Trump has discovered that running as open racist in national campaign in 2016 can be severe problem

Trump has discovered that running as an open racist in a national campaign in 2016 can be a severe problem.

Dazed and Confused

It now seems that the next several days of the campaign cycle will be about whether anyone can figure out what Donald Trump's immigration policy is. Mass expulsions, compulsory taco salads, expelling the bad people, letting the models stay, Obama's awesome after all. Trump's new mantra is that "we will follow the law," which - let's not be ungenerous - is a good place to start but of course tells us nothing. This isn't a pivot. It's an effort to sow confusion. Because there's no tenable place for Trump to be on this issue.


There's the key: a plan to convince white women that Trump's not racist. Give him credit: a year-plus into the campaign Trump has discovered that running as an open racist in a national campaign in 2016 can be a severe problem. But even the charge of cynicism gives the Trumpers too much credit. That is a major part of what this is about. But a cynical plan assumes there's a plan. But there isn't one. Remember Trump's Razor. The stupidest scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts. This is a campaign on its third leadership team, with the latest a two headed monster made up of a white nationalist crank and a GOP pollster who was until recently a proponent of getting the GOP behind immigration reform. They're far behind with eleven weeks to go before the election trying to figure out some way to stop losing. There's a well-known word for campaigns that try to completely upend their entire message and policy menu with 80 days to go before an election. They're called "losing campaigns."

Step back for a moment from the Trumpite word salad and you'll realize all of this is true.

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