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Oops: White House defends Sanders against Clinton claim that Sanders has attacked POTUS.

At a White House press conference, Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended Bernie Sanders against the Clinton campaign claim that Sanders had continuously attacked President Obama.


Black Georgia lawmaker forces sponsor of ‘religious liberty’ bill to admit it would protect the Klan

“We’re all familiar with the terms KKK, meaning the hate organization Ku Klux Klan,” Jones asked Kirk.

“I’ve read about them, yes,” Kirk responded.

“Some of my heritage have done a lot more than just read about them,” Jones bluntly stated. “My concern is, couldn’t that organization — if they chose to do — so identify themselves as ‘faith based’?,” Jones asked, referring to the hate group which has a history of calling itself faith-based.

Stating that he was “not an attorney,” Kirk conceded, “I guess they could, Senator,” before adding, “I’m not sure.”

“So there’s nothing in your legislation that would stop them, is that correct?” Jones pressed.

“That’s right,” Kirk said.

“Does that present a problem for you, Senator?,” Jones continued.

Kirk paused before conceding, “No.”


Shit pile spotted outside the Trump rally in North Charleston SC:

Spotted outside the Trump rally in North Charleston SC:

IT BEGINS: Bush staff sending out resumes

Bush staff float resumes with Florida consultants
Campaign sets travel schedule for Nevada but campaign workers fear his run ends before then.

By Marc Caputo
02/19/16 06:50 PM EST

Several Jeb Bush campaign workers are already shopping their résumés with Florida political consultants as expectations mount inside his team that their candidate won’t push on after South Carolina.

“I can unequivocally tell you that people are looking for work, because they say they’ve been led to believe that they won’t have a job because the campaign won’t be around any longer or their jobs won’t because the campaign won’t have any money,” said one Republican who helps run one of the Florida campaigns and who is a Bush donor.

Four separate and senior political consultants in Florida said they have been negotiating with potential employees who are preparing for the end of the Bush campaign. The entreaties for new work from these Bush staffers — most of whom are not top-level campaign hands — have markedly increased apace with signs that the former Florida governor is under pressure to exit the race after Saturday’s GOP primary if he performs poorly.

“I have people in [Marco] Rubio’s campaign and various campaigns I talk to and said ‘Hey, if it doesn’t work out for you, come and work for us,’” said one of the consultants. “Suddenly in the past week, I’m getting calls and they’re asking me: ‘Are you looking for somebody?’ And those people are exclusively Jeb people.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/jeb-bush-staffers-campaign-jobs-219518#ixzz40jATjmJQ

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/jeb-bush-staffers-campaign-jobs-219518#ixzz40jA6uIwX

Awkward? Trump announces he's boycotting Apple - campaign setup merchandise store with iPad checkout

Well this is awkward. Trump announces he's boycotting Apple - campaign setup merchandise store with iPad checkout


The heartbreaking portrait of two murdered children, made with their own Legos


After artist Brian Korte met an excitable brother and sister with bright, smiling faces at a Lego convention in 2008, he spoke with their father about creating a portrait of the teenagers, a mosaic Korte would make from the colored plastic bricks.

But the conversation about the artwork that would have captured Connor and Brittany Kirk abruptly ended without explanation. A few months later, Korte received a package at his door containing the teens’ entire Lego collection and a note from their father, Kevin Kirk, detailing a tragedy: The siblings had been murdered. Their stepfather fatally shot them in their bedrooms in February 2009.

Take these Lego bricks, Kirk wrote to the artist, because keeping them around the house was difficult to bear.


The 2016 GOP Race To Crazy Town

Stop Letting Your TV Tell You WHO To Hate.

McConnell's great distraction: "I wonder what they are trying to hide?”

Interesting NYTimes reader comment on their story, Why is Mitch McConnell Picking this Fight? [why indeed?]

by commenter John Kolacz Lexington KY on February 19:

I thought it was very strange when Mitch McConnell came out with a wild claim that President Obama would not be allowed to fulfill his constitutional duties and appoint a new justice to the Supreme Court. It just seemed very strange to me… I couldn’t understand why they had to jump on it so fast… then I thought “what a great distraction. I wonder what they are trying to hide?” Cibolo Creek is a private ranch, where normal rooms cost $800 a night. Then there’s the private jet that was chartered to fly him there. That flight was around $10,000. Then I read an interview with the owner of the ranch, who said that Scalia was not paying for his room or his flight, but was a guest of someone. This isn’t the first time Scalia has had an all expense paid vacation either. There was the time when Halliburton had an appeal pending with the Supreme Court and Dick Cheney flew Scalia to a ranch on his private jet to go hunting. There’s also the Trip to Scotland to play golf on the historic St Andrews golf course, paid for by another party to a pending appeal before the supreme court. In both cases, Scalia was asked to recuse himself, and in both cases he didn’t see any reason why he would do such a thing. I think that The minute they found Scalia dead, a hasty plan was made where McConnell would throw out such a great distraction that nobody would even think to question who was paying for Scalia’s trip and what they might stand to gain from providing such favors.


Beautiful, Iconic Picture

As long as we keep at it, as long as we don’t get discouraged, as long as we are out there fighting the good fight not just on one day, or one month, but every single day, and every single month, I have no doubt that we’re going to live up to the promise of our founding ideals—and that all these young children who are standing in front, no matter who they are or where they come from, they’re going to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.
- President Barack Obama

Bigger pic here:
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