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Bruce Bartlett: I voted for Trump to destroy the GOP

I believe that Republicans made a deal with the devil in 2009 when they embraced the Tea Party, a populist group who were just mad as hell and weren't going to take it anymore. In Congress, the Tea Party has been aggressive in destroying all the norms that made it work for more than 200 years.


Flush with such "victories," extremists of all shapes and sizes were attracted to the Tea Party ranks—Christian religious fanatics, gun nuts, anti-gay bigots, nativists opposed to all nonwhite immigrants, secessionists, conspiracy theorists and, of course, racists.

What binds them together is hatred. Hatred of government, yes, but also hatred of liberals, minorities, homosexuals, non-fundamentalist Christians, environmentalists, feminists, and many other groups.

Donald Trump, to his credit, figured this out instinctively and pandered to it brilliantly. He channeled the anger and hatred of many whites on the fringes of the economy and society who blame "others" for stagnant wages and other real problems that Republican gridlock in Washington has prevented legislative action on.

Trump understood that these people didn't so much want solutions to these problems as someone in power to acknowledge their existence and give voice to their frustrations.


Whereupon, the Donald Raises the Dead.....

Get over yourselves America: "There Is NO Such Thing As Race"

Trumps simply saying into the microphone what Mitt Romney said should be confined to “quiet rooms.”

That is the world in which Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tom DeLay, Louis Gohmert, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney all hold hands and sing “cumbayah.”

It isn’t new, Trump isn’t breaking ground, he’s simply saying into the microphone what Mitt Romney said should be confined to “quiet rooms.”

The conservative pundits who reached for their fainting couches when Trump said the military should disobey orders and torture people were the same ones who cheered the loudest when Dick Cheney defended torture under the term “enhanced interrogation.” They were the ones who nodded in agreement or at best sat on their hands when Rush Limbaugh described the torture at Abu Ghraib as a “blowing off steam.”

The right wingers who howled as conservative financier Foster Friess advocated women put a pill between their knees as contraception want us to believe they are shocked and appalled when Trump makes crude remarks about menstrual blood or made remarks about Carly Fiorina’s attractiveness?

Who are they trying to fool?


obviously, not presidential material

The Debate of Dicks - Donald Trump's was just the beginning.

The Debate of Dicks
Donald Trump's was just the beginning.

MAR 4, 2016


Just so we're all on the same page as we begin to discuss what happened in Detroit last night, and to establish the proper mood for that discussion, here are some Klansmen on a Ferris wheel:


.....there isn't enough laudanum in the world to erase entirely the memory of how He, Trump discussed the strength of Little Donald in a debate between what were alleged to be the Republican candidates for president. And I will grant you that representative democracy may never recover from the ensuing ass-biting competition between a big bag of feathers, a Tailgunner, a vulgar talking yam, and John Kasich, who hasn't yet noticed that he's the principal barker on a carnival midway.


Torture. Trump steaks. All the rest of it has degenerated into white noise in the brain, but these moments remain as clear as a summer's day. The prion disease has finally reached the higher centers of the Republican brain. They'll be eating bugs by the time the convention rolls around.


Police confirm Trump campaign wanted peaceful black students kicked out of rally

“A member of the (Trump) event staff approached a member of our agency and requested that the group be asked to leave,” Capt. Stryde Jones, a Lowndes County Sheriff’s officer, told the network.

Another member of local law enforcement who worked the event backed up Jones’ account.

“I spoke to a Trump staffer, whose name I do not have, she told us that they needed to leave,” Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress told MSNBC. “Not only did I talk to a Trump staffer, so did the University police, and we were told over the radio by the Sheriff’s office that Trump staff wanted them out


How many Trump supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?


Cosmo: Donald Trump Gives Men Permission to Be Sexist and Racist

Donald Trump Gives White Men Permission to Be Sexist and Racist
Republicans have communicated bigotry and intolerance for years. Trump simply uses a bullhorn.


Making America Hate Again

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