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"She's Rubber, You're Through."


Every paper in America should change motto to “There’s no polite way to say this” … and go to town


Donald Trump’s free-association platform is indeed difficult to cover.

"It’s like trying to pin down a rabid orange squirrel, running on his self-proclaimed business acumen, who’s strangely shy about disclosing his tax returns but really wants to show you his nuts.”

To do it with any integrity you need to forget “All the news that’s fit to print” New York Times, and “America’s Newspaper,” The Washington Times.

For the duration of this election, every paper in America should just change its motto to “There’s no polite way to say this” … and go to town.

fun read:

Elizabeth Warren calls Trump a "twisted bully" & says: "Trump has more support from KKK than GOP"



Court docs charge Trump's treatment of Ivana was "cruel and inhuman"


The 'self-made' man 1) inherited a real-estate empire and 2) got massive taxpayer support

The way Donald J. Trump tells it, his first solo project as a real estate developer, the conversion of a faded railroad hotel on 42nd Street into the sleek, 30-story Grand Hyatt, was a triumph from the very beginning.

The hotel, Mr. Trump bragged in “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” his 1987 best seller, “was a hit from the first day. Gross operating profits now exceed $30 million a year.”

But that book, and numerous interviews over the years, make little mention of a crucial factor in getting the hotel built: an extraordinary 40-year tax break that has cost New York City $360 million to date in forgiven, or uncollected, taxes, with four years still to run, on a property that cost only $120 million to build in 1980.


Someone needs to introduce Pence to his running mate:


Astonishingly underreported: Father of the birther movement is a Republican named Andy Martin


Birtherism began with this Andy Martin press release, posted to the Free Republic site in 2004


Everyone needs to share this on their Facebooks and whatnots.



JANE GOODALL: 'In many ways Trump reminds me of male chimpanzees & their dominance rituals'


Charles Blow: "Trump, Grand Wizard of Birtherism"

So, on Friday the Grand Wizard of Birtherism against President Obama admitted that birtherism was bunk, not by apologizing for his prominent role in the racist campaign — no, that would have been too right — but by suggesting that he deserved credit for dousing the flames he’d fanned.

This man is so low that he’s subterranean.


This is what Trump does: he exalts gossip and innuendo, which has the direct and opposite effect of degrading truth and honesty. He finds a lie in which the depraved have faith and he lifts it up as if it’s a secret that their opponents fear.


He is not only bending the truth, he is breaking the notion that truth should matter in the first place.

This is what is so baffling about the people supporting him: They know he’s lying, but they so want to believe the lies that they have pushed themselves into a universe of irrationality that is devoid of logic.

So, his admission on Friday was too little, too late; too contrived, too strategic and too lacking in context. In fact, Trump has peddled so many lies about the president that this clearly election-driven, down-to-the-wire political ploy rang hollow and felt like as much of an insult as the original claim.


the rest:
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