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RUDE ONE: Trump is devaluing Clinton because she's a woman. Let's call that "playing the dick card."

L.A. Quickie: The "Woman's Card" Is Utter Bullshit

Noted sexist Donald Trump has accused Hillary Clinton of "playing the woman's card" in the election. Last night, after his Cruz-crushing victories in five states, he jerksplained, "Well, I think the only card she has is the woman's card. She has nothing else going. And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she would get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she has got going is the woman's card."

Think about that for a second. Or don't. Because, see, Hillary Clinton happens to be a woman. And if talking about women's experiences and her own life is playing some vaguely-defined card, then you're saying that a woman isn't allowed to view the world and politics from the perspective she's gonna have whether you like it or not. What you're saying is that only the male's (or, more precisely, the white male, since we could add "race card" to this) point of view is the valid one. In fancy scholar-speak, we call that "hegemony."

Clinton herself addressed it, saying, in essence, "Suck it, cockface": "Now, the other day Mr. Trump accused me of playing the, quote, 'woman card.' Well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman's card, then deal me in." When a male Democrat talks about abortion rights or other issues, he's not accused of playing the woman's card. So what's the only thing there that's different about Clinton?

Yeah, she's a fuckin' woman. It ain't only her card. She owns the fucking deck. Let's stop this bullshit argument that because someone running doesn't see the country with a penis in her way, it's somehow a lesser perspective. And maybe someone should point out to Trump that a lot of people are voting for him because of his sex.

- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.O1QpM5NG.dpuf

"I’m the father of a 21 year old daughter. There are lots of things I worry about."

I’m the father of a 21 year old daughter. There are lots of things I worry about. I worry about her being sexually assaulted, because that happens a lot. I worry about her being the victim of a drunk driver, because that happens a lot. I worry about her being the victim of gun violence, because lots of people die from gun-related injuries. Here’s what I do not worry about: I don’t worry about her being attacked in a restroom by a trans woman because (a) it has never happened; and (b) trans women are the most victimized group of people I’ve ever met, and the least likely to commit a crime of indecency in a restroom, because they are afraid of getting beat up when all they want to do is pee. And here is something else I don’t worry about: I don’t worry about my daughter being cruel and inhumane to trans men, women or kids, because my wife and I have raised her to have values and because she is a kind person. There are things to worry about. and then there are things people want you to worry about to conceal their agenda of discrimination and hate. Wake up.


Pres Obama Responds to an 8 yr-old girl from Flint. He will visit May 4.

Read Mari’s letter to President Obama, and then check out his reply:
Mari’s letter to President Obama:

Mr. President,

Hello my name is Mari Copeny and I’m 8 years old, I live in Flint, Michigan and I’m more commonly known around town as “Little Miss Flint”. I am one of the children that is effected by this water, and I’ve been doing my best to march in protest and to speak out for all the kids that live here in Flint. This Thursday I will be riding a bus to Washington, D.C. to watch the congressional hearings of our Governor Rick Snyder. I know this is probably an odd request but I would love for a chance to meet you or your wife. My mom said chances are you will be too busy with more important things, but there is a lot of people coming on these buses and even just a meeting from you or your wife would really lift people’s spirits. Thank you for all that do for our country. I look forward to being able to come to Washington and to be able to see Gov. Snyder in person and to be able to be in the city where you live.

Thank You
Mari Copeny



Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said Wednesday it’s unlikely he would join the outgoing Democratic president in Flint.

“I’ve got a pretty full schedule next week. That’s not currently a day I’m scheduled to be in Flint,” Snyder said in a telephone interview with The Detroit News from Zurich, Switzerland, one of his stops in a week-long European trade mission.


Professor POTUS on the Senate and the Supreme Court


GOP Family Values: McCain fundraiser arrested in meth-lab bust in Phoenix

A woman listed as the RSVP contact for U.S. Sen. John McCain's re-election fundraisers was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of drug charges after Maricopa County sheriff's deputies found an active meth lab and other illicit drugs while conducting a search warrant at her north-central Phoenix home, officials said.

The Sheriff's Office identified one of two people arrested in the drug bust as 34-year-old Emily Pitha, a former member of the staff of retired U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., who most recently worked on GOP campaign fundraising.


A Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spokesman said authorities were first alerted to possible drug activity at Pitha's Phoenix home by a parcel in transit from the Netherlands containing over 250 grams of MDMA – raw ecstasy. Detective Doug Matteson, the MCSO spokesman, said Pitha's boyfriend, 36-year-old Christopher Hustrulid, signed for the packaged when it arrived at their doorstep Tuesday afternoon.

Detectives executing a search warrant at the home discovered an active meth lab, along with unspecified quantities of LSD, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, about $7,000 in loose currency, and counterfeit money, according to Matteson. A separate building on the property was found to have a hidden room that was to be used as a marijuana-grow facility, he said.


Pitha and Hustrulid were arrested and expected to face numerous drug violations, in addition to possible child-endangerment charges.

Matteson said two children living inside the home -- ages 5 and 10 -- "had easy access to all of (the) drugs and materials, even the bomb-making materials that were located in the back with the meth lab."



If Donald Trump were a man, I don't think he'd insult women so often.

Trump is doubling down on his 'woman card' comments about Clinton this morning. Here's how he answered q's about it:


Poverty Flow Chart

Black woman responds to Megyn Kelly's claim that Jesus is white—and it's stunning

“How can she says Jesus was a white man when he died the blackest way possible?
With his hands up, with his mother watching."

With incredible passion, poet Crystal Valentine responds to Megyn Kelly’s statement that Jesus is a white man. The Fox News anchor caused an outrage with the claim back in 2013. Holding nothing back, Valentine’s voice begins to shake from what appears to be her outrage as she rebukes Kelly.

”And the news reporter says, “Jesus is white.” She says it with a smile on her face like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, so sure of herself, of her privilege, her ability to change history, rewrite bodies to make them look like her. “

The poet adds:

“What makes a black man — a black man? Is it a white woman’s confirmation? Is it her head nod, the way she’s allowed to go on national television and correct the Bible and God Himself and tell him who his son really was?”

“What makes a black man — a black man? Is it the way reporters retell their deaths like fairytales? Is it the way they cannot outrun a bullet?”

LOVED THIS!!!!! Please listen to the video above
More Here:




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