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Silence that weapon

Democracy Now! David Cay Johnston's New Book on Trump Reveals his Extensive Criminal Activities

Today the good people at DemocracyNow! interviewed David Cay Johnston about his new book “The Making of Donald Trump.” I haven’t had a chance to read it yet because it has just been published, but Amy Goodman’s and Juan Gonzales’ interview of the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter was very enlightening. Johnston revealed much about Trumps strikingly and ongoing depraved and criminal behavior. The podcast is well worth a look

www.democracynow.org/… If you want to jump to Johnston’s interview it’s about 20 minutes into the podcast. The following bit of transcript should infuriate you and whet your appetite to learn more.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: David, I wanted to ask you about this issue which we discussed previously with Wayne Barrett, as well, on the issue of Donald Trump’s relationship to the mob and his connections over the years to mobsters. And you’ve also looked into that, as well.

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Yes, and it’s not just the traditional Mafia families in New York. First of all, Donald Trump’s father had a business partner who was a mob guy. I’m sure Wayne talked about that. But Donald has done business with people with the Russian mob. He’s done business with con artists. The guy who supplied his helicopters and managed his personal helicopter, called the Ivana, from his first wife back then, was a major cocaine trafficker, who actually handled the drugs. And after he went to prison, Donald wrote a letter pleading for mercy for him, so he got 18 months as the head of the ring. The little fish who delivered the drugs, they got 20 years. Donald continued to do business with him after he was indicted. Donald has done business all his life with mobsters and criminals, because it’s a way to make money.

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about Joseph Weichselbaum?

Yes, that’s the guy. Joseph Weichselbaum is this mob associate. He once—he used to do Cigarette boat racing in Miami, and he once was—came in third, right behind Charles Keating, the infamous financier who ripped off people for a billion dollars. And Weichselbaum provided helicopters to the Trump Organization, even though there were better-capitalized, better-run companies. Donald rented an apartment to Weichselbaum and his brother under very unusual circumstances.

When Weichselbaum was indicted, it was for a drug operation that went from Miami to Ohio. When he agreed to plead guilty, the case was mysteriously moved to New Jersey. And who did it come before? Federal Judge Maryanne Trump Barry [emphasis added], Donald’s older sister. No one knows how this happened. Now, she removed herself from the case, but imagine, Amy, that you, or one of the listeners, you’re the chief judge, and the judge comes to you and says, "Oh, I can’t handle this case, because I fly in this drug trafficker’s helicopters. My husband flies in them every week. My children have flown in this drug trafficker’s helicopters." You know, it helps explain how this guy got a light sentence.

And the question we have to ask is: Why did Donald Trump need to write that letter, which could have cost him his casino license? Because he needed this guy to be his friend and not his enemy. What was going on that Donald Trump needed a drug trafficker to be his friend and not his enemy? And that’s a question no one in the news media has been asking.


Trump: "We have a small - a very, very small planet compared to the universe, right?"

We need to use coal so u vote 4 me - and, oh yeah it's polluting the universe?
closest I’ve seen to Trump waxing poetic—if in a sixth grader kind of way.

Donald Trump is not destroying the Republican Party

He is simply not being sufficiently careful to keep its mask in place.


I was a Minuteman III nuclear launch officer. Take it from me: We can't let Trump become president

Take it from me: We can’t let Trump become president…

Having spent five years of my life as a Minuteman III launch officer, and a year as an instructor teaching young officers how to run that weapon system, I’m equipped to answer the Trump campaign’s question. The very point of nuclear weapons is that they are never used. We have them to dissuade hostile powers from attacking us, and vice versa…

... I sat at my post believing, through both the Bush and Obama administrations, that the president was fundamentally rational and would never ask me to do my terrible duty. Not unless the country was in the direst of national emergencies.

With Trump as president, the young men and women who are assigned to our nuclear forces will have no such assurances…

I am a Republican and I have long worked in Republican politics. It gives me no pleasure to say this, but I believe my party’s nominee for president is mentally unfit to assume this heavy responsibility…Trump cannot be trusted with weapons that can kill millions...


Heaven Help Us When Joe Scarborough Is the Conscience of the U.S. Media


None of the panelists give voice to the reality that, after her opponent called for her assassination, Hillary had to wake up this morning, and get ready, and hit the campaign trail again.

None of the panelists even wonder, in passing, what it might mean for her that Donald said these things; what it might be like to have to carry on with this new and exponentially escalated threat hanging over her.

None of the panelists mentioned that Donald has now obliged Hillary to face in three debates (provided he has the courage to show up) an opponent who has openly called for her to be killed.

Even though all of these panelists condemned Donald’s words, they never actually explored what they mean for the person who was their literal target.

And this is the best we’ve got in the media. People who will condemn Donald’s exhortation to an assassination, but show zero compassion for the woman whose life he tacitly admonished someone to end.

That is not good enough. It is not good enough at all.

the rest:

Or breed.....

Until we figure out what's going on we must not allow any Second Amendment People into the country.


Charles P Pierce: They ate the monkeybrains long ago & the disease has reached its terminal stage

Donald Trump Is the GOP's Disease in Its Terminal Stage
What nearly four decades of conservative politics hath wrought. ​ BY CHARLES P. PIERCE


Oh, it's a mess for them all now. Up in New Hampshire, Senator Kelly Ayotte, who saw Susan Collins of Maine beat her to the last lifeboat off the listing hulk on Monday, is caught in an impossible position, having endorsed El Caudillo de Mar-A-Lago long ago. Newt Gingrich thinks everything's dandy because Andrew Jackson. Sean Hannity seems to be steadily losing what's left of his mind.

It's a gloriously floundering death for a politics that has done so much damage to the rest of the country. And, even with all that, none of them get it—that nearly four decades of conservative politics, and the techniques those politics used to attain and maintain power, made someone like He, Trump inevitable. They ate the monkeybrains long ago, and this is what happens when the prion disease reaches its terminal stage. You don't even remember how you got so crazy in the first place.

For example:

Donald Trump once said that he saw Muslims dancing to celebrate the 9/11 attacks.
Ronald Reagan once said that he helped liberate Nazi concentration camps.

Donald Trump once said that Mexican rapists were pouring over our borders, threatening our national security.
Ronald Reagan once said that the Nicaraguan Army could be in Brownsville, Texas in two days, threatening our national security.

Donald Trump once said the global climate crisis was a hoax made up by the Chinese.
Ronald Reagan once said that trees caused more air pollution than automobiles.

Yeah, Trump is a real outlier.

More details as the day progresses, I'm afraid.


The Republicans tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded

If your political priorities are the total defeat of a single politician
– not the advancement of your own policies – it fans the flames of extremism


Before he finished his second year in office, Obama was such an object of Republican loathing that the Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell could say – with impunity – that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

If your political priorities are the total defeat of a single politician – not the advancement of your own policies through debate or legislation – then you are already in pretty desperate shape. You render it impossible to compromise with your opponents, and you fan the flames of extremism that will burn anyone in the center.

You also look weak and foolish when you lose, surrendering the stage to someone who can vilify his opponents better than you. So don’t look dazed and confused at Donald Trump when he runs your playbook more convincingly than your own team. It’s too late to fret about endorsing his kooky positions – like deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, treating all Muslims as enemies and blowing up the deficit – when they are only logical extensions of your own.

After eight years of conservative caricature, you may be forgiven for thinking that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim socialist with terrorist sympathies and job-destroying policies on healthcare and bank regulation.


Trump's "Personal Math"

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