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President Obama Reflects On Trump's Foreign Policy: It Shows He's Unprepared

President Obama argued in an interview aired Sunday that the foreign policy Donald Trump has shared so far shows that the businessman isn't ready to take over the White House.

Trump said in an interview with The New York Times last week a number of questionable responses to his foreign policy, including that he wouldn't necessarily immediately assist the US' NATO allies.

"And, you know for Mr. Trump, who has in the past suggested that America's weak and not looking out for its allies, to then maybe not have enough information or understanding to go out and say that America might not stand by its solemn commitment to protect those same allies who stood with us after 9/11 when we were attacked I think is an indication of the lack of preparedness that he has been displaying when it comes to foreign policy," Obama said in an interview with CBS News' "Face The Nation."

Obama said that Muslim Americans want to assist in disbanding the notion that they represent the extremism perpetuated by the Islamic State.

"But that requires leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, all of us to send a very clear signal that we are not going to be divided in that fashion," Obama said. "And I think the kinds of rhetoric that we've heard too often, from Mr. Trump and others, is ultimately helping do I.S.I.L.'s work for us."


"They put us all in the back"





More Thought GOP Convention Was a ‘Disaster’

More Thought GOP Convention Was a ‘Disaster’

July 23, 2016By Taegan Goddard83 Comments
A new RABA Research poll finds that 37% of Americans considered the Republican National Convention “a disaster,” while just 24% called it a “success.”

Women voters called the convention a “disaster” instead of a “success” by a 3 to 1 margin.

Among young voters, a whopping 55% called the convention a “disaster,” as opposed to just 13% calling it a “success.”


GOP Catfishing

Trump tells Chuck Todd: Ailes has helped the women who have accused him of sexual harassment


"What Happened?"

Elizabeth Warren: to Hispanic group: Trump was born with ‘cash in his fist and hate in his heart’

“We will never build Donald Trump’s stupid wall” to keep out Mexican immigrants, she assured the crowd.

“Hillary Clinton must be the next President of the United States, and Tim Kaine must be the next Vice President of the United States,” the former Harvard law professor continued. “Not ‘can’, not ‘should’, we must make them.”

“We have spent a long time getting to know Donald Trump,” she said of the Republican nominee. “It has felt like a very long time.”

“We know who he is. He is a weak, thin-skinned man, a man born with cash in his fist and hate in his heart.”





White Supremacist: "I don't think people have recognized degree to which he's transformed party"

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