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NRA tells children they can do whatever they want as long as they have a gun.

Via Media Matters we see the NRA has put out a new version of "Little Red Riding Hood" that people are evidently supposed to read to their little children:

One birthday not long ago, Red was given her very own rifle and lessons on how to use it--just in case--to be sure that she would always be safe. So, with a kiss from her mother, rifle over her shoulder and a basket for her Grandmother in her hands, Red took a deep breath and entered the woods.

Red felt the reassuring weight of the rifle on her shoulder and continued down the path, scanning the trees, knowing that their shadows could provide a hiding place.


This was the biggest, baddest wolf Red had ever seen. His wolfish smile disappeared for a moment when his eyes fell on her rifle.


The wolf followed along, staying in the shelter of the trees, trying to get Red to respond. As she grew increasingly uncomfortable, she shifted her rifle so that it was in her hands and at the ready. The wolf became frightened and ran away.


The wolf leaned in, jaws open wide, then stopped suddenly. Those big ears heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun's safety being clicked off. Those big eyes looked down and saw that grandma had a scattergun aimed right at him. He realized that Grandmother hadn't been backing away from him; she had been moving towards her shotgun to protect herself and her home.

"I don't think I'll be eaten today," said Grandma, "and you won't be eating anyone again." Grandma kept her gun trained on the wolf, who was too scared to move. Before long, he heard a familiar voice call "Grandmother, I'm here!" Red peeked her head in the door. The wolf couldn't believe his luck--he had come across two capable ladies in the same day, and they were related! Oh, how he hated when families learned how to protect themselves.

There are lots of arcane interpretations of the original fairy tale (many of them erotic and creepy) but most people see it as a warning for children to do what their parents tell them. Little Red Riding Hood was not supposed to go into the woods by herself and when she did, she paid a price. At its most basic is just about breaking the rules.


"NRA Family" is telling little kids they can do whatever the hell they want as long as they have a gun and are willing to use it.


Where is the diversity?


Gloriously Un-Macho: President Obama has done something no other President has ever done on TV

In a gloriously un-macho moment, Bear Grylls offers the President some ‘foraged’ nail paint, and suggests the President might wish to take advantage of the wonderful shade of fuchsia. On camera and with zero homophobic mockery, the President applies the paint to his nails (quite deftly I might add) and sits back and enjoys his handiwork.


The top of the GOP Field?

DOH: Trump says he never proposed 45% tariff. Transcript shows he did.

Trump: I never said I'd hit China w/ 45% tariff
press: yes you did, here's the transcript
press: boy he's become a great debater.



People and Things from New York:

William F. Buckley
David Koch
Antonin Scalia
Ted Cruz's secret campaign loan:

GOP Format

The secret history of cowboy socialism

a snippet:

the rest:

State of Michigan, Gov. Snyder sued in class action lawsuit over Flint water crisis

Source: Click On Detroit

DETROIT - A class action lawsuit has been filed against the state of Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder and the city of Flint for what plaintiffs are calling negligence in the Flint water crisis.

Plaintiffs Doris Collins, Robin Pleasant and Jason Phinisee claim to have suffered injury from contaminated drinking water after the state "connected to the Flint River in a cost-cutting move," the lawsuit reads.

"Plaintiffs are currently still billed for the undrinkable water," the suit reads.

Gov. Rick Snyder, the state of Michigan, the city of Flint, former Flint emergency financial manager Darnell Earley (who is the current emergency manager for Detroit Public Schools), Howard Croft and "all others similarly situated" are named as defendants.

Read more: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/state-of-michigan-gov-snyder-sued-in-class-action-lawsuit-over-flint-water-crisis

Best Laugh Of The Year: Duck Dynasty Endorses Ted Cruz!


The Republican Tribalism In Ted Cruz's 'Duck Dynasty' Ad

Issues? What issues? Check out the ad Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has cut with Ted Cruz -- and while you're watching it, pay attention to the use of the slippery word "us."

"My qualifications for president of the United States are rather narrow," Robertson says in the video. "Is he or she godly, does he or she love us, can he or she do the job, and finally would they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo? I've looked at the candidates; Ted Cruz is my man. He fits the bill. He's godly, he loves us, he's the man for the job, and he will go duck hunting -- because today we're going."

At the end of the video, Robertson turns to Cruz and says: "You're one of us, my man. That's why we're voting for you."

Just who is "us" in this context?
On the surface, it seems as if the "us" in "You're one of us, my man" is the Robertson family -- Cruz will smear his face and go duck hunting, so he's an honorary family member.


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