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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Making America Hate Again

White Nationalist Show's Syndicator Threatens To Release Emails Proving Trump Camp Lied

White Nationalist Show's Syndicator Threatens To Release Emails Proving Trump Camp Lied About Interview
Syndicator: "The Trump Campaign Through Their Booking Agency ... Absolutely Invited James To Do The Interview"

Bushman is now claiming the Trump campaign is lying about their interactions and is threatening to release "emails" proving it.

On his March 3 show, Bushman claimed that in his email reply to Trump's booking agency, he wrote "this is Sam Bushman, I own Liberty News Radio, that's the nationally syndicated radio network, James has a show on my network called The Political Cesspool, he went to your rally, was credentialed at your rally, you reached out to James with your email, and I'm responding back and saying that James can't do the interview because he has a weekend show, but I would love to do the interview."

Bushman then added: "The Trump campaign reached out through their booking agency, though. Remember that fact. The Trump campaign reached out to James to do a radio interview via their booking agency."

Bushman says he responded to the agency making clear they wanted to do the interview and cc'd Edwards.

He continued, "I called James and said 'James, do you want to be on with us?' And the reason I did is because this all came through James. It was James' media credentials that they had approved. James was the one that attended the rally. They were the ones that reached out -- meaning the Trump campaign through their booking agency -- and absolutely invited James to do the interview."

Bushman claimed "people are kind of hinting" they don't want him to re-air the interview, and he said he would "drag out every email" about the interview if the Trump campaign doesn't stop the "lies":

BUSHMAN: The interview was incredible; we talked about all kinds of good things. In fact, we're going to play the interview back so you can hear it. OK, people are kind of hinting they don't want us to play it back. I don't take directions very well from these thugs. I don't appreciate their lies and abuse and manipulation and game playing. OK, so I'm just going to tell you the story straight and if they want to debate it, we'll take that sucker on CNN and drag out every email and every little tidbit and tit-for-tat and this whole thing, because we will slaughter them, including the Trump campaign if they don't stop. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not taking on the Trump campaign. I'm just telling you that we're not going to tolerate lies and game playing.


“Shameful,” “Disgusting,” "Embarrassment", "Despicable” – Fox News Focus Group Slams Fox News Debate

FRANK LUNTZ: Megyn, I don't know how happy you all at Fox are going to be, but I want a word or phrase to describe tonight's debate, and I'm going to start in the second row.



FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: Disappointing.




FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: Low on substance.


FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: School yard brawl.

LUNTZ: OK, now this ain't good, because there are millions and millions of people who watched the debate tonight, and this is the most negative response I have had. I got one more question. By a show of hands, how many of you thought this helped the Republican party, what they saw tonight across the country? Raise your hands if it helped the GOP. None of you. So what is the problem? What is your anger? Explain it to me.

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: They're not getting their points across. They're not telling us about what they want to do as president.

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: They're giving sound bite fuel for the Democrats.

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: I think it's a lot of baiting by the moderators at times, Frank.

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: They're constantly attacking Donald Trump.

LUNTZ: Oh, so they're attacking Donald Trump --


LUNTZ: -- And that's the reason why you are so unhappy?

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER: Rubio, Cruz, they're sandwiching him for the last two debates.

LUNTZ: Megyn, I want you to watch this. How many of you walked in here, be honest, how many of you walked in here supporting Donald Trump? Raise your hands. How many of you thought Donald Trump won the debate tonight? Raise your hands. One person.


Donald Trump: A Penis Portrait


Behold Tumblr user HomoPower's mosaic of Trump composed entirely of dick pics. 500 of 'em.


Donald Trump Stares Forlornly At Tiny, Aged Penis In Mirror Before Putting On Clothes, Beginning Day

"God, look at this thing," said a dejected Trump, hoisting up a large quantity of belly flab with his forearm to make his stunted organ visible. "Pitiful."


CNN’s Bash to Trump: ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Gonna Ask You This,’ But About That Dick Joke…

“I can’t believe I’m gonna ask you this question,” Bash asked, “but do you realize you’re probably the first person in American history, maybe world history, to make a joke about your you-know-what on a debate stage?”

Trump coyly said he was only talking about his hands, literally saying, “Look at these hands, aren’t they beautiful? I have very powerful hands, large hands. Relatively large hands.”

More, plus video:

KRUGMAN: "The establishment’s problem with Trump isn’t the con he brings; it’s the cons he disrupts"

.....the Trump phenomenon threatens the con the G.O.P. establishment has been playing on its own base. I’m talking about the bait and switch in which white voters are induced to hate big government by dog whistles about Those People, but actual policies are all about rewarding the donor class.

What Donald Trump has done is tell the base that it doesn’t have to accept the whole package. He promises to make America white again — surely everyone knows that’s the real slogan, right? — while simultaneously promising to protect Social Security and Medicare, and hinting at (though not actually proposing) higher taxes on the rich. Outraged establishment Republicans splutter that he’s not a real conservative, but neither, it turns out, are many of their own voters.

Just to be clear, I find the prospect of a Trump administration terrifying, and so should you. But you should also be terrified by the prospect of a President Rubio, sitting in the White House with his circle of warmongers, or a President Cruz, whom one suspects would love to bring back the Spanish Inquisition.

As I see it, then, we should actually welcome Mr. Trump’s ascent. Yes, he’s a con man, but he is also effectively acting as a whistle-blower on other people’s cons. That is, believe it or not, a step forward in these weird, troubled times.


RBG Smackdown


on your mark.....

Fortune Magazine to Trump: Actually, NO - you don't run a Fortune 500 company.

PSA: Donald Trump does not operate a #Fortune500 company

On Wednesday, the magazine also published an article challenging Trump's claims that his income was $362 million in 2014. The report says the real estate mogul's actual income is most likely only about a third of that and says a generous estimate would be that it is only about half.


Trump U

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