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Victim of Obama's first drone strike: 'I am the living example of what drones are'

Faheem Qureshi was 14 when a drone attack on his home left him with horrific injuries, several family members dead and his dreams for the future in tatters

It took nearly 40 days for Qureshi to emerge from a series of hospitals, all of which he spent in darkness. Shrapnel had punctured his stomach. Lacerations covered much of his upper body. Doctors operated on the entire left side of his body, which had sustained burns, and used laser surgery to repair his right eye. They could not save his left.

His family kept the worst from him while he recuperated. Two of Qureshi’s uncles, Mohammed Khalil and Mansoor Rehman, were dead. So was his 21-year-old cousin Aizazur Rehman Qureshi, who was preparing to leave the family’s North Waziristan home for work, also in the UAE. Fourteen of Qureshi’s cousins were left fatherless.

Barely a teenager, Qureshi was suddenly an elder male within his family, tasked with providing for his mother, brothers and sisters. Once a promising student who wanted a career in chemistry, his priority would become scrounging a living. The family never had the money to repair the guest lounge.

Obama, now in the twilight of his presidency, wants to be remembered as a peacemaker. In his own telling, as in his final state of the union address earlier this month, he is the man who denuclearized Iran peacefully, who opened Cuba and ended the last vestige of the cold war, who replaced the “dumb wars” he campaigned against with the prudent, precise counter-terrorism of drone strikes.


memo: To Sarah

Why do this?

It’s fairly common for Seniors to celebrate their photo day with t-shirts that, when they assemble for a group photo, spell out a word or phrase. It could be the name of the school, their social group, or so on. But as AZ Central reports, this one was different:

A photo shows six smiling girls standing with their arms around each other, wearing black shirts with letters written on them in gold tape that, even with asterisks in the middle, unmistakably spell out the n-word.

The photo has a small circle in the corner, indicating it was originally posted to Snapchat, where photos disappear after 24 hours.

The image began appearing across Facebook shortly after:



BREAKING: Trump releases open letter to the National Review editorial board



- Uber, but for oligarchy
- faith-based defense spending
- guns are people
- make the whole plane out of the black box


“Vile daemon!” cried Frankenstein as he gazed upon the monster. “Would that the tyrant Obama never..

“Vile daemon!” cried Frankenstein as he gazed upon the monster. “Would that the tyrant Obama never had created you.”


Jeb Lund, in the Guardian:

National Review, a Thurston Howell impression on print and with staples in it, published a special edition yesterday titled Against Trump. Not Stop Trump, or Dump Trump or even Chump Trump. “Against Trump.” Toward a Normative Understanding of Trump Negation. Whatever.

I’m sure it will be very effective with all 5,000 subscribers who are not conservative thinktanks. There is definitely no way that the snob mouthpiece of the Republican party rolling out a coordinated attack on Donald Trump will backfire…

What makes this especially fun is that everything that makes Donald Trump a runaway success is a creation of conservatism. He is their Be Careful What You Wish For candidate…National Review can stand athwart history and yell stop, but they’re standing in front of a snowball they’ve been pushing down a hill for the last half-century. Even the hand-wringing that Donald Trump is such an ugly and hateful candidate is hilarious from a rag that started out defending liberty and segregation…

The number-one rule of conservative mass politics and virality is always punch down. If that’s not possible, weigh the value of punching sideways. You don’t even have to get into some abstract discussion of the Southern Strategy to know that constantly pwning noobs, enemies and the teeming Other in the Republican field gets you clickthrough. If the National Review is going to be mad at Trump for this, they should at least be honest and admit they’re mad because he’s so much better at it….


Pierce on the Sander's Campaign's "America"

Charles P. Pierce

Call me an aging Boomer sap, but I think this Bernie Sanders ad is just about the best political commercial I've ever seen. The song is perfect. The selection of visuals is dead on—the little kid carrying the calf just kills me—and it's so welcoming and positive that it makes the old Reagan "Morning In America" ads look like death-metal videos. If all the Sanders campaign does is inject the spirit of this commercial into our money-drenched, dead-assed politics, then it is already far more than merely a worthwhile endeavor

If you haven't, here it is.


The Los Angeles Times: Democracy didn't fail -- it was stolen.

Democracy didn't fail -- it was stolen.


The undermining of democracy began in 2011, when the Michigan Legislature adopted Public Law 4 to grant the governor the power to declare a financial crisis in local governments and appoint an emergency manager to make all financial decisions -- which are the underpinnings of everything a city does. Once the manager was appointed, the elected representatives -- council members and mayors -- lost pretty much all authority to make any decisions at all. And it empowered the manager to void contracts, including those with labor unions.

.............the elected representatives went directly against the expressed will of the people of the state of Michigan.

And it was the emergency manager appointed under that new law in 2013 who made the bad call in Flint that led to the lead poisoning of its water supply (the issue was brought to light by Curt Guyette, an investigative journalist working for the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan).

Cause and effect between the emergency manager law and the Flint crisis? Not necessarily. But among the warning signs that all was not right with Flint’s water were complaints by residents that it tasted funny and was causing problems. Those kinds of complaints usually end up on a mayor’s desk, or in public comment sessions at city council meetings, where the people who make the decisions are accountable to those who are lodging the complaints.

In Flint, the decision-maker was accountable not to the people of Flint, but to the governor who appointed him.

So where is that emergency manager, Darnell Earley, now? Snyder placed him in charge of the Detroit Public Schools, where teachers have resorted to sickouts to draw attention to the appalling physical condition of buildings and classrooms, including mold infestations, vermin, broken or inadequate heating systems and other basic maintenance problems that have been ignored. Low pay and limited raises, plus more looming state-directed reforms, have led to resignations, early retirements and a teacher shortage.

As in Flint, under the emergency manager system there's no one to be held politically accountable. Democracy didn't fail -- it was stolen.

Much more:


Flint hospital reports finding Legionnaires' bacteria in water



A hospital in Flint, Michigan, reported Friday that low levels of Legionnaires’ disease bacteria were discovered in its water system.

The discovery came after the city switched its water supply and the medical staff noticed an increase in people coming in for treatment who were diagnosed with Legionnaires,’ McLaren Hospital said.

Legionnaires’ disease is a respiratory bacterial infection usually spread through mist that comes from a water source.

McLaren Hospital said it has taken corrective measures with its water supply.

All testing shows the hospital water supply “is well within safety and quality standards,” the hospital statement said, and no tests show McLaren was the source of Legioinnaires’ disease.

The hospital report is the latest negative news about the Flint water supply and the second piece of news about Legionnaires’ disease.


In One Quote, Viola Davis Nails The Academy Award's Diversity Issue

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