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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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Berlin's mayor just issued this message for Donald Trump. It's quite something


Metaphor of the week: An Actual GOP Ghost Train Left 30th St Station This A.M.


In what was perhaps the grandest metaphor of a week’s worth of visiting Republican Party retreat members being literally cornered by protestors wherever they found themselves in downtown Philadelphia — grander still than even the fact that the city deemed to protect the Loews Hotel where they were staying by using trash trucks to block off the streets — a ghost train of sorts was there to carry them off, back to Washington, D.C., this morning. When protestors arrived at 30th Street Station late this morning, to greet the visiting GOP one last time for the week with messages of dissent and resistance to an increasingly aberrant, toxic presidency, they soon realized:None from the party had the courage to enter the station, and take the train that had been chartered on the GOP’s behalf.

“They totally had a private chartered train waiting for them at the station that pulled away empty because none of the GOP were willing to walk into the station,” one protestor on the scene told us. “The Amtrak agent had called for the boarding of the charter train number, over and over announcing its departure,” she said, “and then conferred with the protest organizers, who then announced it to the crowd.” Whereupon the crowd cheered. It was a fitting and triumphant end to a week that saw so many in Philadelphia responding to the absurd madness and craven greed of the Trump presidency in a way that the city’s founders would have been both proud of, and there for.


"I view Mr. Trump's fear, lust and sloth and I do not envy him."

El Jamon
New York 7 hours ago

I am not a wealthy man. According to Donald Trump, I would be a loser. I changed diapers. I am an attentive, nurturing father. I built a modest business.

I am devoted to my spouse. We've been through thick and thin, better or worse and we still remain devoted and deeply in love.

Our home is modest. Our car is not luxurious. I served my country and paid for college myself, without ever taking a loan or dime from my parents.

And I am happy because I am grateful.

Every single day, I am grateful for this life, better or worse, rich or poor. I'm even grateful for the trials and struggles I've had. I'm grateful for the wisdom life's difficulties and set backs have provided.

The man in the gilded tower is not grateful. He is not wise. He is steeped in fears that, though we see the same television news stations, and read many of the same papers, I do not share.

Why is it that someone who had never wondered how he was going to pay for college, someone who (unlike myself) was backed by the generosity of the happenstance of wealthy parents, someone who cycles through luxury, why is he not grateful? Why is he so angry?

Look at this wealthy, powerful man's face. He is tormented, even twisted by his fears, and envy and pride, despite the evidence and, as he often brags, the rewards of his greed and gluttony.

Why do I, a poor man by comparison, live in a state of gratitude, while he is in service to his envy and wrath? I view Mr. Trump's fear, lust and sloth and I do not envy him.


Trump & Republicans Are on a Suicide Mission Together And we'll all have to live with the fallout


WA Gov: "If Trump's border wall is anything like his inauguration crowd assessment-It'll be 8" high"


I'm from California, & I approve of this message!


Trump Has Already Filed for 2020 Re-Election

President Trump filed papers with the Federal Election Commission for his re-election in 2020 last Friday — on Inauguration Day.

In contrast, Barack Obama filed for re-election in April 2011.



OMG! The Obama photo is "backwards" too!


FOX: Hey Donald Trump, if you're watching, turn some lights on and off!


California lawmakers introduce bill adding a non-binary gender marker option for driver's licenses

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