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LOL: Senator Claire McCaskill (D) trolled the Donald Trump


"Careful! We don't want to learn anything from this"

From a few years ago, but fitting (mho):

Dan Rather: Trump Hired Far-Right "Zealots" To Use Right-Wing Radio Rhetoric To Boost White Vote

RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): Do you think, Dan, that we are going to continue to see -- one of the things I've been highlighting is the way there's these references, and there's use of material from the very far right?

The reason I did that Center for Immigration Study segment at the top is because that ought to be a nuclear reference in presidential politics, at least in terms of racial extremism. And we've seen that a bunch of different times from the Trump campaign. If they really are trying to maximize the white vote, do you think we'll get some of this fringe, sort of racialist stuff?

DAN RATHER: I think you may get a lot of it, rather subtly put, perhaps not as straightforward. But look, the campaign is being run, not entirely -- is being run by Donald Trump, but he's taking aboard candidate people, workers who are from the fringes.

There's zealots from the fringes of the party, who are now helping him run the campaign. And they're going to say the kinds of things that they previously were saying on right-wing radio, because they think if you say it often enough, they're convinced that will get Donald Trump the white votes he needs, the big white turn-out that he needs. I think you're going to see an awful lot of that.


RATHER: He's turned himself over to a lot of zealots from the fringes of the party, and we'll see how that goes.



The Governor of Louisiana warned Donald Trump not to visit the flooded disaster area of the state if he was only coming for a photo op, which would have created a traffic jam and diverted law enforcement away from helping with the recovery effort. So instead Trump showed up with a small truck of supplies and proceeded to spend a total of forty-nine seconds handing out those supplies before giving up and leaving. Worse, the “supplies” he handed out to flood victims were cartons of Play-Doh. No, seriously.


First 2 people exiting Trump's plane after landing - Never saw secret service quite like this.




All the times Manafort was listed in the "black ledgers," published by investigators.


Their support of Clinton is just fucking cover so that they can say they turned away from Trump


Make Republicans Fucking Choke on Donald Trump


.......It's not what Trump's running on that scares off Republicans. It's that he's a prick. And while, sure, it's great that they're not voting for him and some are actually voting for Clinton, the reason is more that they want the rational hawk and not the mongoose-on-meth who might get us all nuked. There are exceptions, like Bush's Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, who dislikes Trump's economic plans.

Hillary Clinton has embraced these wayward Republicans in that annoying way that Democrats have of trying to say that what they believe is extra-valid because Republicans like it. Yeah, she's making it seem safe for Republicans to cross that wall and vote for her by providing cover but, frankly, I don't need a fucking ad with fucking Michael Hayden and fucking Charles Krauthammer justifying why Hillary Clinton is a better choice than Donald Trump. Because, see, that's the lie that Obama bought into that fucked him over: That somehow he would bring people together who wouldn't ordinarily work together.

The second Clinton is inaugurated, impeachment proceedings will begin because that's what these GOP fuckers do. And every single one of them will run like baby rats back to their rat mother's teats and join the party in condemning Clinton for whatever made up shit they crap out this time. Their support of Clinton is just fucking cover so that they can say they turned away from Trump when he finally melts down and starts calling for death squads (which, again, would make Negroponte fucking hard).

If I were Clinton, I'd demand that each of these assholes scrambling to get away from Trump join the Democratic Party. Don't make it easy on this scum. Tell them they need abandon their party or tell them to go to hell with Trump. Leave the GOP to the extremists and the racists and the nutzoids. You know climate change is real. You know gun laws need to be passed. You fucking know that the tax laws are tilted radically towards the wealthy. You know that LGBT issues are done. You know that unless you get down and dirty with the fundamentalists and nationalists and the remnants of the Tea Party, you will be primaried. So fuck you and your support. Show you mean it. Then we can fight about the identity of the Democratic Party, which we're gonna have to do anyway.


Choices for Syrian Children:

Trump: "Those who believe in oppressing gays are not welcome to join our great country."

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