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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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RUSSIAGATE: Im tired of MSM acting stupid as to whether Trump was trying to impede an investigation

We know that trump summoned Comey to a dinner, at which he requested a loyalty pledge, which Comey rejected. Trump admits that at that same dinner the topic of whether Comey would keep his job was brought up. That implicitly ties together Comey’s employment with the loyalty pledge. That is a “pressure was brought to bear” offense.

We know that later Trump requested Comey kill the Flynn investigation, which overlaps with the Russia investigations.

We know that Trump fired Comey after failing to secure the loyalty pledge and failing to get Comey to kill the Flynn investigation, and Trump has now admitted twice that he fired Comey in order to kill the Russia investigation.

You don’t have to be a genius to connect the dots.

I’m tired of the MSM acting stupid as to whether Trump was trying to impede an investigation.

Finally, impeachment is not a legal standard, it’s a political standard. “High crimes and misdemeanors” = unethical use of one’s office, criminal or non-criminal, that is bad enough to warrant removal from office, as deemed by Congress. “High crimes and misdemeanors” as it pertains to impeachment is both a weaker and stronger standard than “criminality”. There are some crimes that are too trivial to warrant removal from office, and at the same time there are non-crimes that are bad enough to warrant removal from office. It’s whatever Congress wants to do. There have been judges impeached for things that were unethical but not criminal.

The MSM keeps trotting out Dershowitz and Turley to carry Trump’s water, by talking about the legal statute “Obstruction of Justice”, which is not relevant. Turely said the other day that Trump’s actions don’t meet the ‘Obstruction of Justice’ standard because when he fired Comey there was no grand jury in effect, therefore he’s not done anything impeachable. That is such weak sauce. Dershowitz is playing the same kind of crap.

But if the MSM keeps playing that game, Democrats might want to consider stopping using the phrase “Obstruction of justice” and instead use the phrase, “impeding an investigation”, or “impeding a counter-intelligence investigation” or “impeding a criminal and counter-intelligence investigation”. And use terms like “pressure was brought to bear”. These are all unethical abuses of the office Trump holds. Don’t specify a specific criminal statute, so that Turley, Dershowitz, Ryan, and MSM can’t use the technicalities of that statute to protect Trump.

And if Ryan wants to play semantics to protect Trump, then the Dems should explicitly run on impeachment in 2018. In 2006 they explicitly took impeachment off the table, but this time they should explicitly put it on the table. (They should run on “issues” too, but this diary is about Russiagate, so that’s what I’m talking about here.)


Imagine a country where you're stabbed by white supremacist but your med care has to be crowd funded





Because of the themes in his poetry and what she saw of his personality, Abbruzzese said she wasn't surprised he was involved in the incident on the MAX train.

"Just because of who he is as a person," Abbruzzese said. "He deeply cares about other people."

Around 10:15 p.m., Fletcher posted a picture of himself in the hospital on his closed Facebook page, Helm said. In the photo, a red tube goes from his throat down his chest, and a thin red line stretches across part of his neck.

The picture came with a poem.

"I, am alive,

. I spat in the eye of hate and lived.

This is what we must do for one another

We must live for one another

We must fight for one Mother

We must die in the name of freedom if we have to.

Luckily it's not my turn today."

-- Maxine Bernstein, Allan Brettman, Eder Campuzano and Bethany Barnes contributed to this report.

Today I remember a cowardly president with imaginary heel spurs.





Maybe this is what happened to Trump...

A seagull turned bright orange after falling into a vat of curry.

The bird fell into a container of chicken tikka masala while trying to scavenge a piece of meat from a food factory bin.

He was rescued by workers at the undisclosed site in south east Wales and picked up by a volunteer for Vale Wildlife Hospital near Tewkesbury.

Staff at the centre used washing up liquid to clean the gull's feathers.

They managed to return him back to his original white colour but have not been able to wash away the smell.

Lucy Kells, a veterinary nurse at the hospital in Worcestershire, said: "He really surprised everyone here - we had never seen anything like it before.

"The thing that shocked us the most was the smell. He smelled amazing, he really smelled good."



If you are a man & you bite a dog-that doesn't make you a master of anything. But it does make news

Trump Is NOT a Master Media Manipulator
Getting granular with the claim that Trump is some media wizard
That our President is a master of media manipulation is a view commonly expressed by American journalists. I doubt it


My read: “The President can watch himself on TV and play pundit at the same time. I know that sounds impossible, but he gave us a live demo. In the White House. It’s real, folks. And let me tell you: the man is a champion television watcher. He’s incredible at it. Enormously sophisticated…”

Conclusion: To the claim that Trump is a master of media manipulation — which I doubt — I offer these alternatives:

1.) He cannot be shamed. Trump does not care if he is shown to be a liar, idiot, ignoramus, clown, or monster. Most people are not built like that. Therefore he can generate media attention without caring about the consequences. Most people are not built like that, either. Trump is exceptional, but this is different from saying he is a masterful. In fact, he’s a compulsive. Which is the opposite of mastery. Everything explained by attributing to Trump some genius for the media arts is better explained by his utter shamelessness, his malignant narcissism— and his indifference to being the clown figure.

2.) He is risk-friendly in a field where nearly all practitioners are risk-averse. This follows from what I just said. Enormously risky behavior is routine for Donald Trump, because he simply doesn’t care if he is shown to be a liar, idiot, ignoramus, clown, or ethical monster. Therefore he can accuse a previous President of the United States of a devilish crime without any evidence… and feel fine about it. It’s true that by these methods he dominates the news agenda and forces attention to his groundless charges, but “master media manipulator” is a poor description of the man who would do that.

3.) If you have opened yourself to manipulation, it’s less bad if a master of it did this to you. Think about it. If it takes a wizard to manipulate me, I must be pretty smart… right? When journalists testify to Trump’s genius as a mover of media they are bragging in a way they don’t quite realize. For they are implicitly saying: genius is required to manipulate us. Sorry, it’s not. Anyone in a position of power willing to float a false accusation can get you to cover it— and subvert your intention to cover something else. Anyone eager to make a spectacle of himself can create lurid headlines. Anyone smashing to bits norms of democratic governance will dominate the news agenda.

If you are a man, and you bite a dog, that does not make you a master of anything. But it does make of you news.

the rest:

Exclusive photo of the senior administration official that said THIS:


Thoughtful take on what a Kushner Mideast "peace plan" might actually be about from emptywheel


And you call this a success Donny?




Are they leaks, or lies? They can't be both, dummy.



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