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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 61,607

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"A corrupt and fraudulent family foundation."

A corrupt and fraudulent family foundation. Hush money to mistresses to help swing an election--felony violations of campaign finance laws. Seeking and embracing the help of an enemy to win an election. Repeatedly obstructing justice to cover up those crimes.

Lying to the American people on average 10 times a day. Celebrating Nazis as very fine people. Building concentration camps for children on our borders. Racist policies that turn away good people from our shores. Serial misogyny. Upwards of 20 cases of sexual harassment.

At least one accusation of rape from an underage minor. A massive, decades long record of income tax fraud. 17 separate investigations into his activities. Virtually every major organization he has run for two decades under investigation.

An international record of celebrating despots and autocrats and kleptocrats and brutal totalitarians and enemies. Unprecedented isolation from America's friends and a repeated record of insults of them and international rejection of him as a trusted leader.

Attacking America's law enforcement institutions. Attacking America's intelligence institutions. Collaborating with fellow travelers in the Congress to circumvent the laws and to undermine decades and decades of regulation. Irreversible damage done to the environment.

A campaign to take health care away from the neediest Americans. A systematic effort to deport productive contributors to our society who have lived and worked here for decades. Hypocrisy. Vulgarity. Deceit. Criminal behavior. Serial violation of his oath of office.
Serial betrayal of his country.

This is our president. This is the heir to Washington and Lincoln. He stole the office with the aid of our enemies and he has done grievous damage to this country ever since.

Sometimes I walk through Alexandria where I live past the places Washington walked and I have to admit it, it makes me physically ill. It is hard to imagine that there is a line from Washington to Trump, that we could have so squandered the legacies of past generations.

Read this list of wrongs and crimes and missteps and compound it with the ignorance and the incompetence and the absence of principles and the deficiency of character of this man. Think how each and any of them might have disqualified past leaders.

Think how you wouldn't allow such a man into your home or contact with your children and then of the power and prestige he has been given, the precious gifts of heritage that have been placed in his hands.

It is easy to grow numb to this. It is possible to become distracted by rage. But remembering what is at stake we must focus on undoing this great wrong that took place in 2016 and seeking justice for the crimes that contributed to that and have unfolded since.

Imagine what Washington or Lincoln would say were they to see this. Worse still, imagine what our grandchildren and generations to come will say. This is the history we bequeath to them. Let it in the end be an affirmation of our institutions and our ability to repel danger.

Let it in the end be worthy of the best of the legacy that came before. We're an imperfect society, but we should not elevate the worst among us as we have done with this man Trump and the corrupt crowd of enablers surrounding him.


Remember that mystery grand jury subpoena case argued last week in the DC Circuit? A decision is out


NEW: Remember that mystery grand jury subpoena case argued last week in the DC Circuit? A decision is out, and it's public, sort of — it's about a company (unnamed) owned by a country (unnamed). Court upheld the denial of a motion to quash the subpoena https://www.scribd.com/document/395974126/12-18-18-DC-Circuit-Grand-Jury-Subpoena


KRUGMAN: R's Alternative To ACA is clear-Their plan is for people to get sick, go bankrupt, and die.


If there's one thing that is absolutely clear after the past 2 years on health care, it is that Rs have no alternative to the ACA, and never will. Their plan is for people to get sick, go bankrupt, and die.


Ha Ha Ha.


Doesn't get much better than this, folks

“Arguably, you sold your country out,”

This should be on the tombstone of the Republican Party.


Attorney General says that the Trump Foundation has signed a stipulation agreeing to dissolve.

BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump agrees to shut down his troubled charity, and give its money away to charities approved by a judge.
The NY AG's lawsuit against Trump & his kids will continue.

A.G. Underwood Announces Stipulation Dissolving Trump Foundation Under Judicial Supervision, With AG Review Of Recipient Charities

AG Underwood's Lawsuit Remains Ongoing

NEW YORK – Today, Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood announced that – following a court decision in favor of the Attorney General – the Trump Foundation has signed a stipulation agreeing to dissolve under judicial supervision, with review and approval by the Attorney General of proposed recipient charities of the Foundation’s remaining assets.

This stipulation follows the court decision last month allowing Attorney General Underwood’s lawsuit against the Trump Foundation to move forward.

Attorney General Underwood’s lawsuit sought the dissolution of the Foundation under judicial supervision and with the oversight of the Attorney General's Charities Bureau. The lawsuit – which also seeks millions in restitution and penalties and a bar on President Trump and his three eldest children from serving on the boards of other New York charities – remains ongoing.

Attorney General Underwood released the following statement:

“Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more. This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.

“Today’s stipulation accomplishes a key piece of the relief sought in our lawsuit earlier this year. Under the terms, the Trump Foundation can only dissolve under judicial supervision – and it can only distribute its remaining charitable assets to reputable organizations approved by my office.

“This is an important victory for the rule of law, making clear that there is one set of rules for everyone. We’ll continue to move our suit forward to ensure that the Trump Foundation and its directors are held to account for their clear and repeated violations of state and federal law.”

The Attorney General filed the stipulation with the court today; it is awaiting the judge’s signature.




RUDE PUNDIT: On the Need to Drop Stephen Miller Naked Into Guatemala

Put aside for a moment that White House senior adviser Stephen Miller looks like what happens when a Mr. Potato Head becomes human-sized and mean. Put aside that he has the facial expression of a man who knows the pleasure of using a disembodied head for fellatio. Put aside that, for his appearance on CBS's Face the Nation yesterday, he seemed to have pasted Sarah Sanders's shaved pubic stubble onto his forehead. Put aside all that shallow but hilarious stuff about Stephen Miller, whose head, it should be noted, looks like a scrotum stretched over a hard-boiled egg.

Instead, let's talk about why he should be stripped naked and dropped into the middle of Guatemala. Somewhere really fucking poor. Just drop his pasty, bare white ass right there.

Because if we learned anything in his interview with Margaret Brennan on Sunday, it's that this vicious motherfucker won't rest until he has personally watched children from Mexico and Central America die horribly. Sure, Miller paid lip service to the objective tragedy that is the death of 7 year-old Jakelin Caal while in the custody of the Border Patrol. But then he made sure to blame everyone except the people running the goddamn federal government. "Hundreds die on the dangerous trek up. Smuggling organizations profit off death and misery. They are vicious, vile organizations," he said, which is true, but he could at least have fucking said that the death was being investigated, which you do, if you care.


Let's say that Miller is dropped naked, with no passport, no i.d., no phone, no money, into a small town, like, hey, what about Raxruha, which is in the middle of fucking nowhere Guatemala. It's also the incredibly poor place where Jakelin Caal and her father left to head for the U.S.

There is a kind part of me that hopes that nude Miller would seek out help in one of the thatched roof huts with a dirt floor and a fire pit for cooking. And that the family there, where they earn $5 a day harvesting beans, would take him in and share their ragged clothes and meager food, caring for him the way that strangers often take care of those in strange lands who need help. And that kind part of me extends to a sort of redemption, that Miller would learn that the people that he thinks are so terrible, are so violent, are such burdens to this nation are none of those things, that they are simply humans who want a better life for their children. And in my most generous moments, I see Miller having a change of heart; I see him being taken to the American embassy in Guatemala City, of him coming back and giving up the white nationalism that has ruined his hairline and his soul; I see him transformed and demanding a transformation of the policies of the United States. Yes, that part of me exists.

Mostly, though, I hope they just put a collar on him and make him their pet.

The Rest:

Pelosi wasn't bluffing. She knew there were not enough votes for the wall.

“House GOP considered putting legislation on floor w/$5-B for border wall as Trump demanded. But leaders eventually told the president that there were not enough votes to pass it”

in other words, Pelosi wasn’t bluffing. she knew where the votes were.


Judge in Flynn case says memo of FBI/Flynn WH meeting interview should be released


This will be big.
Judge in Flynn case says that the memo, written by FBI agents following their interview with Michael Flynn at the White House, should be made public, with some redactions allowed, and will be relevant at his sentencing. This memo had only been filed under seal.

Trump may emerge as a brazen grifter who, by aspiring to WH like a wizened, soiled version of Icarus


“Trump may emerge as a brazen grifter who, by aspiring to the White House like a wizened, soiled version of Icarus, flew beyond the boundaries of his own luck and abilities and delivered his business, children and well-being into the hands of prosecutors.”

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