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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Fox Host: How is Trump Supposed to Testify to Mueller Knowing He Can't Tell a Lie?

Outnumbered host Dagen McDowell wondered how Trump could consider speaking with Mueller, implying that the president would have a tough time avoiding any false statements.

“How in the world could he ever cooperate and sit down with Mueller for an interview knowing that if you tell one lie to Bob Mueller, he will move to file charges?” she said during Monday’s show.

McDowell also suggested Mueller was laying a perjury trap for Trump, hoping he’d slip up eventually.

“From the outside looking in doesn’t it look like increasingly that the Mueller team is setting a trap for the president if he decides to speak with them them?” she asked.


People lost their minds when the Obamas showed up on Martha's Vineyard!!

WOW Videos:


Misha Better Hope He Has Some Big Big Goods on Trump

Federal prosecutors in New York are homing in on possible tax fraud as part of their criminal investigation into the financial dealings of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

A person familiar with the probe told the Journal that the possible fraud violations center on whether Cohen underreported the income he earned from his taxi medallion business on federal tax returns. Those funds amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars Cohen received in cash.

Prosecutors from the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office are also investigating whether employees at New York’s Sterling National Bank allowed Cohen to take out loans for that business without providing appropriate documentation, according to the report.

Cohen is under investigation for a host of financial crimes, including campaign finance violations and bank fraud. The former Trump Organization executive has signaled his willingness to cooperate with prosecutors and turn over information damaging to the president.


OHIO 12 - More of THIS please

6:30 am and I had to stand in line to vote; good sign. Just voted for Danny O'Connor. I can't remember the last time I voted blue. I'm (sic) 2016 I voted independent, today I'm a little wave of the blue #Tsunami


Voltaire Today


Why can't we just STOP immigration?

How is Bob Mueller celebrating his 74th birthday?

How is Bob Mueller celebrating his 74th birthday? @togawamercer and I asked @DavidPriess, a former CIA officer who briefed Mueller for a year.

"If we're lucky he will celebrate his birthday by dropping an indictment this afternoon"


Today's daily cartoon from The New Yorker:


BOROWITZ: Californians Puzzled by Trump's Failure to Blame Wildfires on Hillary

SACRAMENTO, California (The Borowitz Report)—Californians were baffled on Monday by a series of tweets by Donald J. Trump in which he utterly failed to blame the state’s current wildfires on Hillary Clinton.


“When he said that there wasn’t enough water to put out the fires, I naturally assumed he was going to accuse Hillary Clinton of sneaking into California and somehow stealing all of our water,” Dorrinson said. “It was so confusing when he didn’t.”

“I thought that the wildfires would be a perfect opportunity for Trump to accuse Hillary of being anti-water and pro-fire, but he didn’t even mention her,” Tracy Klugian, who lives in San Jose, said. “Maybe he’s really distracted by all this Russia stuff and he’s off his game.”

Carol Foyler, who lives in Monterey, said that Trump’s failure to accuse Hillary Clinton of single-handedly causing the wildfires left her shaken and appalled.

“At a time when many of us in California are suffering from historic wildfires, we look to the President of the United States to blame them on Hillary Clinton,” she said. “And he let us down.”


Birds, turtles, humans.....

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