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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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oh man - CREW is getting (and releasing) Mar-a-Lago visitor logs, starting Sept 8


Kurt Eichenwald's XLNT Rant: "Fox Is A Propaganda Network Aiding And Abetting The Russians"

Kurt Eichenwald Goes On Righteous Rant Against Fox News Propaganda


"We're talking about a situation seems like nobody understands what happened --certainly not Fox News. We had, we were subject to an act of war. This was not some little computer problem. This act of war has been done by Russia against England, the Netherlands, it has been done against Italy, it has been done against France.

"The entire purpose, American intelligence agencies know, is to drive a wedge and break apart the western alliances. Yes, it would be nice to talk jobs. We are in a war. And the problem with the Trump administration and the propaganda Fox News, they look at it only through the prism of what does it mean for Trump, what does it mean for the Republican party.

"I truthfully don't care what it means for Trump. I believe we as a nation need to be focused on what do we do about the enemy, what do we do to preserve American democracy. Unfortunately you have the fact that Fox is a propaganda network, which functions off the idea of breaking people up into teams, so they're aiding and abetting the enemy. They're aiding and abetting those people we are currently at war with -- the Russians.

"In order to play for their team, to make it GOP versus Democrats. It's not. It is the United States of America versus people who are a country trying to destroy our democracy, break up the western alliance, and in the process Fox News is saying, 'Don't worry about the Russians, don't worry about people trying to attack democracy, let's attack instead the intelligence agencies giving us these conclusions, let's pretend the Democrats are involved, and let's return to tax cuts.'

"It's obscene. It is propaganda, and it has to stop. The Republican party -- which unfortunately Jennifer Rubin, conservative, wrote this morning, is in opposition to reality. The Republican party has to take over and decide whether or not they're going to allow the propaganda to drive democracy, or side with America and help fight this enemy."


Trump witnesses protests and worst American finish ever at the U.S. Women's Open.

Trump witnesses protests and worst American finish ever at the U.S. Women's Open.


As other protests occurred both inside and outside security checkpoints Sunday, the tournament went on as scheduled, and was won by 23-year-old South Korean Sung Hyun Park, who surged into the lead late in the final round with a scintillating 5-under par 67 to win by two strokes over 17-year-old South Korean amateur Hye-Jin Choi.

Park’s was a victory for herself, of course, but also a continuation of the domination South Korean golfers have shown in the women’s game since Se-Ri Pak became the first South Korean to win this tournament in 1998.

The floodgates immediately opened with young South Korean girls who got up in the middle of the night to watch Pak win, then asked their parents to get them golf clubs. It’s no secret what happened next. Over those 19 years South Koreans have won the U.S. Women’s Open nine times, including Park’s victory.

South Korea’s presence here was enormous. There were 29 golfers from the country in the field, second only to 55 Americans. The top four finishers Sunday, as well as nine of the top 14, are from South Korea.

By contrast, only one U.S. golfer appeared on the leaderboard at the end, 26-year-old LPGA player Marina Alex of Wayne, N.J.


WH has told at least 4 different stories about its contacts w/ Russians-NONE of them check out.

The White House
Trump’s Standing Takes a Hit, Even in Places He Won in 2016
First Read is your briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.


Two possibilities: 1. Trump's lawyer is lying 2. Trump Sr. was expected to attend the meeting

Two possibilities:

1. Trump's lawyer is lying

2. Trump Sr. was expected to attend the meeting


Did Donald Trump’s lawyer accidentally make a huge confession about the meeting with the Russian lawyer?
Jay Sekulow suggested the Secret Service vetted the meeting, but Donald Trump Jr. was not being protected at that time.

Although the Secret Service is authorized to “make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in their presence,” the Secret Service’s protection detail is to provide for the physical safety of protectees. It is unclear why Sekulow would think their job would include stopping them from “nefarious” activities or ensuring the candidate or his team does not violate campaign finance laws.

***Unless*** the Secret Service thought that the senior Trump or Vladimir Putin himself was going to be at or very near the meeting, Sekulow’s claim that the Secret Service “allowed” the Russians in is what raises the real questions.


Trump/Russia is about changing world order.


"Time to clean the hairbrush"


For those pretending there's no value, for legal purposes, in the information Russians stole.....



An absolute tragedy for American democracy...

They're blatant about it on purpose and that's to instill a sense of helplessness in the population. They're basically saying we know that you know what we did and there's nothing you can do. And they've continued to do this in this way.

***When Donald Trump Jr. released those emails on twitter, that was a sign that he believes quite possibly they won't face repercussions.*** And if Trump has consolidated executive power. If he has the ability to issue presidential pardons, and if people like Jeff Sessions who are implicated in the scandal aren't going to actually prosecute people when evidence comes in, then, yeah, they do have, you know, a kind of immunity from consequence.

Video & more:

Primo wise-ass pool work


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