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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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Trump - Scraping The Bottom of the Barrel

Political Cartoon is by Steve Sack in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

"Prosecutors believe they have sufficient evidence to prove Trump directed Cohen to make payments...

Michael Cohen claims prosecutors possess "substantial" information that validates his charges -- and that they deem him "credible."

This is dangerous for Trump.

Because there's good reason to believe that it's true.


Nat'l Review: Republicans, Don't Fool Yourselves -- Donald Trump Is in Serious Trouble


Here is the fundamental reality, Republicans — there is already far more evidence of legal culpability against Trump than ever existed against Edwards, and a federal judge permitted the Edwards case to go to trial. It is true that, if Trump does eventually face indictment, a different judge may have a different view of the law, but if Trump is counting on a favorable legal ruling, he’s playing a dangerous game indeed.

Campaign-finance law is constructed from the ground up to require candidate transparency and guard against corruption. Thus, it is purposefully very hard for candidates to find a way to legally and quietly use substantial sums of money to cover up dirty deeds. In his essay, Smith argues, “Indeed, it is quite probable that many of those now baying for Trump’s scalp for illegal campaign contributions would be leading a charge to prosecute Trump for illegal ‘personal use’ of campaign funds had he made the payments from his campaign treasury.”

That’s likely correct — and evidence that campaign-finance law is working as intended. In other words, if you’re a campaign-finance lawyer, and a candidate asks your advice on how to buy the silence of a porn star and hide that payment entirely from the American people, your best response should be, “Have you considered not running for office?”

To be clear, I happen to disagree with many elements of the campaign-finance regulatory regime. Its mandatory-disclosure provisions expose ordinary American citizens to reprisals for public participation. But when a candidate’s behavior runs against the plain language and clear intent of applicable law, he should not be shocked when he pays a legal price.

The Rest:


Trump's Christmas nightmare.


Fake News: Folks, he's just giving Mick the title (not the job) to distract people

Folks, he’s just giving Mick the title (not the job) to distract people from the fact no one will it. A smokescreen to make it look filled.

Mulvaney ain’t gonna do jack in White House.

This truly is #FakeNews


"Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed... This was not a big crime,"

“Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed… This was not a big crime,” Giuliani told The Daily Beast, re alleged violations of campaign finance law.


Last Night In San Francisco!

Last night the image of Nancy Pelosi calmly walking away after blowing up Trump's plan was projected on the San Francisco Federal Building


David Hogg Sends "Thoughts & Prayers" To The NRA


Trump's first two years, summed up in a single sentence:

The case against Trump's corruption and criminality is getting built, and his border wall isn't.


David Pecker sure made a lot of campaign contributions



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