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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,637

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(He's willing) Manafort Engaged In Unsuccessful Plea Talks With Mueller To Avert DC Trial

Special counsel Robert Muellerís team and attorneys for Paul Manafort engaged in an unsuccessful round of plea negotiations to head off a trial next month for charges he is facing in D.C., the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The discussions took place as a jury deliberated charges that Mueller brought against Manafort in Virginia, according to the Journal. The talks fell through due to issues raised by Mueller, according to one of the Journalís sources.


In D.C., Manafort is facing charges that he failed to disclose his foreign lobbying and was engaged in a money laundering conspiracy. It begins on September 17.



He should not be allowed to sit in that desk.



Can't stop watching Trump trying to get the President of Mexico on speakerphone. (via CBS)


Laurence Tribe WAPO Op-ed: "Put Kavanaugh On Hold"

For readers who couldnít get through the Washington Postís paywall, hereís my op-ed from 8/26/18 on why the Constitutionís design points to a pause


Another typical week -by Tom Tomorrow


Dear Trump: The media's not out to get you.


Dear Trump: The media's not out to get you.
The media's out to get ratings.
America's out to get you.
The media's just covering it.


"I Like People Who Weren't Narcissistic A******s..."


He's watching people praise McCain and he can't take it. So pathetic.


John Fugelsang SLAMs Trump HARD

Yeah so I was going to tweet about the gun violence in Jacksonville but then I heard the shooter was white & Hannity always reminds me that means mental illness so I decided to not mention it at all and tweet this instead bc the base will believe Washington Times is a thing

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