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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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One of Paul Manafort's primary bankers had his Manhattan penthouse burglarized overnight

Key Paul Manafort Banker Robbed of iPad, Briefcase in Mysterious Overnight Break-in at His NYC Penthouse: Sources
David Fallarino was one of three so-called key figures not called by Robert Mueller's office to testify at the trial of Paul Manafort

One of Paul Manafort's primary bankers had his Manhattan penthouse burglarized overnight, a mysterious break-in that saw a briefcase, iPad and sneakers stolen from the residence, law enforcement sources familiar with the case tell News 4.

David Fallarino, dubbed Manafort's "front office banker" at Citizens Bank by the Huffington Post, told authorities he left the terrace door of his West 58th Street home open before he went to sleep Monday, the sources say.

Fallarino, 38, said he heard a noise around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday and went out to find a crow bar on the terrace, the sources say. There were no apparent signs of forced entry, the sources say, but Fallarino reported his wine cabinet was open and there was a bottle of wine on the floor. The briefcase, iPad and sneakers were the only items missing, the sources said.

The sources did not have any information on a possible suspect or suspects. Repeated attempts to reach Fallarino were unsuccessful; an assistant at Citizens Bank said he was on vacation and declined to comment.


Serena Williams told not to wear her "Black Panther" catsuit - So she showed up in a tutu. 💯


Updated to add something i just found:

JUST IN: Google responds to Trump


you can google the word idiot and find a photo of the president:

McCain's love affair with the press would have vanished if he stopped being a Republican.

a *Democratic* war hero who did things like stand up to the darkest impulses of the conservative movement wouldn’t have been a noteworthy figure … he’d have been John Kerry.


Blink if you're in pain Melania ? Oh I forgot , I really don't care !!


Is it too soon for RUDE PUNDIT's "Dead Senator"?

Dead Senator

Senator John McCain was an asshole. But he was the kind of smart, sarcastic asshole that, when he was on your side, you were just jazzed to have fight with you. When you were on the opposite side from him, he was just a fuckin' asshole. To understand the "complexity" of McCain, as so many like to say, is to misunderstand something basic in his nature: he obviously loved being an asshole.

Look, anything anyone writes about McCain, who died this weekend after battling brain cancer, has to acknowledge that the central part of his story is balls-to-the-wall badass, tragic, and heroic. McCain, who was a shitty pilot and a shitty student at the Naval Academy, was shot down in his fighter plane in North Vietnam and was beaten and tortured by his captors. He declined early release because he knew the NVA wanted a propaganda coup for doing it, so he was subjected to more and worse torture. For five years, he endured and then came home. If you want to know why McCain has engendered more sympathy than most figures in American politics, it boils down to the horror he experienced. We saw his sacrifice in every step his damaged body took.

It's too bad that he went through that for a completely useless war, but we're not supposed to say that. We're not supposed to acknowledge that McCain took pleasure in killing "gooks," as he himself said, or that he was likely hitting civilian targets in his bombing runs. But it doesn't take anything away from McCain's genuine heroism in the Hanoi Hilton. It doesn't take away an iota of the pain he suffered or the fact that it would have killed most of us. It's just that we tend to think in simple terms about the complicated reality.


..... If this post isn't as mean and full of anger as you might have liked, it's probably because I've said so many terrible things about McCain over the years that I don't fucking want to repeat myself. I can't think of what more to say about him. Besides, everyone gets so upset if you say one negative word. People love and are so deeply invested in the lie of McCain, of the honorable public servant, of the war hero, that they don't give a shit that he didn't really do much of anything to help people. They need the lie.

Mourning McCain for most of the nation feels less like mourning a man than mourning an illusion of a lost America where people worked together for a common purpose. It was an illusion that McCain talked about all the time, even in his final message to the American people. Throughout his career, though, McCain did as much as anyone to keep the illusion from becoming reality.


the rest:

Attention: critics of NFL players


Narcissists are always the victims in their minds and nothing is ever their fault.


KRUGMAN: Why It Can Happen Here


A year ago it seemed possible that there might be limits to the party’s complicity, that there would come a point where at least a few representatives or senators would say, no more. Now it’s clear that there are no limits: They’ll do whatever it takes to defend Trump and consolidate power.

This goes even for politicians who once seemed to have some principles. Senator Susan Collins of Maine was a voice of independence in the health care debate; now she sees no problem with having a president who’s an unindicted co-conspirator appoint a Supreme Court justice who believes that presidents are immune from prosecution. Senator Lindsey Graham denounced Trump in 2016, and until recently seemed to be standing up against the idea of firing the attorney general to kill the Mueller investigation; now he’s signaled that he’s O.K. with such a firing.

But why is America, the birthplace of democracy, so close to following the lead of other countries that have recently destroyed it?

Don’t tell me about “economic anxiety.” That’s not what happened in Poland, which grew steadily through the financial crisis and its aftermath. And it’s not what happened here in 2016: Study after study has found that racial resentment, not economic distress, drove Trump voters.

The point is that we’re suffering from the same disease — white nationalism run wild — that has already effectively killed democracy in some other Western nations. And we’re very, very close to the point of no return.

Behind wall (I found it here

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) rips Trump a new one on the floor of the Senate

Sen. Johnny Isakson: "Anybody who, in any way, tarnishes the reputation of John McCain deserves a whipping. I would say to the President or to anybody in the world. It's time to pause and say, 'This was a great man.’” (MORE - http://2wsb.tv/2PDuPJQ )

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