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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,620

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This is a Portuguese commercial on racism. This is how to handle it.


LOL-Sobbing Neo-Nazi Cantwell First Appeared 2014 As 'Total D*ck' Parking Meter Vigilante On Colbert


Christopher Cantwell became a household word this week when he pathetically became the poster child for victimized white supremacists everywhere, sobbing and bemoaning a bench warrant on a video that went viral and then following that performance with yet another video angrily blaming “the Jewish media and financial institutions” for “crucifying” him — translating as pointing and laughing at his ridiculousness.

Cantwell actually crawled out from under his rock in 2014 when Stephen Colbert did a segment on Cantwell and two other residents of Keene, NH. The three called themselves “libertarians” and were depicted by Colbert as “total d*cks” who called themselves the “Free Keene Squad,” a trio of pistol packing parking meter vigilantes who spent their days harassing the town’s parking enforcement officers. In the segment Cantwell proudly displays his .38 and holster and says, “I find that when I carry a gun, people are very unlikely to hit me.” John Wayne would be proud.


Charles P Pierce: Why I'm Not Popping Corks Over Steve Bannon's Exit

Paul Ryan, and others like him, now see an opening to influence Trump's future.


While this is all entertaining as hell, and it is, and while it's even more entertaining to speculate what vengeance Bannon and his army of angry gnomes could wreak on this presidency*, I am not going to be turning handsprings along the Charles over this development. First, it's eight months overdue and both Stephen Miller and the ridiculous Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D. are still there. Second, I decline at the moment to believe that Bannon will be blocked entirely on the president*'s cell phone. And third, given that this is a president* who would require his paper boy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I think it's reasonable to speculate that Bannon's silence will be handsomely remunerated. But there's one more general reason that I am not popping corks over this.

Whatever else he was, Bannon was one of the few people in that operation who still at least was making mouth noises about economic populism after inauguration day. I have to think that the various corporate sublets in the Republican congressional leadership—Paul Ryan, chief among them—are looking at Bannon's departure as an opportunity to lead a president* who knows nothing about anything right down the trail of corporate oligarchy. I'm glad he's gone, but there's still enough left to concern us all.


Oldie But Goodie: "The Seat Of Power"

mho: nothing has changed...kp

Getting over it...

from Joy Reid: "A conversation with Steve Bannon:"

A conversation with Steve Bannon:
😀Hey Steve how ya doin?
👾I'm JACKED! Got mah hands on mah WEAPONS!!!
😦You lost your job, didn't you.


*That's* what the scowl's for? ::falls on floor laughing::


tee hee hee...

This year, with honorees questioning even attending, we get this:

Trump, Melania will not attend Kennedy Center honors

WASHINGTON – The White House announced on Saturday morning that President Trump and first lady Melania will not attend the Kennedy Center honors, with the move coming after several of the honorees said they would not attend the traditional White House dinner the night before the event. The honorees at the Dec. 3 ceremony are […]...



.....& that's why nobody knows WHO won the American Revolution.

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