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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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"sulfur, rotten eggs, garbage, manure and a skunk's fart"


That's got to sting: Bush Advisor Wolfowitz Says He'll Likely Vote for Clinton

SPIEGEL: Trump seems to be particularly willing to find a new partner in Russia.

Wolfowitz: Putin is behaving in a very dangerous way. And Trump sounds as though he would simply sit back and allow that to go on. I worry about where that would end up.

SPIEGEL: Donald Trump has also questioned NATO's importance to the United States. Can you understand him on this point?

Wolfowitz: No, because NATO is still very important for us, it is still the most remarkable alliance in history. It stuck together through 40 years of Cold War, and it then joined together to fight in Afghanistan. In the 1980s, I would not have thought this was going to be possible.

SPIEGEL: How would the world change if Trump became president?

Wolfowitz: We are already seeing a degree of instability in the world because Obama seems to have consciously wanted to step back. Trump is going to be "Obama squared," a more extreme version of the same thing.

SPIEGEL: Why wasn't the Republican Party able to stop Donald Trump?

Wolfowitz: Obviously, there's unhappiness among the population. The Bernie Sanders phenomenon shows that it's not confined to Republicans. There is a general sentiment that the country is on the wrong track. Against that background of pessimism, someone like Trump can be successful in getting the nomination.

SPIEGEL: Who are you going to vote for in November?

Wolfowitz: I wish there were somebody I could be comfortable voting for. I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I have big reservations about her.


TRUMP making ISIS great again!

Why ISIS Is Rooting for Trump
Islamophobic Politicians Make the Best Enemies


Was that before or after YOU shot it's mother?

Trump's son shares photo after rescuing baby deer

Rescued a fawn tonight with Donnie. He wanted to go for an evening hike in the woods and we found this little guy stuck in a pond with high edges so she couldn't get out. I waded in and pulled her out, she couldn't even stand and was totally exhausted. We hung out with her till she could regain her footing and hopefully find her momma. #deer #hiking #outdoors #outdoorkids



TRUMP reveals himself: "Nothing Matters"


Trump's repellant inner circle - By MICHAEL GERSON

Consider this list of Trump’s chosen: Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had a brutal and demeaning style that resulted in a staff revolt, and his manhandling of a female reporter overshadowed the Trump campaign for weeks. Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was paid lucrative consulting fees by foreign interests, and resigned after reports that Ukraine anti-corruption investigators were scrutinizing millions in alleged payments there.

Longtime adviser Roger Stone is a crackpot conspiracy theorist who asserts that Bill and Hillary Clinton are “plausibly responsible” for the deaths of roughly 40 people and that Hillary Clinton should be “executed for murder.” Confidante Roger Ailes recently stepped down from his job at Fox under a cloud of sexual harassment claims. And Steve Bannon, Trump’s new campaign chief executive, is known for his bullying tactics and for running a website (Breitbart News) that flirts with white nationalism.

There are a few exceptions to this pattern – Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence come to mind – but Trump has hired and elevated some of the very worst people in American politics, known for their cruelty, radicalism, prejudice and corruption.

What does all this say about Trump as a prospective president?

the rest:


OPEN LETTER TO THE MEDIA: In the Name of Decency, Stop Tipping the Scale for Trump

By Peter Daou
August 26, 2016
To the National Media:

I write this letter as a concerned American, a father who fears for his children in the event of a Trump presidency. And I write it as the CEO of a political media company with a community of over one million people whose engagement rates rival the largest media platforms in the U.S.

On the one hand, I know most of you understand that Donald is a menace to America and that Hillary is the only plausible president in the race. On the other hand, I recognize these facts:

a) You’re chasing clicks and you want a contest.

b) You face relentless (and ridiculous) accusations from the right that you have a “liberal bias.”

c) You feel compelled to appear even-handed in a misguided quest for “balanced” reporting.

d) The price of entry into the elite media club is open disdain for Hillary Clinton.

And so you twist yourselves into rhetorical pretzels trying to legitimize Trump’s unhinged behavior.

How else to explain this NY Times headline?

Now take a look at how it’s done with Hillary:

See, it shouldn’t be that hard to cover Donald in a way that feels fair. Simply apply the three immutable tenets of Hillary reporting:

Always assume bad character and attribute malicious motives.

Completely overlook and invisibilize supporters.

Focus relentlessly on negatives — and portray positives as negatives.

Now apply that same standard to Donald:

Always assume anything he says or does is corrupt. Start from the position that he’s malicious and manipulative, as you do with Hillary. Presume everything he does is part of a duplicitous scheme. Treat him like a grotesque caricature of a human being, an ambitious automaton, a power-hungry monster devoid of the most basic humanity. Attribute nefarious motives to anything he says, even the way he laughs or smiles.

Pay no mind to his supporters. None whatsoever. Don’t worry about offending them. If you have the slightest pang of guilt, just keep in mind how you’ve continually dismissed Hillary’s 15.8 million voters with your demeaning “enthusiasm gap” narrative. Tell your audience only about the people who don’t like him, never those who do. In every interview, ask him why he’s so despised. Focus relentlessly on every negative data point to portray him as an isolated outcast, just as you do with Hillary.

Roadblock every negative story, just like you’ve done with Hillary’s emails, which our research shows you’ve covered every single day for an entire year. Obsess, obsess, obsess. Endlessly obsess until your audience goes numb from the repetition, until a single word like “transcripts” or “emails” or “foundation” conjures oceans of opprobrium. Probe every permutation of his words and actions and fit them into damaging frames concocted by rival opposition researchers. Examine every nook and cranny of what you consider to be his rank awfulness, just as you do with Hillary.

I could go on, but you get the point.

and THIS too:

Trump's Doctor Photo - Something Here Is VERY Wrong


Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump’s doctor of 35 years, admitted to NBC News he wrote the letter of Trump’s health in 5 minutes waiting for a limo. For NBC news, this quickly written letter is the story. But looking at the photo they reportedly took, I have several major questions.

Doctor Bornstein seems to have come out of another era. If you notice, his PC? It’s running Windows XP. Phone system? It’s an analog rollover, the old Nortel series.

Why do these things stand out to me?

I work in IT services. Doctors are my business. I deal with dental practices and small practices every day, and it has been years since I’ve seen either of these things in a medical practice, for several reasons.


People are saying: This scooplet from the Bannon voter fraud story is, IMO, much more troubling.


Trump Minority Outreach

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