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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,654

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Keith Olbermann tweets Trump: "Honestly quite noble of you considering you're on the opposing side"

Honestly quite noble of you @realDonaldTrump, considering you're on the opposing side on all these American virtues


We've had quite enough of AP, thanks.


Waddaya Have To Lose?

Woman Exposes How Trump Denied Her Housing Because She Was Black

Consider the case of Maxine Brown, who was attempting to rent an apartment at the Trump-owned Wilshire Estates in Queens.

Stanley Leibowitz, the rental agent, talked to his boss, Fred C. Trump.

“I asked him what to do and he says, ‘Take the application and put it in a drawer and leave it there,’” Mr. Leibowitz, now 88, recalled in an interview.

Brown and her friend Mae Wiggins filed a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights, protesting the Trump practices. At this point, Donald Trump was working as part of the Trump Management company, “touring construction sites in his father’s Cadillac, driven by a black chauffeur” as the New York Times reports.

After the complaint, all of a sudden Brown was offered an apartment in the complex.

Yet, the prejudice at Trump continued. State investigators in 1967 found that of the 3,700 apartments in Trump Village, only 7 were occupied by black families


With Trump as an asset, Democratic voter registration surges

If you want to glimpse the future of the Democratic Party, look at Riverside County, where the number of registered Democrats surged past the number of Republicans. In an historic shift, a county that was solidly conservative "red" for decades seemed to turn Democratic "blue" overnight.

This unprecedented change is the result of a concerted effort to register and engage as many California voters as possible in 2016. It was made possible by the hard work by community groups, voter engagement organizations, labor unions and the California Democratic Party.

They are building a statewide infrastructure to reach the seven million eligible California voters who have not registered, and they deserve high praise for re-energizing our democracy.

Yet none of this would be possible without one unwitting ally: Donald Trump.

His hate-filled presidential campaign has awakened Californians to the hazards of apathy at the polls. Record numbers of Californians are answering the call and registering. Despite the nonpartisan nature of most voter registration drives, Democratic registration is surging, thanks to the Republican nominee's divisive message.

The Rest:

"I'm a Jew, and I'm a Member of the Alt-Right."

Sad deluded Jew says he's a member of anti-Semitic alt-right. The alt-right begs to differ.



The problem with US Health Care...

Wow. The real reason Trump won't release his tax returns:

(not sure what this all means but, Wow)



“Trump’s aides put together briefing books-not that candidate is devoting much time to reading them"

“Trump’s aides have put together briefing books, not that the candidate is devoting much time to reading them. Trump is not holding any mock debates, proudly boasting that a performer with his talents does not need that sort of prepping. Should Trump submit to traditional rehearsals, some associates are talking about casting Ingraham, an adversarial chronicler of Clinton scandals, to play the Democratic nominee.”


Details indicate we're at Category II-III Trumpocalypse now.



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