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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Our Military Men & Women In Europe Will Finally Be Spared From Scourge Of Limbaugh Hate Broadcasts

The American Forces Network (AFN) Kaiserslautern PowerNet transmitter goes off the air Sunday, August 31st. The hills ARE alive now that the racism, misogyny, homophobia, anger and hate of Mr. Limpballs no longer pollutes the European air.



After numerous petitions, emails, letters, and pleas for removal of Mr. Limpballs from the AFN, our military men and women in Europe will finally be spared. The scourge of hate and fear broadcast to them on the tax-payer dollar will go quiet. Rush Limbaugh may give the show to them for free, but the tax-payer pays for the station operations.


$7.5 MILLION PER DAY in Iraq for last three months

The U.S. has launched at least 110 airstrikes in Iraq since Aug. 8, U.S. military official say, and it now has hundreds of military advisers and other personnel on the ground there to assist Iraq in its fight against Islamist extremists.

How much is that costing U.S. taxpayers? An average of $7.5 million per day since mid-June, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon’s press secretary, said Friday. After more than three weeks of airstrikes and humanitarian operations in Iraq, that likely easily exceeds $600 million.


“The president stands squarely behind the decision he made yesterday to wear his summer suit”

President Obama’s ugly beige suit has quickly gone from stupid joke — “The president stands squarely behind the decision he made yesterday to wear his summer suit,” the White House press secretary said today — to stupid faux controversy thanks to who else but Long Island Republican Representative Peter King. “There’s no way, I don’t think, any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday. I mean, you have the world watching,” said King on right-wing internet TV today…



Comparing How The New York Times Described Mike Brown & Ted Bundy

In a stunning display, Sean McElwee took that critique one step further by contrasting Brown's description not with those of other white victims of crime, but with a white perpetrator of violent crime, namely mass murderer Ted Bundy.

Below is a paragraph from the Times' profile of Brown published on August 24, 2014. It is preceded by evidence that the teenager who was gunned down by police, unarmed, was grappling with and deepening his spiritual beliefs.

Now, contrast the above characterization of Brown with that of mass murderer Ted Bundy in a profile published just after the State of Florida executed him on January 24, 1989. The paragraphs below were preceded by gruesome details of Bundy's lethal methodologies.

The contrast is remarkable.

See More Here:

In Istanbul, there's a vending machine that feeds stray dogs in exchange for recycled bottles

Read About It Here:

Internet Raises Over $50,000 For Gay Youth Disowned By Family

Posted this Video Yesterday:


This week, a video went viral of 20-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce experiencing an intervention of sorts by his Georgia-based family, who disapprove of his being gay. In the video, his family blatantly tell them that because of his “choice,” they can no longer provide him with any support and that he is no longer welcome at home. Individuals across the internet have rallied behind Pierce, raising over $50,000 in living expenses to compensate for the support his family will no longer provide.

In a note posted on the fundraising page Thursday, Pierce extended his gratitude to those who lent their support. “I didn’t realize that this was even set up for me!” he wrote. “I don’t even know how to thank y’all! I wish I could give each and everyone of you a huge hug!”

Many of the nearly 2,000 donors left supportive comments along with their donation:

“God loves you, just as you are.”

“The best thing you can do is make a break and surround yourself by a new ‘chosen’ family of friends that love and support you.”

“You should be proud of yourself for standing your grand and being proud of the WAY YOU WERE BORN.”
“You are not alone in the world — there are many good people watching out for you.”

“You are a precious, brave person, Daniel. I’m so sorry your family can’t see that. But know that millions of us out here love and support you and others who bravely own their truth.”


Missouri Cop Resigns After Pointing Rifle at Ferguson Protesters

Source: NBC News

A suburban St. Louis cop who was suspended for pointing his semi-automatic rifle and threatening protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, has resigned, the police chief told the Associated Press. Lt. Ray Albers, who was put on indefinite leave from the St. Ann Police Department after being caught on a cellphone video that went viral, quit the job he had held since 1994 on Thursday. Albers could not be reached for comment.

The video showed the officer pointing his gun at a demonstrator who apparently had his hands up. He cursed and appeared to say, "I will ... kill you" before a sergeant made him lower his weapon and walk away. Albers was among the officers called in from neighboring towns to deal with unrest after a Ferguson police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old, Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

The video, which contains profanity, has gotten more than half a million hits on YouTube:

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/michael-brown-shooting/missouri-cop-resigns-after-pointing-rifle-ferguson-protesters-n191751

Sam Wang at Princeton Election Consortium---Gives Dems 70% Chance Of Holding Senate.

Sam Wang over at the Princeton Election Consortium does a very nice job of analyzing polls. Mr. Wang's forecast differs from a lot of other work, including the fine work the people here at Dkos are doing.

One of the first questions he asks is what's up with the Dems?:

Senate Democrats are doing surprisingly well. Across the board, Democratic candidates in the nine states above are doing better in the polls-only estimate than the mainstream media models would predict. This is particularly true for Alaska, Arkansas, and North Carolina. In these three states, Democrats are outperforming the expectations of the data pundits (The Upshot’s Leo, Nate Silver, Harry Enten, John Sides, etc.). Why is that, and will it last?


He also presents this chart to demonstrate the differences between some of the different people looking at the polls and other factors.



Another Way Of Looking At The World...

John Matherly
Pinged all devices on the Internet, here's a map of where they're located pic.twitter.com/G3fiNcKCul


Five of Cliven Bundy’s grandchildren pulled from school over ban on carrying pocket knives

Five of anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy’s grandchildren were removed from their Nevada schools because of a ban on bringing knives onto their respective campuses, KSNV-TV reported.

Bundy’s son Ryan Bundy pulled the children after officials with the Clark County School District informed him that his 15-year-old daughter would not be allowed to bring her pocket knife to Virgin Valley High School because it fell under the district’s zero-tolerance policy against weapons.

“They’re trying to make my child a criminal – and any other child a criminal – for simply having something, and that is not right,” Ryan Bundy told KSNV, adding that he planned to speak to the school’s principal and ask that she be allowed to circumvent the policy.

the disgusting rest:
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