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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Neo Nazi suffers a heat stroke and receives help from a person he hates.

not an uncommon example of humanity in SC: Leroy Smith helps white supremacist to shelter & water as heat bears down.


One per-center tells WHY he is voting for Bernie

[–]Comms 248 points 1 day ago
My father owned a moderate sized construction business and he always paid well above market rates for his employees. I worked with him every summer and when I asked him why his reasoning was very simple:
i) He hates turn over and the whole hiring process. He'd rather pay someone more and have them stay with him for years (many of his guys worked with him for decades) than have to constantly be in a hiring process
ii) He has expensive equipment and tools. Paying his guys well means nothing is every stolen and his crew actually ensures everything is locked up, locked down, put away, and secured at the end of each day.
iii) Because he paid them well they only needed one job meaning they were always well rested and focused on their work.
iv) His crew were his best advocates. Much like the OP, his guys would pursue leads, sell, and hand him warm closes. My father's company usually had a 6-12 month wait list depending on the time of year. And people would wait because his people did great work.
This race to the bottom when it comes to pay is just a terrible practice and only exists because a few already rich people just want more money. That needs to end.
Interesting story related to point ii: He opened a branch of his business in Miami after hurricane Andrew to help with the rebuilding. One night one of his trucks was broken into and a bunch of expensive tools were stolen. The next day his entire crew decided they were going to sleep on site to prevent that from happening again. They picked up some cots and tents the first few nights until my dad rented a few RVs for the six or so months they were down there. When I was visiting the entire crew treated it like they were at sleep-away camp.



Cover of the NYT-One right after the other


Trump to Cruz:

Here's a little reminder of Rick Perry's "sophisticated" foreign policy version"

And when they look up and see an RAF, Danish, or American bomber coming in, they feel precisely as you and I would feel. That sight must seem like the answer to a prayer, a prayer that can be expressed in every faith: “Save my family, save my home, save my village, save me, from this evil.”

And someone needs to tell them that the meeting has already been held. It was decided, democratically, long ago – and by the way through great and heroic sacrifice – that our societies will be governed by Western values and Western laws.

Among those values are openness and tolerance. But to every extremist, it has to be made clear: we will not allow you to exploit our tolerance, so that you can import your intolerance. We will not let you destroy our peace with your violent ideas. If you expect to live among us, and yet plan against us, to receive the protections and comforts of a free society, while showing none of its virtues or graces, then you can have our answer now: No, not on our watch!

You will live by exactly the standards that the rest of us live by. And if that comes as jarring news: then welcome to civilization...


Netanyahu threatens to kill himself over Iran

Netanyahu’s spokespeople said he plans to “kill himself” pursuing the last remaining option for scuttling the deal – preventing its ratification by the U.S. House of Representatives – by persuading Democratic congressmen to defect to the Republican camp and vote against their president. The destruction and devastation he avoided inflicting on the nuclear facilities scattered throughout Iran, he now wants to wreck on what’s left of U.S.-Israel relations. Here we again see his compulsive gambler syndrome: After losing his pants, he’s now putting his underwear on the roulette wheel in a move that experts on American politics say hasn’t much of a chance.


On raising the minimum wage

Trump speaks some truth.

While Republicans shame single parents, Democrats thank them

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